How Much Does a Nigerian Wedding Cost

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How Much Does a Nigerian Wedding Cost

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and stressful. One of the biggest challenges is setting and sticking to a realistic budget. Nigerian weddings have developed a reputation for being lavish, extravagant affairs. While it’s understandable to want your special day to be memorable, going over budget can cause financial issues down the road.

In this guide, I’ll break down the typical cost categories and provide budget-friendly options to consider. The prices may vary depending on your location and specific tastes, but my goal is to give you a sense of what to reasonably expect to spend in each area.

With careful planning and compromise where needed, it is absolutely possible to celebrate your love for each other with a beautiful Nigerian wedding without breaking the bank.


The challenge of planning a wedding on a budget

Planning a wedding can be a really big pressure. Everybody wants their special day to be perfect, right? All your family and friends will be there, so you want to make sure everything looks absolutely amazing! But weddings can also cost a lot of money.

Where Does All the Money Go?

Just think of all the things you need to pay for – the venue, food, dresses, suits, decorations… the list goes on! It’s no surprise that weddings are known to be expensive. And with Nigerian weddings having a reputation of being really lavish affairs, it’s easy to get carried away and spend way more than you planned. Before you know it, your budget is totally blown out of the water!

Sticking to a Budget Is Hard

Trying to stick to a budget when you’re dreaming of the perfect fairytale wedding is no simple task. All your vendors will be giving you suggestions that sound amazing but also add up very quickly. Your well-meaning family might pressure you into splurging on things you don’t really need. It’s hard to say no sometimes!

But It’s Possible to Plan an Affordable Wedding

Even with all these challenges, lots of couples do have beautiful weddings without breaking the bank. The key is being organized, realistic about what you can afford, and making compromises in the right areas. With some creativity and discipline, you can definitely celebrate your love without going into debt. The most important things are the people and your commitment to each other, not fancy decor or expensive extras, right?

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Take a Deep Breath! You’ve Got This

Planning takes time and can feel very overwhelming. But don’t stress – as long as you and your partner are united, you’ll figure it out together step by step. Focus on what really matters to you as a couple. The rest will fall into place. You’ve got this, and it will all be totally worth it on the big day!


1. Venue Costs: Picking the Perfect Place

One of the first big decisions for your wedding is choosing a venue. Do you want something modern like an event center or hotel ballroom? Or would you prefer something more unique, like a backyard, rooftop, or park?

Event Centers and Hotel Ballrooms

Event centers and hotel ballrooms tend to be on the pricier end of the venue spectrum. But they have the advantage of being fully equipped with professional spaces. You won’t need to worry about things like chairs, lights, or bathrooms. However, expect to pay a few hundred or even thousands of dollars for rental depending on size and amenities.

Backyard or Rooftop Weddings

If you have the space, your own backyard or apartment rooftop can make for a really personal, affordable option! You save big by not having to rent an outside space. Just be sure it’s properly equipped for your guest count. You may need to invest in things like lighting, tents or portable bathrooms.

Parks and Alternative Spaces

Many public parks, event lawns, or community centers offer beautiful outdoor venues at a more reasonable cost than hotels. Some have covered areas, bathrooms, and equipment available for rent too. Be sure to book well in advance, as popular spots fill up fast!

Timing and Weekdays vs Weekends

Consider a weekday ceremony if it works with your guests. Venue costs are often cheaper mid-week than Fridays and Saturdays, which are in higher demand. An afternoon wedding also tends to be less expensive than prime evening slots.

Free or Low-Cost Venues?

Ask friends or family about unique spots you could potentially use for free or low rental, like restaurant rooftops, museum rooms, or school halls during holidays. Creativity and flexibility can help you save big on the venue!


2. Food and Catering: Feeding Your Guests

Making sure all your wedding guests are well-fed is obviously important. But catering can seriously bump up your budget if you’re not careful. The number of guests really impacts this cost.

Downsize the Guest Count

Really think about who you absolutely need there versus people you can invite to the reception only. Every trimmed guest saves you big bucks on food and beverages.

Consider Buffet or Stations

Having food served buffet or station style is often more affordable than plated meals. Guests can choose from a few options.

DIY or Food Trucks

For smaller groups, consider doing some elements yourself like a salad bar. Or hire affordable food trucks offering dishes like barbecue instead of a full catering package.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Open bars are super expensive to maintain. Offer a limited selection of beers/wine or do cash bars after a certain hour.

Timing and Seasonal Menus

An afternoon lunch or brunch is typically cheaper to cater than dinner. Seasonal, local ingredients usually cost less than imports.

With careful menu planning, you can impress guests without blowing your entire food budget. The key is getting creative!


3. Decor and Flowers: Setting the Scene

The decor is so important in transforming your venue into a magical wedding wonderland. But floral arrangements and decorations can really add up if you hire a professional decorator.

DIY Decor

Get crafty with your bridesmaids! You can save loads by creating paper lanterns, escort cards, centerpieces and more yourself. Pinterest is full of affordable inspo.

Rentals or Secondhand

Check if your venue offers decor rental packages. Or search online classifieds for used centerpieces, aisle markers, and lighting others are selling cheap.

Florals on a Budget

Designate one special floral area like your bouquet, and do simpler greenery or baby’s breath elsewhere. Or make flowers the accent instead of the centerpiece focus.

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Alternatives to Florists

Visit craft markets for locally grown, in-season blooms. Or see if floristry students will design your pieces discounted. Tissue paper pomanders or candles can also look so lovely!

With some imagination, you can style your venue to feel luxurious without blowing your decor. Get thrifty with what really matters to save big bucks.


4. Attire: Your Special Day Look

As the bride, finding your dream dress can be the most fun part of wedding planning. But designers can charge thousands! Groom and groomsmen suits add up too.

Secondhand Gems

Check thrift stores, online resale sites, and designer consignment boutiques. You never know what steal you might find in like-new condition!

Rent the Look

Renting is a fab option to get high fashion for hundreds less. Just be sure to order with enough time for alterations.

DIY Your Bridesmaids

Instead of labeling them with an expensive dress tag, suggest a color and they can choose their own affordable style.

Suits on a Trim

Look for tuxedo rentals rather than new suits your guys may barely wear again. Or opt for darker slacks and button-downs that double as nice party attire.

With some creativity, you’ll feel like a stylish star without the huge clothing costs. Your loved ones will think you look stunning no matter what!


5. Entertainment: Keeping Guests Entertained

As important as the food, drinks, and decor are – you’ll want your guests to enjoy themselves at the reception! But entertainment can seriously dent your budget if you’re not strategic.

Live Bands vs DJ

A DJ is generally cheaper than hiring a full live band, but shop around for bands as some startups may charge less. When booking a DJ, ask about wedding package deals.


A good photographer is a must, but a full-day package can be expensive. Consider hiring just for the ceremony and a few hours of the reception to save. Or see if any photography students offer lower rates.

Videography – Choose One

Videographers also cost a pretty penny. If choosing between photos or video, pick one. Guests sharing moments on their phones these days lessens the need for both.

Fun Extras

Small touches can provide big entertainment value at low cost. Consider affordable ideas like a photo booth, lawn games, henna station or dessert food truck instead of a full plated dessert service.

Emcee Duties

For the reception, maybe an outgoing family member would feel honored to introduce your first dance and keep the party lively rather than hiring a pro emcee.

Playlist Power

Even without a live act, curating the perfect playlist of your favorite jams with a trusted friend is sure to get guests dancing all night long!

You want people to really enjoy celebrating with you. But entertainment can be had through creativity and community rather than expense alone.


6. Invitations and Printing: Spreading the Word

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for your wedding invite, right? But customized invitations from specialty printers can add up fast.

Digital Saves Dollars

E-vites are a budget-friendly option that still feels polished. Make the most of free or low-cost graphic design software and paperless RSVPs.

DIY the Details

Get handmade by cutting, scoring, and assembling your own invitations with colorful paper and twine. Hit the craft store for all the supplies at a fraction of printed costs.

Outsourcing Options

Look for local graphic designers, print shops or online print services like Etsy that may charge less per invite than wedding specialists.

Stretch Your Dollar

Send online-only invites and have a few printed for display. Or do matching magnets, bookmarks, or notecards instead of full postcards and envelopes to trim costs.

Programs on Cheap

If making a printed program, design it yourself and print on regular paper instead of special stock to save big bucks.

With some low-cost ideas, you can still get creative with invites without busting your printing budget.

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7. Hair and Makeup: Finding Your Perfect Look

Getting glammed up for your big day is so much fun. But professional hair and makeup artists can charge a pretty penny, especially when factoring in your bridesmaids too.

DIY Tutorial

Save loads by doing your own bridal trial run and then film a tutorial for your crew. With practice, they’ll nail their own glam for much less.

Shared Stylist

See if one makeup artist will create your bridal look and then have your girls book shorter “touch-up” sessions day-of for minimal fees.

Creative Alternatives

Consider makeup donated by a beauty school or low-cost options like mini-makeovers sponsored by cosmetic brands through Instagram giveaways.

Day-Of Photos Instead

Skip full hair and makeup trials if it doesn’t fit your budget. Detail shots of your finished look day of can serve as a reminder for stylists.

With some creativity, you can rock runway-worthy locks and lashes without the hefty price tag. Your girls will just be happy to share the day!


8. After-Party: Continuing the Celebrations

Once the reception ends, you’ll want your guests to keep mingling and dancing the night away at your after-party. But venue and catering costs add up quickly!

Downsize Guest Numbers

For the afters, limit invites just to those closest to you like family and wedding parties. That trims costs significantly.

Alternative Venues

Consider more affordable options than fancy clubs, like renting a cozy bar instead or hosting at a family member’s house with DIY food trucks.

BYOB and Potlucks

Let guests bring their own drinks or a dish to share for a more casual backyard bash. The savings mean more money for fun!

Entertainment on the Cheap

Hire affordable local DJs just starting, or make your own playlist. Add lawn games and lighting for ambiance.

With more modest guest numbers and low-key after-party spots, you can keep celebrating into the night without denting your budget too much.


9. Traditional Requirements: Honoring Cultural Traditions

For many Nigerian couples, certain traditional wedding events are a must to honor family customs. But some traditions like engagement and bride price ceremonies can carry hefty costs if you’re not strategic.

Prioritize Core Events

Sit down with your parents to agree on the 2-3 most essential traditions from their perspective. Focus your budget there rather than feeling compelled to do everything.

Creative Twists

For lesser priorities, find novel ways to adapt traditions on a trim. For example, have your own lowkey introduction to his family rather than a huge engagement bash.

DIY Decor

Instead of costly professional stylists, involve your community in decorating venues yourselves. Ask friends and family to help craft centerpieces and signage.

Potlucks and Donations

For big gatherings, organize sign-up sheets for people to bring dishes so you’re not on the hook for feeding an entire village solo.

Alternative Venues

Investigate community centers, backyards, or parks as options rather than hotel ballrooms. Speak to elders about venues your families historically used before trends inflated costs.

Traditions are precious, but staying flexible helps ensure they’re remembered for meaningful reasons rather than their huge price tag. Your families will appreciate your efforts to honor them.



Where do we even start budgeting for a wedding?

The first step is estimating your guest count, as that impacts every other cost. Then research average pricing in your area for venues, catering, attire, etc. Build a spreadsheet grouping expenses into categories to track your total. Don’t forget to add 10-15% for unexpected costs.

How many people can we realistically invite on our budget?

Take a hard look at your budget and be brutally realistic. It’s okay to limit invites to immediate family and close friends if needed. You can always host a larger reception later! Quality time with loved ones is more important than quantity.

Is it possible to have a nice wedding without breaking the bank?

Absolutely! Focus on what really matters – your love and commitment. Get creative with alternatives that prioritize meaning over money. Reduce guest counts, DIY where possible, and find free or low-cost venues. Most of all, remember your big day is about shared joy, not extravagance alone.

How do we say no to expectations from family?

Thank them for their input but reiterate your priorities and budget constraints. Compromise where possible; perhaps trim one element they suggest rather than removing it entirely. With patience and empathy, they’ll understand you need to stay on track financially too.

Any tips for saving even more money?

Look for ways to trim small costs that add up – maybe skip save-the-dates, do a signature drink instead of a full bar, or rent mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Consider an off-season Thursday wedding or afternoon reception. Brainstorm with your partner and embrace sales, hand-me-downs, and DIY wherever feasible!



Phew, planning a wedding is no easy task! But hopefully, this guide has given you some creative ideas and realistic expectations for budgeting your special day. Remember – it’s all about celebrating your love, not emptying your savings. With patience, humor, and compromise when needed, you’ve got this.

Don’t be afraid to have honest conversations with your partner about priorities. Trust that as long as you’re united in what truly matters, all the little details will work themselves out. Most importantly, take time to enjoy this exciting process too.

Soon enough you’ll be married! For now, sneak in wedding prep breaks to look at old photos and remind yourselves why all this hustle will be worth it. The big day will be here before you know it. You’ve both waited so long for this – congratulations and celebrate!


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