How To Check Your Airtel Glo Mtn And 9mobile Number
How To Check Your Airtel Glo Mtn And 9mobile Number

How To Check Your Airtel Glo Mtn And 9mobile Number

Have you recently gotten a new SIM card and wondering how to check your phone number? Or misplaced your old SIM and need your mobile number? Finding your phone number is essential for making calls, receiving texts, and staying connected. This guide provides easy ways to check your Airtel, Glo, MTN, and 9mobile numbers in Nigeria.

Over the years, telecommunication companies in Nigeria have made it effortless for subscribers to verify their numbers. Mobile networks offer short USSD codes and dedicated apps to display numbers on request. This article explains step-by-step processes to check numbers on each network using various methods. By following the outlined approaches, you can quickly obtain your Airtel, Glo, MTN, or 9mobile number without hassle.


Methods to Check Numbers

Using USSD Codes

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or USSD codes provide a direct way to check phone numbers across most Nigerian networks. Simply dial the designated USSD code and your mobile number appears on your phone screen.

  • Airtel number: Dial *121#
  • Glo number: Dial 1358#
  • MTN number: Dial *663# or *123#
  • 9mobile number: Dial *248#
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Calling a Friend

This is perhaps the simplest approach. Call a friend, family member, or colleague from the SIM card number you want to check. They will see your mobile coming up as the caller ID during the call. After the call, ask them to share your number with you.

Contacting Customer Care

Customer support lines for major networks operate 24/7 to address queries. Dial the following numbers to reach an agent and request your mobile number:

  • Airtel: 707, 121, 122
  • Glo: 121, 122
  • MTN: 160, 161, 706, 707
  • 9mobile: 200, 201

Provide necessary details like account number, name, or address for verification before receiving your phone number.


Network-Specific Methods

Checking on Airtel

Aside from USSD code *121#, Airtel subscribers can:

  • Use the MyAirtel app. Sign up with account details and your number displays on the profile page.
  • Send an SMS with your Name and City to32058 for an automated reply with your mobile number.

Checking on Glo

For Glo network, in addition to USSD code 1358#:

  • Dial 1244 from your Glo number for an IVR calling out your full mobile number.
  • Log into your Glo account on the official website ( to view your phone number.

Checking on MTN

MTN customers have these options apart from *663# USSD code:

  • Download the MyMTN app and sign in to see your number on the profile page.
  • Send an empty text to 196 to get an SMS with your MTN phone number.

Checking on 9mobile

On 9mobile, you can check your number via:

  • *248# USSD code.
  • Text your name and location to 9019 for an automated response displaying your mobile number.
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Other Considerations

Number Portability

With number portability, subscribers can move numbers between networks while keeping the same digits. So a number’s prefix may not match its originating network now.

Emergency Numbers

For safety, some recommend saving emergency contacts without prefixes on your phone, like “Police,” “Fire,” or “Ambulance” instead of full numbers.



Q: What if I forget my network?

A: Check the initial numbers. MTN often starts with 080, 081, 070. Airtel starts with 070, 090. Glo is 080, 081, 070, 090. 9mobile is 080, 081, 090. If still unsure, try different USSD codes to see which works.

Q: How do I change my number?

A: Contact your network provider to request a number change. You’ll need to provide valid ID and account details. Number portability also allows switching numbers between networks.

Q: Can someone access my info with just my number?

A: No, a number alone does not reveal private details. Networks require additional verification through passwords, security questions, or one-time pins to access accounts for protection.



In summary, Nigerian mobile users have simple options to check their Airtel, Glo, MTN, or 9mobile numbers. USSD codes provide instant access while other methods like calling friends or customer support are available for assistance. With a working phone number, you can stay connected at all times via calls and texts. I hope this guide helps you to easily find your mobile number on any local network.


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