A Comprehensive Guide to all Fedex Offices in Nigeria
A Comprehensive Guide to all Fedex Offices in Nigeria

A Comprehensive Guide to all Fedex Offices in Nigeria

  • Unveiling the FedEx network in Nigeria: A comprehensive guide to all FedEx offices, services, and contact details.
  • Navigate the world of shipping with ease: Your one-stop resource for finding and utilizing FedEx offices across Nigeria.
  • From Lagos to Abuja: Your complete roadmap to every FedEx location and service in Nigeria.

Federal Express Corporation, commonly known as Fedex, is a global leader in delivery and logistics solutions. In Nigeria, Fedex provides its services through its licensee, Red Star Express PLC. Red Star Express operates over 154 centers across Nigeria which serve as the authorized Fedex offices in the country. This article provides a detailed guide to all the Fedex offices in Nigeria, including their locations, addresses, and contact details.


Fedex Offices In Nigeria: Head Office

The head office of Red Star Express PLC which serves as the main Fedex office in Nigeria is located at:

Address: No. 70, International Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Phone: 01-2715670, 07007337827

Email: [email protected]

Services Offered

The head office oversees all Fedex operations in Nigeria. Key services include package delivery, shipping, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and supply chain management solutions for both domestic and international shipments.

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Fedex Offices Around Lagos

Here are some of the major Fedex offices located around Lagos that handle shipments to and from the city:

Ikeja Office

Address: No. 5A, Simbiat Abiola Road, Ikeja, Lagos

Phone:  01-2715670, 07007337827

Victoria Island Office

Address: Belanova, No. 55A, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Phone: 01-2715670, 07007337827

Lekki Office

Address: No. 23, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Phone: 01-2715670, 07007337827

These offices offer same-day and overnight delivery services within Lagos and handle a high volume of packages daily.


Fedex Offices Across Other Major Cities

Fedex through Red Star Express also has a strong presence in other major Nigerian cities like:

Abuja Office

Address: Suite AFF10, K-City Plaza, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Phone: 01-2715670, 07007337827

Port Harcourt Office

Address: 172A, Aba Road, Barnax Building, Waterlines, Port Harcourt

Phone: 01-2715670, 07007337827

Kano Office

Address: No. 139, Muritala Muhammed Way, Kano

Phone: 01-2715670, 07007337827


Other Notable Fedex Offices In Nigeria

Some other important Fedex offices in Nigeria include:

  • Ibadan Office – No. 19, Jericho Road, Ibadan
  • Aba Office – No. 8, Factory Road, Aba
  • Onitsha Office – No. 47, New Market Road, Onitsha
  • Warri Office – Effurun-Sapele Road, Warri
  • Benin City Office – No. 5B, Delta Crescent, Benin City
  • Owerri Office – No. 72, Wetheral Road, Owerri

These offices cater to the logistics needs of their respective cities and also facilitate shipments to other locations across Nigeria and worldwide.



What services does Fedex offer in Nigeria?

Fedex through Red Star Express offers a wide range of logistics services in Nigeria including package delivery, cargo shipping, freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation, warehousing and supply chain solutions.

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How can I track a shipment sent via Fedex Nigeria?

You can easily track Fedex shipments online by entering the tracking number on the Red Star Express website. Some Fedex offices also allow tracking via phone.

What areas of Nigeria does Fedex deliver to?

Fedex via Red Star Express has delivery coverage to over 5,000 locations across Nigeria including major cities, towns and virtually all accessible locations through its network of over 154 service centers.



Fedex is a leader in the logistics and delivery industry globally and in Nigeria. Through Red Star Express, Fedex provides a wide range of convenient and reliable delivery and supply chain services to both domestic and international clients via its extensive network of over 154 service centers located nationwide. This article covered the key Fedex offices in major cities and towns in Nigeria along with their contact details to help users easily locate and utilize Fedex services around the country.


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