Auta-Mg-Boy Biography, Music Career And Net Worth
Auta-Mg-Boy Biography, Music Career And Net Worth

Auta-Mg-Boy, born Abdulrahman Muhammad Garba, is one of the most influential Hausa musicians in Nigeria. He entered the industry as a child and has worked hard over the years to cement his status as a superstar. In this article, we explore Auta-Mg-Boy Biography, analyze his discography, and highlight his estimated net worth in 2023.

Auta-Mg-Boy Biography, Music Career And Net Worth

Quick Facts About Auta-Mg-Boy

  • Full Name: Abdulrahman Muhammad Garba
  • Date of Birth: 1993
  • Place of Birth: Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria
  • Profession: Singer, Songwriter
  • Genre: Afro-pop, Hip-hop
  • Years Active: 2010 – Present
  • Labels: AMB Records
  • Popular Songs: “Baba Ayi Mini Aure”, “Daga Ke”, “Nashiga So”
  • Awards Won: AMAN Music Award, Headies Award, Ghana Africa Music Awards nomination
  • Estimated Net Worth: ₦80-100 Million ($150k – $200k)
  • Relationship Status: Unmarried
  • Notable Achievements: Over 20 million streams, Cultural Ambassador honors
  • Social Media Followers: Instagram – 300k, Twitter – 150k, Facebook – 500k
  • Musical Influence: Patoranking, Olamide, Wizkid
  • Nickname: Baba Ayi Mini Aure
  • Associates: ClassiQ, Dan Maraya Jos, Bama String
  • Interests: Soccer, Philanthropy, Motivational Speaking
  • Trivia: He started music as a child performer
  • Dominant Genres: Afro-pop, Hip-hop
  • Record Label Founded: AMB Records
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Auta-Mg-Boy Biography, Music Career And Net Worth

Auta-Mg-Boy’s Early Life And Music Roots

Auta-Mg-Boy was born in 1993 in Zaria, Kaduna State in northern Nigeria. From a young age, he was passionate about music and actively participated in both secular and religious songs. He attended primary and secondary school in Kaduna where he polished his musical skills. Right after secondary school, Auta-Mg-Boy decided to pursue music full-time in 2010. He started by performing at local events in Kaduna. His talent was evident from the start and soon, he landed bigger shows around northern Nigeria.


Breakthrough And Rise To Stardom

Auta-Mg-Boy’s big break came in 2020 with the release of his smash hit, “Baba Ayi Mini Aure”. The song was an instant success across Nigeria upon release. It dominated radio airplay for many months and earned him new fans across different age groups. Following the massive popularity of “Baba Ayi Mini Aure”, Auta-Mg-Boy became a household name in the northern part of the country. More endorsement and performance deals started rolling in as his star kept rising. He capitalized on the success and has since delivered many commercially successful albums and hit singles.


Discography And Major Songs

Here are some of Auta-Mg-Boy’s most notable songs over the years:

Yanzuma Aka Fara: Released in 2021, this song talks about unrequited love and heartbreak

Baba Ayi Mini Aure: His breakout hit was released in 2020 which earned him mainstream recognition.

Daga Ke: An inspirational track encouraging people to keep moving forward.

Nashiga So: An uptempo love song professing commitment to a partner.

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Tintibe: An party anthem celebrating fun times with friends and family.

Other major songs include:

Kina Zuciyata






Auta-Mg-Boy Biography, Music Career And Net Worth

Awards And Achievements

Auta-Mg-Boy’s immensely successful career has earned him several accolades and achievements over the years. Some of the notable ones include:

  • Winner of AMAN Best Hausa Song 2020 for “Baba Ayi Mini Aure”
  • Most Streamed Hausa Artist of 2022 by Boomplay
  • Awarded Cultural Ambassador of Kaduna State in 2022
  • Won New Act to Watch at The Headies 2022
  • 3rd Most Shazamed Nigerian Artist Globally in 2023
  • Star Act Nominated at Ghana Africa Music Awards 2023

The above reflects his rise to becoming one of the biggest stars in the Nigerian music industry today.

Auta-Mg-Boy’s Net Worth In 2023

Through his hugely successful music career spanning over a decade now, Auta-Mg-Boy has amassed a fortune for himself. As of 2023, Auta-Mg-Boy’s net worth is estimated to be between ₦80-100 million ($150k – $200k). His wealth comes from music sales and streaming revenue, endorsements, live performances, and other business ventures. He also runs his independent record label AMB Records which scouts and invests in new talents. No doubt, with his rate of growth, Auta-Mg-Boy’s net worth will continue increasing in the coming years if he maintains consistency.



Q: What is Auta-Mg-Boy’s real name?

A: His birth name is Abdulrahman Muhammad Garba. Auta-Mg-Boy is his stage name.

 Q: When and where was Auta-Mg-Boy born?

A: He was born in 1993 in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

 Q: Is Auta-Mg-Boy married?

A: No, as of 2023 Auta-Mg-Boy is still single.

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Q: What genre of music does Auta-Mg-Boy make?

A: Primarily, he creates Afro-pop/Hip-hop music in the Hausa language.

 Q: What is Auta-Mg-Boy’s highest-charting song?

A: His breakout hit “Baba Ayi Mini Aure” from 2020 is arguably his most successful song to date.

Q: Does Auta-Mg-Boy have any awards?

A: Yes, he has won several accolades and nominations including AMAN Music Awards, The Headies, and more.



In conclusion, Auta-Mg-Boy has truly come a long way from his beginnings as a child performer in Kaduna. Through years of consistency and hard work, he has established himself as one of the leading figures in Nigeria’s thriving Hausa music scene. With a decorated career spanning over a decade already, the future continues to look bright for this musical powerhouse called Auta-Mg-Boy. There is no doubt he will achieve even greater heights in the coming years.


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