Top 10 Easiest and Most Profitable Businesses to Start in 2024

With economic uncertainties and rising costs of living in 2024, aspiring entrepreneurs want low-risk business ideas that don’t require big investments but have high earning potential. This article explores the top 10 easiest and most profitable ventures you can launch this year. From online courses to bookkeeping services, these business models demand minimal technical skills or capital while offering sustainable profits.

The Top 10 Easiest and Most Profitable Businesses to Start in 2024

1. E-commerce Store

Starting an e-commerce store is one of the easiest profitable businesses to succeed in 2024. With platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, you can launch a professional online shop with no coding skills in under an hour. Selling consumer products worldwide virtually eliminates geographical limitations. And with recurring subscription models, virtual stores can run profitably even when unattended. However, consistent marketing is vital to drive traffic and awareness of your brand in a saturated virtual market space.

2. Dropshipping Business

As a lower-risk variation of e-commerce, dropshipping eliminates inventory risks by having suppliers ship products directly to customers. After setting up shop on platforms like Oberlo, drop shippers select profitable products, optimize online listings, and leverage social media marketing to attract buyers. With minimal investment beyond basic software fees, these ventures can operate part-time while students study or hold day jobs. The biggest challenge is quality control over vendor partnerships and delivery timelines.

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3. Online Course Creation

Authoring online courses has limitless scale and the ability to generate passive income from one-time efforts. Platforms like Udemy even let authors retain 60-70% of all earnings. Courses on topics authors are experts in, like desktop publishing or music production, almost create and market themselves through relevant search traffic. Key aspects for monetization include optimizing graphics and video, maintaining engagement through community forums, and promoting new lessons or collections regularly on social networks.

4. Consulting and Coaching

Leveraging specialized expertise and networks, consulting or coaching delivers profitable one-on-one client services. Virtual meetings replace physical offices, supporting location independence. Niches with consistent demand include life coaching, business advising, accounting services, and career counseling. To scale efficiently, consultants adopt packaged monthly client programs delivered through portfolio websites and autoresponders. Proper intake processes and contract structuring ensure steady client onboarding and retention.

5. Graphic and Website Design

From logos to brochure layouts, businesses continually require visual content and webpage development help. Designers command premium rates by demonstrating proficiency in programs like Canva, Photoshop, and WordPress. Building portfolios through freelancing sites and networking leads to a steady client pipeline. Regular marketing through blogs and templates supports prospects who prefer do-it-yourself solutions too. The key challenge lies in effectively translating designs into website code for developer clients.

6. Copywriting and Content Marketing

Leveraging strong writing abilities, copywriters develop a website, email, and social media copy for businesses and individuals. With outsourced projects starting from $0.05 per word, regular clients emerge through ongoing service agreements, content calendars, and niche-focused blog articles. Simultaneously, content marketing gathers a following by targeting specific industries or topics and partnering with affiliate networks for supplemental revenue. Here, credibility, promptness, and proficiency in research differentiate high-paying contracts.

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7. Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing encompasses all client acquisition and retention tactics through online channels. Agencies offer specialized or full-suite services across areas such as social media management, SEO execution, email marketing campaigns, analytics implementation, and partnership liaison. Standard agency packages and flexible pricing models cater especially to small businesses seeking expertise on a budget. Key factors for success entail competitive knowledge, an established process framework, and reliable project management skills.

8. Virtual Assistant Services

For individuals and enterprises alike, virtual assistants (VAs) deliver personalized administrative support virtually. Popular niches encompass calendar management, online research, transcription work, and basic graphic design execution. Hourly freelancing rates average $15-25 depending on demonstrable competencies. Leveraging professional networks, dedicated VAs also develop long-term client relationships through exceptional service quality, swift responses, and prompt follow-through on evolving needs. Here, excellent organizational abilities are fundamental.

9. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accounting professionals offer budgeting, bookkeeping, payroll management, tax filing assistance, and financial statement preparation for a subscription or per-project fee. Low-risk entry involves basic bookkeeping tasks like invoices and bank reconciliations, gradually expanding into more specialized domains. Quality tax and accounting software programs supplement an established process framework at reasonable monthly rates, while relevant certification validates proficiency and credibility. Expertise in specific industries or business types extracts higher profit margins.

10. Freelance Writing

Whether blog and web content, eBooks, whitepapers, or newsletters, writers shape professional communications for businesses, publications, and creative ventures. Regular contributors adopt client management systems to organize deadlines and guarantee timely deliverables across several simultaneous projects. Specialization in verticals like technology, health/wellness, or finance extracts premium word rates. Determined networking across author forums, LinkedIn groups, and job boards sustains a rich prospect pipeline. Patience and persistence pay off here.

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11. Videography and Photography

Even microbusinesses recognize visual storytelling’s impact. Freelance photographers and videographers deliver portrait sessions, product/service shoots, events coverage, aerial drone filming, and promotional video ideation on flexible contracts. Nimble single-person operations efficiently serve a diverse client roster. Leveraging community partnerships and developing niche portfolios around lifestyle, travel, weddings, and more supports premium service pricing. Rigorous editing skills, a creative eye, and prompt delivery are key.


What are some low-investment profitable business ideas?

Businesses like dropshipping, freelance writing, virtual assisting, affiliate marketing, online courses, and ebooks require modest starting capital and offer profits through scalable digital models.

How do I start an online business with no money?

Utilize free platforms like social media,, and cloud-based tools for operations. Monetize through lead generation for affiliates initially before developing proprietary offerings. Leverage your skills and network to minimize costs.

What small business makes 50k a year?

Businesses like web design, bookkeeping, virtual assisting, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping can sustain moderate six-figure revenues within the first year of consistent execution, provided ideal products/services and target markets are selected based on trends, competitive analysis, and one’s strengths.

How do you start a profitable small business?

Research targetable niches and develop a solid business plan considering costs, margins, forecasting, and competitive differentiators. Leverage digital tools to minimize overheads. Prioritize branding, consistent delivery, and community building for healthy client acquisition and retention rates.

What are the easiest online businesses to start in 2024?

Businesses requiring minimum technical skills or capital like dropshipping, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, online courses, and virtual assisting have low entry barriers and potential for quick gains in 2024, given established models, market forecasts and one’s competencies are well-aligned.


In conclusion, the list of easiest profitable businesses highlights models delivering sizeable revenues from the very first year through comprehensive strategies for client targeting, regular value delivery, and cost-effective scaling. Market demand, specialized expertise, digital tools, and robust prospecting combine to reduce risk factors for new ventures. The coming fiscal year indicates scope for further disruption through remote, subscription-based services. With proper planning considered against individual strengths, several high-return options exist for aspiring entrepreneurs in almost any field or location. Success is now just an idea away.


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