Attract Clients as a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

Attract Clients as a Freelance Writer in Nigeria

Getting clients as a beginner freelance writer in Nigeria can be a daunting task. However, with the right strategies, resources, and effort, you can easily attract high-paying clients to grow your freelance business. This article provides proven tips and techniques to help you master the art of getting clients as a freelance writer based in Nigeria.

We will explore effective ways to brand yourself, build an online presence, generate quality content, leverage various platforms, and stay connected with clients. By following a strategic approach and consistently implementing these best practices, you can boost your chances of success in the highly competitive Nigerian freelance industry. Let’s get started!

Brand Yourself As An Expert

One of the most powerful ways to attract clients is by establishing your credibility and expertise. Take the time to brand yourself as a knowledgeable specialist in your niche.

Some branding strategies to consider include developing an authoritative online persona, highlighting your credentials/certifications, sharing insightful content on forums/blogs consistently, and networking with professionals in your field. Having a clearly defined brand identity allows clients to recognize your authority immediately.

Build An Impressive Online Portfolio

A solid portfolio displaying your range of writing samples and experience is essential for any freelance writer. Consider creating a professional website or blog to host an expanded portfolio section.

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Showcase different types of projects you’ve worked on with headings like “case studies”, “long-form articles”, “social media posts” etc. Provide thorough details of each project and testimonials from past clients. This gives potential clients confidence in your skills and abilities.

Leverage Freelance Platforms

Signing up on reputed freelance platforms allows you easy access to a large pool of clients actively hiring writers. Some top platforms for Nigerian freelance writers include Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and

Create an optimized profile highlighting your niche specializations and previous work. Consistently monitor platform notifications for relevant projects and confidently bid on those matching your skills. Maintaining an impressive response rate and completion stats boosts your credibility over time.

Generate Quality Content

Providing value to your target clients and readers through quality content increases your chances of getting hired. Consider curating content around frequently asked questions related to your niche.

For example, a writer providing article writing services could write guides on “How To Write Catchy Article Titles”, “Best Formats for Different Article Types” etc. Guest post for relevant industry blogs and share your content across social profiles. This establishes you as an expert and prompts readers to contact you for future collaborations.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Actively engaging on social media platforms allows you to connect with potential clients and stay visible to them. Make profiles for professional networking sites like LinkedIn and engage groups/forums relevant to your niche.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram also work for self-promotion. Consistently share your latest projects/findings with hashtags to grow your engaged reader base over time. Don’t forget to include links to your portfolio and options to get in touch directly on all profiles for lead generation.

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Optimize For Local Search

In addition to global outreach, targeting clients within Nigeria presents growth opportunities. Optimizing your online presence for local searches allows potential clients to easily discover your services.

Steps like claiming your Google Business profile, including keywords related to cities/states you cater to, and getting local reviews to increase your chance of ranking higher within Nigeria on search engines. This supplements other marketing efforts.

Reach Out Through Cold Emails

Cold emailing relevant businesses, influencers, and professionals provide a personalized touch compared to generic social media engagement. However, it requires nuanced communication skills to stand out.

Study your target profiles well and tailor each email specifically mentioning something unique about them or their work. Highlight how you can add value specifically to them within the first line itself for higher response rates. Consistently follow up respectfully while making your intent clear.

Leverage Referrals

Asking for referrals from satisfied clients lowers your client acquisition costs substantially. Maintain a genuine rapport with existing clients by providing excellent service and following up regularly to understand their evolving needs better.

Clearly explain how referrals would benefit them too through bonuses/rewards on direct supplier platforms. Make the referral process simple by providing clear templates they can use to recommend your services further. Thank each referral person individually and leverage new leads efficiently.

Stay Connected With Existing Clients

Providing top-notch client experience lays the foundation for lifelong client relationships and repeat referrals. Go above and beyond with deliverables, communicate proactively about project status, and promptly address any issues/concerns raised.

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Send periodic newsletters recapping your latest work to existing clients. Schedule periodic review calls to understand their evolving requirements for up-selling additional services. Maintain an organized CRM for tracking key client information, past projects, renewal timelines, etc. Nurture the relationship through thoughtful gestures over time.


How do I start getting clients as a complete beginner?

As a beginner, focus on building a portfolio of sample works, optimizing your online profiles, signing up on popular freelancing platforms, actively participating in relevant groups/discussions, and cold emailing/messaging potential clients about your service directly with relevant work samples attached.

What pricing models work best for a beginner freelance writer in Nigeria?

As a beginner, offering competitive hourly or per-word rates based on current industry standards works well to gradually build a client base and track record. You can also waive fees for the initial few projects to gain crucial testimonials before shifting to fixed pricing models.

How do Nigerian tax laws apply to freelancing income?

Freelancing incomes are considered taxable in Nigeria. Ensure obtaining a valid Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate and filing returns annually based on the threshold limits applicable. Consult a tax advisor to stay compliant with prevailing regulations.

What can I do if clients refuse to pay on time?

Communicate payment expectations and deadlines clearly in a contract. Follow up politely if delays occur mentioning legal ramifications of non-payment. As a last resort, enlisting mediator help or small claims court becomes necessary only in extreme cases to recover dues.

How can I retain existing clients long-term?

Exceed expectations consistently, build rapport through personalized communication, solicit feedback to improve, initiate renewal conversations in advance, provide occasional complimentary services, maintain service quality, and promptly address issues if any arise. Offering retainer packages also ensures steady recurrent incomes.


The Nigerian freelance writing industry holds immense opportunities for skilled individuals. A strategic, multi-pronged approach combining robust online branding, top-notch portfolio creation, effective platform leveraging, relevant content generation, social media optimization, local search targeting, and personalized outreach yields the best results for attracting quality clients.

Always remember to provide the utmost client-centric service focusing on transparency, responsiveness, and relationship building. With focus, determination, and persistence in implementing these proven techniques, any freelance writer can surely master the art of client acquisition within Nigeria. Wishing you the very best on your freelance journey!


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