How To Create Uba Transfer PIN Without Debit Card

How To Create Uba Transfer PIN Without Debit Card

Get Your UBA Mobile Banking Code Activated Without A Debit Card

With the growing adoption of digital financial services in Nigeria, USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) banking has become an integral part of people’s banking activities. It provides a convenient way for account holders to carry out transactions directly from their phones without the Internet.

While many banks require a debit card for USSD profile activation, UBA has simplified the process and enables customers to register via their account number alone. In this guide, we discuss the step-by-step process of creating a Uba Transfer Pin.

Registering for UBA USSD Code

To get started with UBA mobile banking services and create your transfer PIN without a debit card, follow these steps:

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Step 1: Dial UBA USSD CodeĀ 919#

On the mobile number linked to your UBA account, dial the bank’s universal USSD code.

Step 2: Select Registration Option

A welcome message will appear, select option “1” to register your profile.

Step 3: Choose Registration Mode

You will be prompted to register either with your UBA account number or prepaid card. Select “Account with PIN”.

Step 4: Enter Account Number

Input your 10-digit UBA account number linked to the mobile number.

Step 5: Create Transfer PIN

Set a 4-digit PIN of your choice. This PIN will be used to authorize transactions.

Step 6: Confirm Your PIN

Re-enter the PIN to confirm and complete registration. You can now use UBA transfer codes.

Setting Up Your Transfer PIN

After completing registration via the steps above, you can set up your transfer PIN as follows:

Step 1: DialĀ 919#

Access the UBA USSD menu on your registered mobile number.

Step 2: Choose “PIN Setup” Option

You will be presented with PIN setup or reset options, select “PIN Setup”.

Step 3: Enter a New 4-digit PIN

Create a new 4-digit PIN and enter it when prompted.

Step 4: Re-enter PIN

Re-enter the PIN to confirm and complete the setup.

You have now successfully set up your transfer PIN [How To Create Uba Transfer Pin Without Debit Card] via the USSD platform.

Alternative Methods to Register

If the above process fails for any reason, here are some alternative registration methods without a debit card:

Using the UBA Mobile App

Download the UBA Mobile App, log in with your account credentials, and complete registration.

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Visit The Nearest Branch

Present yourself at any UBA branch with a valid ID and account details to be assisted.

Send USSD Request SMS

Text the word “USSD” to 777188 to request activation of your profile via SMS.

The bank will get in touch and guide you on the next steps. Ensure the mobile number is properly linked to avoid hitches.

Using UBA Transfer Codes

After a successful profile registration and PIN set up, you can carry out transactions with the following USSD codes:

  • Check Balance:Ā 91900#
  • Funds Transfer:Ā 9193*Account#Amount#
  • Buy Airtime:Ā 919Amount#
  • Pay Bills:Ā 9195#
  • Loan Request:Ā 91928#
  • Block Card:Ā 91910#

Simply dial the relevant codes, input your PIN, and follow the prompts.[How To Create Uba Transfer Pin Without Debit Card]


Q1. What if I forget my UBA transfer PIN?

Visit the bank branch with a valid ID to reset your PIN. You can also send a request SMS to 777188.

Q2. How do I link my BVN to enable loans & withdrawals?

Present your BVN and account details at any UBA branch to complete onboarding formally.

Q3. Can I send money to another network?

Yes, UBA transfer codes allow interbank transfers to accounts on other Nigerian banks.

Q4. Is the registration free of charge?

UBA provides basic USSD services free of cost. However, some transactions attract nominal fees.

Q5. What alternatives are available if USSD fails?

You can use the UBA Mobile App or Internet Banking for a web-based experience.


With the simplified process outlined above, you can now seamlessly register for and utilize UBA mobile banking services [How To Create Uba Transfer Pin Without Debit Card]. This offers hands-free financial access from your phone at your convenience anywhere. Ensure your phone number and account details are properly verified to avoid unnecessary delays. For inquiries, contact UBA support via official channels.


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