How To Migrate To Glo Yakata And Enjoy Amazing Bonuses And Benefits

Glo Yakata is Globacom Nigeria’s exciting prepaid plan that rewards subscribers with outstanding bonuses on voice calls, data, and SMS with every recharge.

Glo Yakata is a prepaid plan provided by Globacom Nigeria that enables both existing and new customers to enjoy outstanding bonuses on airtime recharge. This tariff package gives subscribers increased value on recharges through call credit bonuses and huge data bundles. Some key things to note about Glo Yakata include:

  • It offers up to 2,200% more value on every N100 recharge spent
  • New subscribers get 6GB of free data monthly for 6 months
  • Bonuses are valid for 7 days and can be accumulated
  • Recharge bonuses work for both physical and electronic top-ups

Moving to this plan is simple. Once on it, you can satisfy your internet and calling needs from the same recharge amount thanks to the generous incentives.

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What is the Migration Process to Glo Yakata?

There are two ways to migrate depending on your current customer status:

For Existing Glo Customers:

  • Dial *230# on your Glo line
  • You will get an SMS confirmation once migrated successfully

For New Glo Subscribers:

  • No need to dial any code. New sims automatically come with Glo Yakata benefits.

That’s all it takes! For existing users, dialing *230# moves you to the plan instantly. New customers are pre-registered, so no migration is required.


Eligibility and Requirements for migrating to glo yakata

To qualify for Glo Yakata, you must:

  • Have an active Glo pre-paid line
  • Purchase and register a new sim if a new subscriber
  • Provide basic KYC details like name, address, etc during registration

The plan accepts both new and existing Glo customers. No other eligibility criteria apply. Just an active SIM is needed to access the generous bonuses.


Benefits of Migrating to Glo Yakata

Here are some key advantages subscribers enjoy:

  • Up to 2200% increased value on all voice calls and data with every recharge
  • New users get 6GB of free data monthly for 6 months
  • Generous call and SMS credit bonuses added to your account
  • Accumulate bonuses through multiple recharges within the validity period
  • Bonuses are redeemable for one week to make calls or use data
  • The same recharge caters to both internet and calling needs

In summary, you save more and get more value through the worthwhile bonuses this plan provides.


Bonuses and How They Work

Glo Yakata bonuses vary based on your recharge amount as follows:

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N100 Recharge

  • N300 bonus credit for Glo-to-Glo calls
  • N200 bonus for calls to other networks
  • 25MB data bonus

N200 Recharge

  • N600 bonus for Glo calls
  • N400 bonus for other network calls
  • 50MB data bonus
  • 250MB first recharge data monthly

N500 Recharge

  • N1,500 bonus for Glo calls
  • N1,000 bonus for other network calls
  • 125MB data bonus
  • 600MB first monthly recharge data

And so on. Unused bonuses are valid for a week and can be accumulated by multiple recharges.


Checking Your Glo Yakata Balance and Bonus

To view your remaining airtime, data bundles, and bonuses:

  • Dial 2301# to check airtime and call bonus balance
  • Dial #124*1# for your main airtime balance
  • Use *777# or 2201# to check data bonus and balance

You will get an SMS with your current status so you stay updated.


Frequently Asked Questions About Glo Yakata

Can I still make calls if my bonus expires?

Yes, you can still make calls from your main airtime balance when the bonus finishes.

What is the call rate on Glo Yakata?

Intra network (Glo-Glo) call rate is 70kobo/sec. Inter inter-network call rate is also 70kobo/sec.

How do I cancel or opt out of Glo Yakata?

Dial the migration code of the new plan you want to switch to. No charge for the first migration monthly.

Can I share my Glo Yakata bonus with others?

No, bonuses are meant for the individual line only and cannot be transferred to other numbers.

Is Glo Yakata a promotional offer?

No, it is a regular tariff plan. As long as you remain a Glo subscriber, you’ll continue enjoying its benefits.

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Migrating to Glo Yakata is worthwhile if you’re an existing or new Glo customer. The significant bonuses on calls and data with every recharge make it ideal to satisfy all your communication needs cost-effectively. The simple migration process also ensures a seamless transition to the plan. I hope this guide has addressed all you need to know about enjoying the perks of Glo Yakata. Go ahead, dial *230# now, and start optimizing your Glo experience!


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