How Much Do Google Apprentices Get Paid Salary?

How Much Do Google Apprentices Get Paid Salary?

  • A Detailed Breakdown of Google’s Comprehensive Apprenticeship Program

Google is renowned for providing innovative work opportunities for students and recent graduates through its apprenticeship program. The program gives apprentices hands-on experience working on real projects while earning a salary and gaining a nationally recognized credential. In this article, we explore Google’s apprenticeship program in depth, with a specific focus on answering the question – How Much Do Google Apprentices Get Paid? We’ll look at average pay ranges, factors affecting salaries, different job roles available, and more. Read on to learn everything you need to know about compensation for Google apprentices.

Salary Breakdown

On average, Google apprentices can expect to earn between $65,000 to $115,000 USD per year. However, there is usually some variance depending on location, role, and experience level. Some key points regarding Google apprentice salaries:

  • The average base salary for apprentices in the US is $65,871 per year. This does not include additional components like bonuses or benefits.
  • London-based apprentices typically earn a minimum of £30,000 to £35,000 per year or about $40,000 to $46,000 USD.
  • Additional payments like cash bonuses can increase total pay by around $15,000 on average annually.
  • Higher-level roles like Software Engineering may pay at the top of the range, around $110,000 to $115,000 per year total compensation on average.
  • Cost of living adjustments are factored in, so salaries tend to be higher in major tech hubs and downtown metro areas.
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Job Roles in Google’s Apprenticeship Program

Google offers apprenticeships targeting a variety of fields including:

  • Software Engineering
  • IT Support & Infrastructure
  • Digital Marketing
  • UX Design
  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management

Some of the most popular available tracks are:

  • Software Engineer Apprentice: Work alongside engineers to build new apps and services.
  • IT Technician Apprentice: Support operations and maintain internal systems infrastructure.
  • Digital Marketer Apprentice: Help launch campaigns and analyze marketing performance.
  • Data Analyst Apprentice: Extract insights from large datasets to optimize business processes.

The duration of apprenticeships is usually 1-2 years depending on the role and location. Throughout, apprentices gain practical skills while completing an accredited qualification.

The Application and Selection Process

The application windows for Google apprenticeships typically open in the fall, with deadlines often in early winter. Some key stages are:

  • Submit your resume and online application form, answering basic eligibility questions.
  • Phone screens are conducted by recruiters to assess communication skills.
  • For technical roles, expect coding assessments and problem-solving exams online or via video call.
  • If successful, multiple one-on-one and panel interviews will evaluate soft skills and knowledge.
  • References and background checks are performed before final offers are extended.

Competition tends to be high due to the prestigious brand, so preparation and passion for the work are important. Though unpaid, internships can also strengthen applications if pursued beforehand.

Factors Affecting Pay

While average pay bands provide a guide, individual salaries may vary based on these factors:

  • Location: Cost of living adjustments mean pay is usually higher in major cities.
  • Technical Expertise: Engineers and data scientists typically earn more than support roles.
  • Education Level: Apprentices with a 4-year degree start at a higher pay grade on average.
  • Performance: Top-performing apprentices may receive larger bonuses or promotions more quickly.
  • Tenure: Long-serving apprentices tend to negotiate pay rises more effectively over time.
  • Global Economic Conditions: Pay potential is tied to broader trends in tech industry compensation.
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Understanding how different circumstances impact salary helps set appropriate expectations during the application and hiring process. Negotiation skills also play a part once an offer is extended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the salary for Google apprentices good compared to other roles?

The salaries offered by Google for their apprenticeships are very competitive. On average, they exceed pay rates for comparable internships, junior programs, and graduate schemes at other large tech firms. The range also makes them highly paid compared to median salaries nationally.

Do Google apprentice salaries increase over time?

Yes, in most cases salaries will rise every 1-2 years if performance reviews are positive and goals are being met or exceeded. It’s also possible to take on additional responsibilities for expanded roles that qualify for pay bumps. By program completion, salaries have typically increased 20-30% from starting levels based on reviews of alumni salaries.

What other benefits do Google apprentices receive?

Additional components in total compensation packages typically include medical, vision, and dental insurance. Paid time off to relax or attend classes and great perks like free meals, gym access, and transportation aid are also offered. Stock grants for long-term employees are common once apprentices convert to full-time staff.


In summary, Google’s apprenticeship program offers life-changing opportunities for career development and skill-building. The combination of practical experience, accredited learning, salary progression, and market-leading benefits make them highly coveted positions in business and technology. While requiring dedication, Google apprenticeships open doors to advanced roles both within the company and across many industries. The average annual compensation ranges from $65,000 to over $115,000 based on role, location, and experience. For ambitious candidates motivated to learn, they are an excellent way to kickstart a bright future in the digital age.


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