How Much Is UK Visa Fee In Nigeria 2024

The UK is one of the most popular study and work destinations for Nigerians due to its high-quality educational system and job opportunities. Every year, thousands of Nigerians travel to the UK on various types of visas such as student visas, work visas, and visit visas. However, one of the most common questions potential applicants have is “How much is the UK visa fee in Nigeria?”.

This article provides a detailed overview of the UK visa application fees in Nigeria for 2024 to help Nigerians understand how much they need to budget for a UK visa. It discusses the latest fees for different visa categories like student visas, visit visas, and work visas. The requirements, application process, processing times, and frequently asked questions are also covered to ensure applicants have all the necessary information before starting their UK visa journey from Nigeria.

Updated UK Visa Fee In Nigeria For 2024

Student Visa Fee

A student visa allows Nigerians to study in the UK. The cost of a student visa in Nigeria for 2024 is £470 or $472. This fee covers both the main applicant and any dependents included in the application.

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For child student visas, the fee is also £470 or $472 per applicant.

Visit Visa Fee

Visit visas are issued to Nigerians traveling to the UK as tourists or to visit family/friends. The visit visa fees in Nigeria for 2024 are:

  • Short-term visit visa (up to 6 months): £120 or $130
  • Longer-term visit visa (up to 2 years): £400 or $489
  • Longer-term visit visa (up to 5 years): £750 or $872
  • Longer-term visit visa (up to 10 years): £950 or $1089

Work Visa Fee

The cost of work visas in Nigeria depends on the specific category. Some of the most common work visa fees are:

  • Health and Care Worker visa: £499 or $604
  • Skilled Worker visa: £499 or $604
  • Global Talent visa: £499 or $604
  • Temporary Worker visa: £299 or $337

How To Apply For A UK Visa From Nigeria

The standard process of applying for a UK visa from Nigeria involves the following steps:

  1. Check your eligibility and visa type
  2. Pay visa fees online
  3. Complete the online application form
  4. Book and attend a biometric appointment
  5. Submit required documents
  6. Receive decision (allow 6 weeks for processing)
  7. Collect passport with decision

It is recommended to apply at least 6 months before your intended travel date to allow sufficient time for processing. The application can be submitted online via the UK visa application portal or through a UKVAC visa application center in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay the UK visa fee in naira in Nigeria?

Yes, you can pay the UK visa fees in Nigerian Naira (NGN) at any of the authorized UK visa application centers in Nigeria. They accept both cash payments in NGN and NGN-denominated debit/credit card payments.

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What are the requirements for a UK student visa from Nigeria?

The key requirements for a UK student visa from Nigeria include a valid CAS from the university, proof of required tuition fees and maintenance funds, a valid passport, a TB certificate, enrollment confirmation, and a secure English language test like IELTS.

How long does it take to process a UK visa in Nigeria?

Standard UK visa processing times in Nigeria are 6 weeks. However, priority and super priority visa services are available at additional costs of £500 and £800 respectively to receive a decision within 5-15 working days.

Can I apply for a UK visa myself or do I need an agent?

While it is possible to apply for a UK visa yourself, using a reputed visa agent is recommended as they are experts who can efficiently process applications and give guidance. However, the final responsibility remains with the applicant.

What are the reasons for UK visa refusal from Nigeria?

Common reasons for UK visa refusal from Nigeria include insufficient evidence of funds, incomplete/inaccurate application, deception/fraud, weak ties to home country, and inability to prove the genuineness of travel purpose. A refusal can be appealed within specified timelines.


This article provided comprehensive information on UK visa application fees in Nigeria for 2024 under different categories like student visas, visit visas, and work visas. It discussed the standard application process and answered some frequently asked questions to help applicants understand how much is UK visa fee in Nigeria and plan their visa application appropriately. Using a trusted visa agent is advisable for a smooth visa process.


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