Understanding the Cost of a Chinese Visa for Nigerians

Traveling to China from Nigeria requires obtaining a visa from the Chinese Embassy in Abuja. It is important for Nigerian citizens hoping to visit China to understand the different types of Chinese visas available and their associated costs. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Cost of a Chinese Visa for Nigerians (Single, Double, Multiple Entry) and helps shed light on factors that determine visa pricing.

Types of Chinese Visas for Nigerians

There are several visa categories that Nigerian passport holders can apply for depending on the purpose and duration of their trip to China:

L-Visa (Tourist Visa)

  • Single-Entry Visa: Allows one entry into China within 3-6 months. Stay is limited to 30 days.
  • Double-Entry Visa: Permits two entries into China within 6 months. Each stay is 30 days.
  • Multiple-Entry Visa: Covers multiple entries within 6-12 months. Each stay is limited to 60 days.
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F-Visa/M-Visa (Business/Trade Visa)

Requires a letter of invitation from a Chinese company. Valid for six months with multiple entries and a maximum of 90 days per visit.

X-Visa (Student Visa)

It is needed for studying in China. Valid for the duration of the study program as stated in the admission letter.

The Cost of a Chinese Visa for Nigerians

The Cost of a Chinese Visa for Nigerians depends on visa type and applicant’s nationality. Here are the current fees charged by the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria:

Visa Fees for Nigerian Citizens

  • Single-Entry Visa: ₦14,000
  • Double-Entry Visa: ₦21,000
  • 6-Month Multiple-Entry Visa: ₦28,000
  • 1-Year Multiple-Entry Visa: ₦42,000

Visa Fees for Other Nationalities

  • Americans: $101,964
  • Canadians: ₦21,525
  • Romanians: ₦21,000

Application Service Fees

  • Regular Processing (5 days): ₦36,800
  • Courier Service (1 way): ₦18,800
  • VIP Processing: ₦36,800

Factors Affecting Visa Cost

Several factors influence the Cost of a Chinese Visa for Nigerians:

  • Applicant’s Nationality – Fees vary between Nigerian citizens and those of other countries.
  • Visa Type – Multiple-entry visas have higher fees than single or double-entry visas.
  • Processing Method – Regular processing is cheaper than urgent courier or VIP services.
  • Exchange Rate – Service fees fluctuate with the currency exchange rate.
  • Special Promotions – Fees may be discounted during certain periods.

Application Fees

In addition to visa fees, all applicants must pay non-refundable application service charges to the CVASC (China Visa Application Service Center). These cover administrative expenses and range from ₦18,800 to ₦36,800 depending on processing speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay visa fees in naira or must it be in dollars?

  • The Chinese Embassy in Nigeria accepts payment in Nigerian naira only.
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How long is the processing time for a Chinese visa?

  • Standard processing takes 4-5 working days but may be faster if applying under urgent service.

Do I need to book flights and hotels before applying?

  • You must provide flight tickets and proof of accommodation like a hotel reservation to support your application.

Can I apply for a visa myself or through an agent?

  • All applications must be submitted in person at the CVASC. Using a third-party agent is not accepted.

How far in advance should I apply before travel dates?

  • Applying at least 30 days prior is recommended to avoid delays. Do not apply more than 3 months early.


Understanding the Cost of a Chinese Visa for Nigerians (Single, Double, Multiple Entry) and the application process is essential to travel to China smoothly. Following the guidelines ensures all requirements are met to obtain the visa efficiently. With proper planning and documentation, Nigerians can experience the wonders of China through different visa categories based on trip purpose and duration.


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