How Much Is Wes Evaluation In Nigeria: Navigating the Process
How Much Is Wes Evaluation In Nigeria

How Much Is Wes Evaluation In Nigeria: Navigating the Process

With World Education Services (WES) credential evaluations becoming a prerequisite for higher education and immigration processes abroad, Nigerian students and professionals need to understand everything involved in getting a WES evaluation and paying the applicable fees. This comprehensive guide covers all the need-to-know details about How Much Is Wes Evaluation In Nigeria, including the evaluation process, required documents, costs, payment methods, processing timelines, and more.


Understanding WES Evaluations

World Education Services (WES) is a prominent not-for-profit organization that provides credential evaluation services to academic institutions, immigration authorities, corporations, and individuals worldwide. Through objective and detailed evaluations, WES helps ensure international credentials are accurately understood and compared to their American/Canadian educational system counterparts.

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What is World Education Services (WES)?

Founded in 1974, WES has over four decades of experience evaluating international academic records from over 200 countries. Headquartered in New York with additional offices worldwide including Toronto, WES utilizes trained credential analysts to appropriately decipher all educational factors present in international transcripts, including courses, grades, degrees, diplomas, or professional qualifications earned.

What is WES Evaluation?

A WES Evaluation provides a formal report that interprets and compares the level and duration of international education to equivalent academic levels in the US/Canadian system. These credential evaluation reports are considered essential for international enrollment, employment licensure/certifications, and immigration processes that require educational proof evaluated to system standards for fair assessment.


Getting Started with the WES Evaluation Process

To initiate a WES Evaluation, applicants follow four basic steps:

  1. Create an online account and application on the WES website
  2. Provide all required academic documents and information
  3. Select the appropriate evaluation method (Document-by-Document or Course-by-Course)
  4. Submit payment and materials electronically or by mail

What documents are required for WES Evaluation from Nigeria?

For Nigerian credentials, official transcripts and certificates/degree completion diplomas are mandatory directly from the awarding educational institutions. WES may request supplementary documents like course descriptions, syllabi, or program information depending on the educational system. Documents should be originally issued or certified true copies with translations if not in English.

What exactly does a WES evaluation include?

WES offers two main evaluation types:

  • Document-by-Document: Determines authenticity and lists awards/dates of completion without detailed course analysis.
  • Course-by-Course: Provides an in-depth analysis of postsecondary courses with equivalent US semester credits and level of study (i.e. freshman, sophomore year, etc) for each subject area. GPA calculations included.


Understanding Costs for WES

Paying the applicable WES evaluation fees is required to receive the official credential report needed for higher education admissions/employment/immigration use cases. What are the costs?

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How much does the WES Evaluation Cost in Nigeria?

  • Document-by-document evaluation for one set of credentials: USD 100
  • Course-by-Course Evaluation for one set of credentials: $160
  • Additional Fees for extra services like express processing or certified reports
  • Prices may vary yearly. Check the WES website for the latest rates.

Can I get a WES evaluation for free?

Unfortunately, no – WES credential evaluation services require payment of applicable fees. While some educational institutions provide fee waivers for applicants, individuals pursuing independent WES reports would need to pay the published costs.

Benefits of Paying Wes Fee

While requiring payment, obtaining a professional WES evaluation report provides numerous long-term benefits:

  • Meet visa/licensing requirements for immigration/employment
  • Fulfill admission criteria for higher academic programs
  • Accurately translate qualifications for comprehensible assessment
  • Archived official verification of international credentials
  • Re-usable verified documents valid for up to 5 years


Paying WES Fees from Nigeria

Depending on location, obtaining foreign currency, making international payments, or lacking credit infrastructure can pose challenges for Nigerians seeking to pay WES fees.

How long does it take for WES to evaluate a transcript in Nigeria?

Standard processing takes 4-6 weeks once documents are received. Expedited 5-day service options cost extra. Processing delays may occur if documents are incomplete.

How to Apply for a WES Evaluation?

To initiate the evaluation process:

  1. Create an online account at
  2. Select the report type and designate where to send
  3. Provide contact details and academic history
  4. Upload documents or send them directly from institutes
  5. Pay applicable fees
  6. Track status online via account

How to Pay WES Evaluation Fees from Nigeria

Accepted payment methods for Nigerians include:

  • Money Order: Payable to World Education Services
  • Western Union: Use reference number for receipt
  • Pay4Me App: The online platform supports Naira payments
  • Bank Draft: Drawn on a US correspondent bank
  • Flutterwave: Use a virtual dollar credit card for transactions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which universities in Nigeria are recognized by the WES in the US and Canada?

The Federal Universities in Nigeria along with other accredited programs at reputed private institutions are generally considered by WES for credential evaluation acceptability.

Who should do a WES Evaluation from Nigeria?

Students seeking foreign admissions, professionals requiring immigration/licensing, and anyone whose qualification needs translation per system standards benefit from a WES evaluation.

Why should you get your credentials evaluated by WES?

WES ensures academic records are globally understood through specialized expertise, consistent objective analysis, and archival verification services invaluable for future needs like additional education or career changes requiring credentials re-evaluation.

How long does it take WES to issue an evaluation report in Nigeria?

The standard processing time for WES to evaluate transcripts submitted from Nigeria is 4-6 weeks once all necessary documents are received. Expedited 5-day service is available for an additional fee but has no processing delays.


Do I need a WES evaluation for undergraduate admission in Canada?

While not always mandatory, WES evaluation is recommended for undergraduate admission to Canadian universities. It helps admission officers properly understand your Nigerian qualifications and assess eligibility. Check individual program requirements.

Can I submit multiple academic documents for one WES evaluation?

Yes, WES allows assessments of all qualifications earned from the same awarding institution under one evaluation report. However, it’s advisable to only submit the highest relevant awards needed unless specifically advised otherwise.

How do I request a missed or lost document from my university?

Contact your Nigerian university registrar’s office explaining the credentials required for a WES assessment. Request certified true copies of any missing transcripts, certificates, or diplomas be sent directly to WES. Allow adequate processing time as some institutions take weeks to issue replacements.

Will my scanned copies of documents work for the WES evaluation?

No, WES requires original or certified true copies of all academic records. Scanned files cannot be authenticated and may lead to delays or rejection. Certification can be done by the awarding institute or a recognized notary.

What is the turnaround time if sending my documents directly to WES?

Allow 4-6 weeks for standard processing once WES receives your complete academic portfolios sent directly by your awarding universities. Incomplete records received this way also cause delays similar to individual submissions.

Can I update or make changes to my existing WES report?

Yes, WES allows supplementary reports to update previously issued evaluations with newer awards earned or correct previously missing documents. Updates normally take 2-3 weeks to process.



Obtaining an authentic World Education Service credential evaluation report can open many doors globally by providing a legitimate translation and comprehension of Nigerian qualifications as understood by top educational systems worldwide like the USA or Canada. While requiring payment of assessment fees starting Wes Evaluation In Nigeria, such professional third-party verification ensures Nigerian students and professionals face no barriers in pursuing higher education or vocational opportunities abroad due to qualification doubts or lack of comprehensibility. Following WES guidelines simplifies the application process while archived verification provides future-proof documentation as needs change over careers.


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