How to Borrow Data on Airtel Nigeria
How to Borrow Data on Airtel Nigeria

How to Borrow Data on Airtel Nigeria

Looking for an easy way to borrow data on Airtel Nigeria when you run out? This complete guide explains how to borrow data on Airtel Nigeria, eligibility requirements, repayment process and frequently asked questions.

Have you ever run out of data on your Airtel Nigeria line and needed some quick internet access but didn’t have enough airtime to purchase a new data bundle? Well, worry no more because Airtel Nigeria offers a convenient data loan service that allows eligible prepaid customers to borrow data and repay it later on their next recharge. This service comes in very handy during emergencies or unexpected situations when you need internet access as soon as possible.


What is Airtel Data Loan Service?

The Airtel Data Loan service, also known as Airtel Data Advance, enables prepaid customers of Airtel Nigeria to temporarily “borrow” data when they run out of their existing data balance. This borrowed data then needs to be repaid by the customer on their next recharge. Essentially, it acts as an instant data advance that tides customers over until their next recharge.

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Eligibility for Borrowing Data on Airtel Nigeria

To be eligible to avail the Airtel data loan service, customers must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be an active Airtel Nigeria prepaid subscriber with a registered SIM card.
  • The SIM must have been active on the Airtel network for a minimum of 3 uninterrupted months.
  • The SIM owner should have a history of regular recharges of at least ₦100/month on average.
  • There should be no pending or unpaid data loans on the SIM.


How to Borrow Data on Airtel Nigeria

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, here are the simple steps to borrow data on Airtel Nigeria:

  • Dial *500# from your Airtel Nigeria line.
  • Select the “Borrow Data” option from the menu.
  • You will be shown various data bundle options for the amount of data you can borrow.
  • Select the data bundle of your choice.
  • Confirm your selection and the borrowed data will be instantly credited to your account.


Available Data Bundle Options for Airtel Data Loan

The amount of data you can borrow through the Airtel data loan service depends on your usage history and recharge patterns. Typical data bundles range from:

  • 10MB – ₦50
  • 30MB – ₦100
  • 100MB – ₦150
  • 250MB – ₦200
  • 1GB – ₦300
  • 2GB – ₦500


Repaying the Borrowed Data

The borrowed data needs to be repaid by the customer on their next recharge. Here are a few points to note regarding repayment:

  • An additional 15% of the airtime value is deducted as a serviceharge for the loan.
  • On your next recharge, the total airtime value due (data borrowed + 15% service fee) will be automatically deducted.
  • Any leftover balance from the recharge will be credited to your account for use.
  • It is important to regularly recharge to fully repay the data loan on time.
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How to Check Your Borrowed Data Balance

To check your current Airtel data loan balance and repayment status, simply dial *123# from your Airtel Nigeria line. The system will display your current prepaid airtime/data balances as well as any outstanding loans.


FAQs About Borrowing Data on Airtel Nigeria

Q. How many times can I borrow data from Airtel Nigeria?

You can borrow data as many times as your credit limit allows, provided you repay all previous loans on time. Frequent defaults may lead to suspension of your data borrowing privileges.

Q. What happens if I don’t repay the loan on time?

Non-repayment of data loans can affect your creditworthiness for future loans. You may also face blocking of services if persistent delays occur in settlement. It’s best always toep your loans current.

Q. Can I borrow again if I already have an unpaid loan?

As a rule, you need to clear any existing loan first before taking a new one. The system typically doesn’t allow multiple concurrent loans on the same number.

Q. Is there a time limit to repay the loan?

In genergenre th re is no fixed limit or deadline to repay Airtel data loans. They are seamlessly deducted from your next recharge. However, it’s advisable not to delay recharges and carry loans for an extended period.



The Airtel Nigeria data loan service offers valuable flexibility and convenience to customers in need of quick internet access. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily avail this facility. Just be sure to regularly recharge your line to stay current on loan repayments and continue enjoying uninterrupted network services.


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