Hamisu Breaker Biography, Age, Songs, Career, Married And Net Worth
Hamisu Breaker Biography, Age, Songs, Career, Married And Net Worth

Hamisu Breaker is one of the most renowned names in the Hausa music industry in Nigeria. Although he started his journey as a street dancer, today he is a very popular singer and songwriter known for his hit tracks. Let’s learn more about the inspiring journey of Hamisu Breaker from a street dancer to a celebrated musician through this in-depth article on Hamisu Breaker Biography, Age, Songs, Career, Married And Net Worth.

Basic Details Of Hamisu Breaker

  • Stage Name:                          Hamisu Breaker
  • Real Name:                            Hamisu Sa’id Yusuf
  • Date of Birth:                         February 27, 1992
  • Age:                                       32 years (As of 2024)
  • State of Origin:                      Dorayi, Kano State
  • Nationality:                            Nigerian
  • Religion:                                Islam
  • Tribe:                                    Hausa
  • Occupation:                          Musician, Singer, Songwriter
  • Net Worth:                            $250,000
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Hamisu Breaker Biography, Age, Songs, Career, Married And Net Worth

Hamisu Breaker Biography, Age, Songs, Career, Married And Net Worth

Early Life And Career Beginnings

Hamisu Breaker was born as Hamisu Sa’id Yusuf on February 27, 1992, in Dorayi, Kano State, Nigeria. He belonged to a humble background and spent his childhood in his hometown. Hamisu developed a keen interest in dancing from a young age. He was highly skilled in breakdance and thus earned the nickname “Breaker”.

After completing his primary and secondary education locally, Hamisu couldn’t continue further studies due to financial constraints. However, he decided to make a career in music by honing his dancing skills. He participated in several street dance competitions and quickly gained fame as a talented dancer.

Hamisu Breaker Biography, Age, Songs, Career, Married And Net Worth

Personal Life

Coming to his personal life, Hamisu prefers to keep it very private. Not much is known about his family and childhood except that he hails from a humble background.

In terms of relationships, Hamisu was rumored to be dating multiple celebrities but he never addressed the rumors publicly. However, in 2023 he confirmed being married through a social media post without revealing his wife’s identity.

Relationship Status

As mentioned earlier, Hamisu confirmed being married through an Instagram post in 2023 but did not disclose his wife’s name or share images to maintain her privacy.

Personal Life Today

Currently based between Kano and Lagos, Hamisu enjoys spending time with friends and family in his free time. He also likes to travel across Nigeria and explore other cultures through music.

The singer owns a palatial home in Kano where he resides with his wife and extended family. Hamisu also owns high-end vehicles and invests in real estate among other business ventures.

Despite his rising popularity, Hamisu maintains a low-key personal life away from the glitz. He strives to be a role model through his down-to-earth nature and philanthropic activities for the less privileged.

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Hamisu Breaker Biography, Age, Songs, Career, Married And Net Worth

Rise As A Street Dancer

Hamisu’s breakdance moves won him many admirers and followers. His unique dancing style was loved and appreciated by the local people. Soon, he started performing at festivals, concerts, and other events in his hometown. Word of his skills spread across Kano city and nearby areas.

His rising popularity as a dancer opened new doors for him. Hamisu got opportunities to participate in televised dance competitions. He emerged as the winner of several major breakdance battles, boosting his profile further.

Transition To Music

While dancing remained his first love and profession, Hamisu also developed a keen interest in music. He started learning to compose songs and play musical instruments in his free time. Some of his friends and fans encouraged him to consider a full-fledged music career.

Inspired, Hamisu decided to make his transition to singing officially. He focused on composing songs and recording demos in the Hausa language to attract the local audience. Gradually, Hamisu Breaker established himself as one of the promising new talents in the Nigerian music industry.


Music Career And Major Releases

Early Singles And Albums

Hamisu released his debut single “Heroine” in 2011 which became an instant hit in Northern Nigeria. It generated a lot of hype for the newcomer. He further established himself with other popular singles like “Lovers” and “Good Luck to the Innocent Girl”.

In 2013, Hamisu dropped his first studio album titled “The Secret of the Heart” which contained thirteen tracks including previously released singles. The album was both a critical and commercial success, taking his popularity to new heights.

Breakthrough With “Jaruma”

However, his biggest breakthrough came in 2020 with the release of the song “Jaruma”. Featuring beautiful lyrics and vocals, the song soon became a massive pan-Nigerian and international hit.

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“Jaruma” amassed millions of views on YouTube, making it the most-watched Hausa music video ever. The success of this song cemented Hamisu’s position as one of the most prominent Hausa musicians globally.

Other Major Releases

Since then, Hamisu has delivered many more chartbuster songs like “Karshen Kauna”, “Kece”, “Mai Tafiya”, “Jaruma Mata”, “Mai”, “So Dangin” and more. He also released his second studio album “Nagane Duniya” in 2022.

Along with solo songs, Hamisu has also featured in hit collaborations with leading artists like Ali Nuhu, B-Red, and others. Today, he is regarded as the most influential Hausa pop singer with a huge fan following worldwide.


Musical Style And Impact

Hamisu is known for fusing traditional Hausa musical styles like Folk and Azanza with elements of contemporary pop, R&B, and Afrobeats. This unique blend has enabled him to appeal to both rural and urban audiences.

His soulful vocals and ability to beautifully narrate heartfelt stories through lyrics are the hallmarks of Hamisu’s songs. “Jaruma”, and “Karshen Kauna” especially touched millions with their emotive themes of love and heartbreak.

Critics and musicologists recognize Hamisu as the pioneer who modernized Hausa pop music. He has inspired many young talents in the region to pursue music professionally. Several leading artists today cite Hamisu as their role model and influence.

Most significantly, Hamisu helped popularize the Hausa language and cultural sounds globally through songs available on digital platforms. He has proudly promoted Nigerian and African music worldwide.


Net Worth And Endorsements

Today, Hamisu Breaker has an estimated net worth of $250,000 which he has amassed through music sales, performances, digital streams, and endorsements.

He regularly performs at premier concerts and festivals across Nigeria which fetch him handsome paychecks. Hamisu also endorses various brands like Airtel, Coca-Cola, and Universal Music Nigeria.

His YouTube channel has over 500K subscribers and videos have received hundreds of millions of overall streams. This allows Hamisu to earn royalties regularly. Additionally, physical album sales have contributed significantly to his wealth.

With growing popularity in Africa and beyond, music and brand experts predict Hamisu’s net worth to rise exponentially in the coming years as one of Nigeria’s most iconic pop stars.


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