Best Car Tracking Companies in Lagos: Secure Your Vehicle Today

With the rise in vehicular theft, it has become increasingly important for vehicle owners in Lagos to invest in reliable car tracking devices and services. Car tracking devices provide real-time location tracking of vehicles, alert owners to unauthorized movement or tampering, and can assist authorities in vehicle recovery efforts. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best car tracking companies in Lagos and provide tracking services to both individual vehicle owners and fleet management companies. Each of these companies has a proven track record of offering high-quality tracking devices and customer support.

Top Best Car Tracking Companies In Lagos

1. Car Tracker Nigeria

Car Tracker Nigeria is widely considered one of the leading car-tracking companies in Lagos. In addition to offering affordable individual tracking plans, they provide fleet management tracking for up to 10 vehicles. Some of their notable features include live map tracking of vehicle locations and speed limiters that adhere to FRSC standards. They also sell anti-shatter glass protection films. With reliable devices and service, Car Tracker Nigeria has built a strong reputation in the industry.

2. Otrac Telematics

Operating since 2009, Otrac Telematics has long established itself as a trustworthy provider of high-quality tracking products and fleet management solutions. In addition to car tracking, they deliver services like demobilization and printable reports. With offices across major Nigerian cities, Otrac Telematics ensures nationwide coverage and access to support. Their competitive prices have also made them a popular choice.

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3. GPS Car Tracking Service

As one of Nigeria’s most experienced telematics companies, GPS Car Tracking Service is renowned for its exceptional vehicle tracking and fleet management offerings. Their advanced tracking devices provide real-time GPS location tracking that can be accessed from any smartphone or computer. Additional services include fuel tank monitoring systems and vehicle demobilization features for security. With over a decade in the industry, GPS Car Tracking Service prioritizes quality customer experience.

4. Track Plus Nigeria

Operating nationally with offices in major cities, Track Plus Nigeria has gained prominence for supplying durable, reliable tracking products that facilitate efficient vehicle monitoring. Their tracking plans cover individual vehicles as well as fleet management needs. Through affordable rates and a range of value-added features, Track Plus Nigeria ensures maximum value for investment in their tracking solutions.

5. Envoy Car Tracking

Combining cutting-edge GPS, GSM, and GPRS technologies, Envoy Car Tracking develops sophisticated tracking devices to enhance security for both personal and commercial fleets. In addition to offering individual vehicle trackers, they supply an array of complementary security products including CCTV cameras, bomb detectors, electric fencing, and more. With a comprehensive solutions approach, Envoy Car Tracking satisfies diverse customer needs.

6. Fenix System

As a subsidiary of the reputed Impact-centric Techniks security company, Fenix System has established itself as one of Nigeria’s foremost car tracking service providers. Operating out of strategic offices in major cities, Fenix System caters its reliable tracking services to both individual and corporate clients across sectors. Their dedicated auto-tracking and fleet management plans have earned them a strong reputation of trustworthiness within the industry.

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7. Auto Tracker Nigeria

Specializing in the Nigerian market for over a decade, Auto Tracker Nigeria has committed to delivering affordable yet high-quality vehicle tracking solutions. Their tracking devices integrate advanced functionalities like real-time GPS location tracking accessible on any device as well as remote engine immobilization. With a proven track record of securing thousands of vehicles, Auto Tracker Nigeria remains a top choice for dependable car security.

8. Abon Technology Limited

As a pioneer in the local telematics space, Abon Technology Limited utilizes cutting-edge GPS and online tracking systems to empower users with full control and visibility of their vehicle movements. Fully dedicated to reducing vehicle theft across Nigeria, Abon technology delivers optimized security through innovative tracking devices and personalized fleet management support. Their extensive experience in the industry positions them as an industry leader.

9. V-Dile Solutions Limited

Incorporated in 2008, V-Dile Solutions Limited has quickly risen to prominence with offices in strategic Lagos areas like Lekki. Comprised of extremely skilled professionals and engineers, V-Dile prioritizes the delivery of excellent tracking service through high-quality work. With a proven track record of satisfying major clients, V-Dile Solutions Limited has established itself as a top-rated tracking provider in Nigeria.

10. Olive Track Limited

Combining advanced GPS and GSM tracking technologies, Olive Track Limited empowers vehicle owners with real-time location visibility and customizable security notifications. A particular innovation is their geo-fence alert service which notifies when a vehicle leaves a predefined location boundary. With a focus on incorporating client feedback, Olive Track continuously develops tracking solutions optimized for the Nigerian market.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Tracking Company

When selecting among the top car tracking service providers in Lagos, it is important to evaluate several key factors:

  • Tracking Device & Plan Features – Compare what each company offers in terms of real-time tracking, notifications, fleet management support, etc.
  • Customer Reviews – Research online to see what existing clients say about a company’s devices, service quality, and responsiveness.
  • Pricing – Consider the costs of initial setup and recurring plans to suit your budget. Some providers have flexible payment structures.
  • Reputation & Experience – Choose industry veterans with a proven track record rather than new or unknown companies.
  • Coverage Area – Verify the company can reliably track vehicles anywhere within and outside of Lagos city.
  • Support & Warranty – Inquire about after-sales assistance and how long devices are under warranty against malfunctions.
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Choosing a leading provider that meets your specific security, budget, and convenience requirements helps ensure an optimal tracking experience.


Is a car tracking device legally required in Nigeria?

No, installing a car tracking device is currently not mandated by law in Nigeria. However, it is strongly recommended given the rising incidence of vehicle theft in major cities like Lagos.

Is fleet management support available?

Yes, several top companies like Car Tracker Nigeria and GPS Car Tracking Service provide specialized fleet management tracking systems to monitor multiple commercial vehicles simultaneously.

What locations can vehicles be tracked from?

Advanced tracking devices with GSM/GPS technology enable vehicles to be monitored in real-time from any area with cellular network coverage, both within and outside of Nigeria.

Can the engine be remotely stopped if a car is stolen?

Yes, most modern tracking devices integrate immobilization capabilities that allow authorized users to switch off a vehicle engine using SMS commands, even from a distance.

How long do standard warranty periods last?

Most reputable tracking companies in Lagos offer a minimum 1-year warranty on their devices and repair/replace malfunctioning units free of cost during this initial period.


In summary, installing tracking services from one of the top providers in Lagos greatly enhances the security of personal and commercial vehicles. The companies discussed here like Car Tracker Nigeria, Otrac Telematics and GPS Car Tracking Service have built strong reputations for quality tracking offerings tailored to the Nigerian automotive landscape. Taking time to research requirements and carefully evaluate provider options helps identify the most suitable car security partner within Lagos. Reliable tracking empowers vehicle owners and fleet managers alike with optimized visibility and control of their vehicles.


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