Ado Gwanja biography, age, net worth, phone number, and songs

Ado Gwanja is a very popular name in Northern Nigeria as one of the most talented musicians and actors in the Kannywood film industry. Let’s explore his inspiring journey from a childhood in Kano state to immense fame and success through this in-depth article on his biography, age, net worth, phone number, and most popular songs.

Name                                      Ado Isah Gwanja

Real Name                              Isah Ado

Date of Birth                          1990

Age                                         34

State of Origin                        Kano

Nationality                              Nigerian

Religion                                  Islam

Tribe                                       Hausa

Occupation                            Musician, Actor, Comedian, Singer

Net Worth                              ₦30 Million

Ado Gwanja biography, age, net worth, phone number, and songs

Early Life and Background

Ado Gwanja was born in 1994 in Kano state to parents of the Hausa ethnic group. He grew up in a modest home where his father worked as a small business owner. Gwanja had a very happy childhood in Kano where he received his primary education.

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After completing primary school, Ado Gwanja furthered his studies at the secondary level where he obtained his SSCE certificate. However, he did not pursue higher education as he was very passionate about a career in entertainment from a young age.

Ado Gwanja biography, age, net worth, phone number, and songs

Rise to Fame in Kannywood

In 2012, Ado Gwanja took his first steps into the Kannywood film industry by starting as a music composer. He slowly began getting acting roles in movies and that is when his big break came in 2015 through the film “Dan Kuka” which became hugely popular across Northern Nigeria.

Breakout Role in Dan Kuka

The movie “Dan Kuka” showcased Ado Gwanja’s acting and comedy talents to the fullest. His hilarious performance in the film spread like wildfire on social media and through word of mouth. This was truly his breakthrough role that shot him to stardom overnight in the Kannywood industry.


Music Career and Popular Songs

In addition to being a renowned actor, Ado Gwanja is also a gifted singer and musician. Some of his most popular songs include:

  • Kujeran Tsakar Gida
  • Baby Juya
  • Mata
  • Rawa
  • Sabon Salo

His song “Kujeran Tsakar Gida” became a massive hit, particularly among women audiences in Northern Nigeria. Since then, Ado Gwanja has established himself as the go-to musician for occasion songs sung at weddings and parties in the region.

Collaborations and Albums

Ado Gwanja has also worked with several top musicians on hit collaborations like “Kin Gama” featuring Fresh Emir. He has released multiple successful albums over the years containing his popular tracks.

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Personal Life and Net Worth

In 2019, Ado Gwanja got married to his beautiful wife Maimunatu and they now have an adorable daughter together named Maimuna. His estimated net worth stands at ₦30 Million stemming from his successful acting and music career in the Kannywood industry.

Phone Number

For live music performances, brand endorsements, or acting inquiries, you can not contact Ado Gwanja.

Awards and Achievements

Ado Gwanja’s talent has been duly recognized over the years. He has won numerous Best Actor and Best Musician awards at different ceremonies celebrating the Kannywood film industry.

Continued Success

Even today, Ado Gwanja remains one of the most popular and bankable celebrities in Northern Nigeria. He constantly features in the biggest Kannywood movies while also enthralling live audiences with his soulful voice and songs at events.



What is Ado Gwanja’s real name?

Ado Gwanja’s real name is Isah Ado.

How old is Ado Gwanja?

As of 2024, Ado Gwanja is 34 years old.

What is Ado Gwanja’s phone number?

You can not contact Ado Gwanja on his for any work inquiries or booking requests, because it is not public.

What are some of Ado Gwanja’s most popular songs?

Some of his biggest hits include Kujeran Tsakar Gida, Baby Juya, Mata, Rawa, and Sabon Salo.



In conclusion, Ado Gwanja’s inspiring journey from a childhood in Kano state to becoming one of the most influential celebrities in Northern Nigeria through his talents in acting, comedy, and music in the Kannywood industry is truly commendable. Through hard work and entertaining audiences, he has amassed a very comfortable net worth and fan following at age 28. The multi-hyphenate star continues to inspire many youngsters with his achievements.

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