How to Renew GOtv Subscription Online in Nigeria (2024 Guide)

How to Renew GOtv Subscription Online in Nigeria 2024

GOtv is one of the leading digital television platforms in Nigeria. It offers a variety of local and international channels covering genres like sports, movies, news, and entertainment. To continue enjoying GOtv services, subscribers must renew their subscriptions by making periodic payments.

This guide outlines the different options available for renewing GOtv subscriptions online in Nigeria for the year 2024. Online renewal provides subscribers with a convenient way to pay without visiting payment outlets or agents. Key online payment platforms that can be used include the GOtv Africa site, Paybeta, Quickteller, GlobalPay, eTranzact, and VTpass.

Subscribers can make online cards, bank transfers, or mobile money payments through these self-service portals. After successful payment, subscribers’ accounts will be activated instantly to continue watching their favorite channels uninterrupted.

Available GOtv Packages in Nigeria

GOtv offers valuable and flexible options to suit different budgets and preferences. Let me explore them:

GOtv Smallie Package

The GOtv Smallie package is the most basic and affordable option. It gives you access to over 35 entertainment channels for only N1,300 per month. Some of the channels included are Africa Magic, Rok 2, Fox, Cartoon Network, and channels from BBC and CNN. Is this package worth it if you want to enjoy budget-friendly entertainment at home?

GOtv Jinja Package

The GOtv Jinja package comes with over 45 channels at only N2,700 monthly. In addition to the channels in Smallie, it features more kids channels like Disney, Boomerang, and Da Vinci. Sports lovers can enjoy channels like EuroSport, SuperSport, and Supersport Blitz. Would the extra channels and price be worth it for you?

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GOtv Jolli Package

For only N3,950 per month, the GOtv Jolli package gives you access to over 65 entertainment channels. Along with the channels in Jinja, it adds more movies from Hollywood, Nollywood, and Bollywood on channels like TNT, Telemundo, and Zee World. Would the larger catalog of movies and shows attract you to this package?

GOtv Max Package

With over 75 channels, including more sports and movies, GOtv Max costs only N5,700 monthly. The flagship sports channels EPL and La Liga are included to complement international sports on Eurosport. Would paying slightly more for wider varieties appeal to your viewing interests?

GOtv Supa Package

GOtv Supa tops them all with over 80 channels for N7,600 per month. It loads all local channels plus dedicated sports (SuperSports), movies (M-Net), and kids (Nickelodeon, Disney, etc) channels. Would the full package suit your large household and meet varied viewing needs?

How to Renew GOtv Subscription Online in Nigeria (2024 Guide)

Ways to Pay for GOtv Subscription

1. Making Online Payments

Online payment options provide subscribers with a fast and convenient way to renew their GOtv subscriptions from anywhere using just their smartphones or computers connected to the internet.

Paying via Quickteller

  • Log on to the GOtv page on the Quickteller website or app
  • Select your preferred bouquet package
  • Fill in your details and IUC number
  • Make payment using your debit card
  • Sit back as your subscription is instantly activated!

Is paying with Quickteller the most hassle-free option for you?

Paying using PayU

  • Login to your GOtv account on their website
  • Click on the PayU logo to be redirected to the PayU payment page
  • Enter your card details and complete the payment
  • You will be redirected back to confirm the successful payment

Is using your card on PayU more suitable than options using banks?

Paying with eTranzact

  • DialĀ 3899*smartcardnumber# from your phone
  • Select the bank transfer option and input account details
  • Receive OTP to your phone number linked to your bank
  • Confirm payment by entering OTP
  • Subscription gets activated immediately

Do the seamless process and instant activation attract you to eTransact?

Using Paybeta Payment Links

  • VisitĀ /tvpayment and select GOtv
  • Choose a bouquet, enter details and the amount
  • Pay with a card by entering details on their secured page
  • Done! But is creating repeat payments easy on Paybeta?


2. Paying Through Banks

Several bank payment options are available for subscribers who prefer physical banking services to online payment platforms.

Payments via Zenith Bank

  • Download Zenith Bank’s EazyMoney app to make bill payments
  • Select “GOtv” as the biller and enter your IUC number
  • Input the amount and your 4-digit PIN to complete the transfer
  • Check the app for confirmation, will the subscription activate instantly?
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Payments at FCMB Branches

  • Visit any FCMB branch and inform the teller you’re paying GOtv bills
  • Fill required details like name, phone and IUC number
  • Make a cash payment and get a printed receipt for records
  • Will it take long for your subscription to be reactivated?

Using Stanbic Mobile Wallet

  • Dial *909# and select mobile wallet option
  • Register or login to your wallet
  • Select “GOtv” from list of supported billers
  • Input IUC number and amount for transfer
  • Does this USSD-based option offer instant activation?

Bank options provide offline access but may not be as quick as digital modes. Can adding funds between wallets and banks seamlessly help activate subscriptions without waiting? Let me know if any other bank payment clarification would be helpful!

How to Renew GOtv Subscription Online in Nigeria (2024 Guide)

Renewing GOtv Subscription Online

Logging into Your Account

  • VisitĀ www.gotvafrica.comĀ and select your country
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ option on the top right
  • Enter your email and password to log into your account

Do you remember your login details or need help retrieving them?

Selecting Your Package

  • Click on ‘Pay’
  • Review your current package and renewal amount
  • Click ‘Change package’ if you wish to upgrade or downgrade
  • Select your new package and click ‘Next’

Are you satisfied with your current package or looking to switch it up?

Payment Methods

  • Choose an online payment option like card, mobile money, etc
  • Enter your payment details like card number and CVV
  • Click ‘Pay’ to complete the transaction

Does using a card online sound convenient versus other options like USSD or bank transfer?

Payment Confirmation

  • You will receive an SMS and on-screen confirmation
  • Click ‘OK’ to be redirected to your account dashboard

Do you need any clarification on making the payment or want me to summarize the steps over a call?

Account Activation

  • Give it a few minutes for the subscription to be renewed
  • You can now start enjoying your favorite channels!

Let me know if you face any issues or need help doing this in the future. Renewing online is truly simple, fast, and hassle-free.


Managing your GOtv Account Online

Checking Your Subscription Balance

  • Log into your GOtv account online or via the app
  • Click on ‘View Balance and Pay’
  • Your current package balance will be displayed

Changing Your Subscription Package

  • Click on ‘Change Package’ from the side menu
  • Select the desired package from the drop-down list
  • Review the amount due and click ‘Next’ to pay
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Viewing Payment History

  • Click ‘Payment History’ from the side menu
  • View details of all subscription transactions
  • Filter payments by date, amount, or status

Fixing Error Codes

  • Go to ‘Self Service’ and then to ‘Error Messages’
  • Input your error code and click ‘Send’
  • Wait for a few minutes as the error is cleared automatically

Managing your account online removes the hassle of physical visits. Let me know if any aspect of online account management needs more clarity!


FAQs on renewing GOtv subscription online

How long is a GOtv subscription valid?

A standard GOtv subscription is valid for one month from the date of payment. This means that to continue enjoying uninterrupted viewing, subscribers must renew their subscription before the expiration date to avoid disconnection. However, subscribers also have the option to pay quarterly or annually for 3 or 12 months of validity respectively. Paying for a longer duration works out more cost-effective in the long run.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package anytime?

Yes, GOtv provides flexibility to upgrade or downgrade packages at any time as per one’s changing preferences and budget. Subscribers can review their current package, select a new one, and make payments to instantly activate the new package from within their online account dashboard. Downgrading to a lower package will result in an appropriate refund of the remaining amount as well.

What payment methods can I use to renew annually?

While online renewal allows monthly or quarterly payments via various digital modes, making annual payments requires using options like bank transfers or visiting GOtv centers. Annual subscribers can renew by depositing cash at any FCMB, Zenith, or Access bank branch while stating their “GOtv subscription” as the purpose of payment. The prepaid amount then ensures access for the full 12 months.

Can I freeze my subscription for some time?

Yes, subscribers can temporarily freeze their GOtv service for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days duration without losing their packages or payment history. This allows viewers to take subscription breaks when not viewing much like during trips, without permanent disconnection. The request can be made by calling customer care or messaging on GOtv Africa’s social media handles.

What should I do if I face error code issues?

If a decoder displays common error codes like E503 or E1601, subscribers can clear them by simply sending the error code by messaging or calling GOtv customer support representatives. They can also fix errors by using the GOtv self-service portal accessible via websites or apps. In most cases, the error will clear automatically within minutes after reporting. However, long-persisting issues may require a technician’s help.



Renewing your GOtv subscription online provides a far more convenient experience compared to the traditional methods. From the comfort of your home or wherever you are, you can seamlessly extend your viewing time on your favorite channels. The online payment options allow easy management using debit or credit cards with strong security.

Bank transfers are also supported for added choice. Once payment is successful, your new package gets activated instantly so you never miss a minute of action. The self-service portal further helps track subscriptions, resolve issues, and stay fully in control of your GOtv account.

I hope this guide has simplified the process for you to continue enjoying quality entertainment wirelessly. Do let me know if any other information could be useful or if you need any help with online account management and payments. Happy viewing!


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