How Much Can International Students Earn In Cyprus?

How Much Can International Students Earn In Cyprus?

Cyprus is a popular study-abroad destination for international students due to its high-quality education system, favorable weather conditions, cultural diversity, and other benefits. While pursuing their degree, many students also take up part-time or full-time jobs to cover living expenses. This article explores the various job opportunities available to international students in Cyprus and how much they can earn through such employment. It covers relevant laws, and average salaries in different industries, and answers common queries about earning potential as a student in Cyprus.

Job Opportunities for International Students in Cyprus

As per Cypriot law, international students holding a valid residence permit can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week during semester time and full-time during semester breaks or summer holidays. This creates ample opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience and earn an income. Some of the common part-time jobs include:

  • Retail assistants in shops and malls
  • Waiter/waitress in restaurants and cafes
  • Customer service roles in call centers
  • Babysitters and nannies
  • Tutorial or teaching assistance
  • Cashiers in supermarkets and stores
  • Kitchen staff at hotels and food outlets
  • Sales associates at retailers
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Full-time jobs during vacations that students can apply for include:

  • Tour guides for travel companies
  • Sport/activity instructors at camps
  • Cashiers or customer service at airports
  • Hospitality roles at hotels and resorts
  • Data entry operators for various firms
  • Security staff at events and venues
  • Telesales representatives

Working Hours and Permits

As per the Aliens and Immigration Law, international students can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week or full-time during official semester breaks without needing a separate work permit. However, full-time employment during semester periods requires authorization from the Aliens and Immigration Service. Students must also possess a valid residence permit to secure legal employment in Cyprus.

Average Salaries by Industry

Tourism and Hospitality

Being a tourism hub, Cyprus sees a high demand for multilingual staff, especially during the summer seasons. Students can find work as waiters, receptionists, activity guides, and more. Average monthly salaries in this industry range from €850-€1200. Experienced hospitality professionals with additional skills or languages can earn up to €1500-€1800.


Popular part-time jobs for students include retail sales associates and cashiers. The average monthly pay for such roles is approximately €700-€950 depending on the retailer and location. Supermarket cashiers take home around €750-€900 on average.


For students pursuing tech-related degrees, there is an opportunity for paid internships at local and multinational firms. Monthly salaries begin from €1200 for entry-level positions up to €1800-€2000 for more experienced tech interns or professionals.


Teaching assistance jobs at universities and language schools are well-paying part-time options earning €950-€1200 every month usually. Private tutoring can fetch €25-€35 per hour of tuition.

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Top Income Earning Jobs

Besides the roles mentioned above, the following full-time jobs during summer breaks fetch higher average salaries for international students in Cyprus:

  • Yacht crew – €1500-€2500
  • Scuba diving/water sports instructors – €1600-€2000
  • Vehicle rental companies – €1200-€1600
  • Hospitality internships at 5-star properties – €1500-€2000
  • Banking/finance internships – €1800-€2400
  • Accounting/tax internships – €2000-€2500


Is it difficult for international students to find jobs in Cyprus?

While competition can be high, especially during summer seasons, dedicated job searches plus relevant experiences and language skills can help students secure suitable employment opportunities in Cyprus.

Does the salary vary based on nationality?

By law, salaries cannot discriminate based on race or nationality in Cyprus. However, language skills continue to be valuable assets for career prospects and income potential, especially in customer-facing roles.

Can freshman or sophomore students also work legally?

Yes, according to existing guidelines, all international students with valid permits can engage in part-time (up to 20 hours weekly) or full-time (during breaks) employment in Cyprus regardless of their academic level or program.

Will a job hamper my academics?

Managing studies and part-time work requires discipline. Most students work up to 15 hours maximum to avoid affecting grades. It is advisable not to take up demanding jobs and instead focus on academics as the top priority.

What documents are required for employment?

Along with a valid passport and residence permit, students may need to furnish their acceptance letter, current transcript, and proof of enrollment at a Cypriot institution to prospective employers for verification purposes.

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To summarize, international students have flexible options to take up relevant paid jobs in Cyprus to cover essential living expenses and gain valuable skills while pursuing their academic programs. By making use of the favorable laws and opportunities wisely within the allocated hours, students can earn a decent income through suitable employment here. The experience also enhances their career prospects after graduation globally.


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