How to Become a Registered Bigi Drinks Distributor in Nigeria

How to Become a Registered Bigi Drinks Distributor in Nigeria

Bigi drinks have become one of Nigeria’s most popular drink brands due to their quality and affordability. As a result, becoming a Bigi drinks distributor can be a lucrative business opportunity. This guide will walk you through the entire process of becoming a registered Bigi drinks distributor in Nigeria, from the initial requirements to marketing and estimating costs.

Capital Requirements

One of the most important requirements to become a Bigi drinks distributor is having the necessary startup capital. While the exact amount may vary depending on your business model and plans, it is recommended to have a minimum of N2,000,000 in capital. This money will be used for essential items like renting a warehouse or shop space, purchasing an initial stock of drinks, freezers, equipment, transportation, and more.

Choosing a Business Location

The location you choose for your Bigi drinks distribution business will play a big role in its success. Make sure to research areas that have good traffic and patronage. Some ideal locations include shopping complexes, event venues, bus stations, markets, and densely populated neighborhoods. Factors like rental costs, visibility, accessibility, and competitiveness should also be considered.

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How to Register as a Distributor

After fulfilling the capital requirements and finalizing your business location, it is time to officially register as a Bigi drinks distributor. Here are the basic steps:

  • Visit the official Bigi drinks website or their head office location in your state to obtain a distributor registration form.
  • Fill out the form with your business details and provide documentation.
  • Pay the registration fees, which are usually around N100,000.
  • Once approved, you will receive your distributor license and details on approved supplier channels.

Marketing Your Business

To succeed as a Bigi drinks distributor, you must effectively promote your products and services. Some marketing tactics to consider include

  • Social media ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Printing branded bags, flyers, and signages for your shop.
  • They are partnering with local events, parties, and restaurants for branding opportunities.
  • Offering bulk and wholesale discounts to attract larger clients.
  • Delivering orders directly to save customers trips to your shop.

Estimated Startup Costs

Below is a breakdown of approximate startup costs you should budget for when becoming a Bigi drinks distributor in Nigeria:

Item                                                     Cost (Naira)

Registration fees                                   100,000

Rental deposit for warehouse/shop         300,000

Freezer                                                150,000

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Transportation (mini truck)                    500,000

Stocking initial drinks                           500,000

Working capital                                   500,000

Signage, branding, and marketing        100,000

Total                                                 2,150,000


Frequently Asked Questions

What paperwork do I need to register as a Bigi drinks distributor?

You will need documents like a business registration certificate, BVN, physical location proof, distributorship application form, etc.

Can I become a distributor with N500,000 capital?

Yes, it is possible to start small as a distributor with N500,000 but your business scope will be limited initially.

How can I get supplies from Bigi as a distributor?

Once registered, Bigi will provide you with approved supplier channels where you can place orders.

What incentives do distributors get?

Distributors are entitled to rebates, discounts, and other incentives based on their order volumes.

How do I market my new distribution business?

Refer to the marketing tactics mentioned earlier like social media ads, partnerships, branding, and discounts.


Being a Bigi drinks distributor can be very lucrative in Nigeria due to the vast market and high demand for the brand’s products. By following the steps outlined in this guide and with a solid marketing plan, there is huge potential to prosper as a distributor. Growing your business to become a major Bigi distribution outlet is also possible with experience and consistency over time.


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