How To Borrow Data On 9mobile
How To Borrow Data On 9mobile

How To Borrow Data On 9mobile

Learn how to borrow data on 9mobile network with step-by-step instructions. Find eligibility requirements, available data plans to borrow and how to pay back borrowed data. Get answers to frequently asked questions on 9mobile’s More Credit service.


In this day and age, mobile data is essential for people to connect, communicate and complete tasks on the go. However, running out of data balance can disrupt daily activities. If you find yourself in such a situation where you need data but have no airtime, 9mobile provides a convenient solution through its ‘More Credit’ service. This allows subscribers to borrow data on 9mobile and pay back the borrowed amount later.


Eligibility for More Credit

To be eligible to use 9mobile’s More Credit service, you must meet the following criteria:

Regular Recharges

You need to consistently recharge your 9mobile line with a minimum of ₦1,000 every month. This proves your activity and commitment to the network.

Registered SIM

Your 9mobile SIM must be properly registered with your correct details including your National Identity Number (NIN). This is to ensure accountability.

No Outstanding Balance

You should not have any pending loan repayment with 9mobile from previous data borrowings. Clear all debts to qualify for a fresh loan.

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Available Data Plans to Borrow

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you can borrow any of the following standard data bundles through More Credit:

  • 500MB for ₦500
  • 1GB for ₦1000
  • 5GB for ₦1500
  • 2GB for ₦2000

Larger plans up to 10GB are also available depending on your borrowing limit and past transaction history with 9mobile.


How to Borrow Data on 9mobile

Follow these simple steps to Borrow Data On 9mobile:

 Check Eligibility

  • Dial *665*3# or text “STATUS” to 665 to check if you can borrow.
  • Select a Data Plan
  • Choose the amount of data needed from the available plans.
  • Request for More Credit
  • Dial *665*plan amount# e.g. *665*1000# to borrow 1GB
  • Data Bundle Activation
  • You’ll receive an SMS with the data validity period.
  • Repay on Next Recharge
  • 9mobile deducts repayment automatically from future recharges.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the service charge?

A 15% charge is applied on the plan amount borrowed as the loan processing fee.

How do I know my borrowing limit?

Check your eligibility by dialing *665*3# or send “STATUS” to 665. Higher limits are for consistent users.

Can I borrow multiple times?

Yes, provided your previous loan is fully settled. Your borrowing limit may reduce with unpaid debits.

How long is the data valid for?

This depends on the plan. Lower plans could be valid for 3-5 days while higher ones last 15-30 days.

What if I don’t repay on time?

You won’t be able to borrow more data or use certain 9mobile services till debt clearance. Repeated defaults impact limits.

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Borrowing data through 9mobile’s More Credit service provides a hassle-free solution when you run out of balance temporarily. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can gain access to required data and pay back conveniently on recharge. Just be sure to clear loans on time to continue using this affordable option.


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