How to Repay Your Okash Loan Fast & Easy

How to Repay Your Okash Loan

Repaying your Okash loan on time is important to maintain a good credit score and keep interest rates low on future loans. The good news is that Okash makes it very easy to repay your loan quickly. There are two repayment options, via the Okash app or at your bank. To use the app, simply log in and select “make payment”. You’ll see your repayment deadline and the amount due. Enter your transfer details and confirm. Funds will be deducted immediately.

Want to pay at your bank instead? Okash will provide account details. Visit your branch, deposit cash, or transfer funds before the due date. Then email proof of payment to Okash. Whichever option you choose, be sure to pay on or before the deadline. Staying ahead of schedule is the best way to avoid late fees.


Making Repayments via the Okash App

Logging into your account

First things first, you’ll need to log into your Okash account. Open the app and enter your mobile number or email and password. Want to log in faster next time? Consider enabling biometric login.

Navigating to ‘Make Payment’

Once logged in, look out for the payment section. It’s usually one of the first options displayed on the home screen. On Android, you may find it inside the navigation drawer menu. On iOS, check the tabs at the bottom. The section is labeled simply as ‘Make Payment’.

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Seeing your repayment details

Upon entering the payment section, you will be able to view your repayment details like the loan amount taken, repayment tenure, and deadline. Phew, seeing everything laid out clearly is surely reassuring. Don’t worry if you have forgotten some figures, Okash remembers it all for you!

Entering your transfer details

Now tap the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button. You will be prompted to choose your payment method – bank transfer or using your card. Select your preferred option and enter the relevant details like account number and card info. Got questions? Refer to the guidance provided on-screen.

Initiating the transfer

Finally, review all the entered information once more for errors. Okash wants to ensure your payment goes through smoothly after all! Once satisfied, tap ‘Confirm Transfer’. Your funds should be automatically deducted and reflected in Okash’s account within minutes.

Receiving confirmation

Once successful, you will be shown a thank you message and payment receipt. Remember to save or print this for your reference. Phew, with the auto-transfer done, you can now sit back and relax! But do check your bank account as well to verify.

Using the Okash app to pay takes the hassle out of loan repayments. Just a few simple taps and your debt is cleared without stepping out. With such ease, will you delay your next repayment now? Let me know if any other questions!


Making Repayments at Your Bank

Obtaining Account Details

If you prefer visiting your brick-and-mortar bank, first log into your Okash account to find the repayment details. The name of the bank will be mentioned along with the 10-digit account number. Make a note of it somewhere safe, ok?

Locating your Bank Branch

Once you have the account info, figure out the nearest bank branch. Type the bank name on Google Maps (?) Need directions to get there smoothly? Most maps also include public transport routes.

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Choosing a Payment Method

When you reach the bank, decide whether you’ll deposit cash or transfer funds. For a transfer, carry your ATM card and one valid photo ID. Remember, a cash deposit requires filling a deposit slip too!

Interacting with Bank Staff

Approach the cashier or teller counter. They’ll guide you on the process – whether it’s using the cash/cheque deposit machine or assisting with a funds transfer. Feel free to ask questions if any step is unclear.

Getting a Payment Receipt

Once the payment is completed, the teller will provide you with a receipt as proof. This is extremely important as you’ll need to send it to Okash. So keep it safe until you’re able to email a scanned copy. Phew, your repayment is almost done!

Sending the Proof

The last step is forwarding the scanned receipt to the given Okash email ID. They’ll require this to verify the payment and update your loan status. Want them to receive it ASAP? Email right away using your phone at the bank itself!

Following some simple steps can help you repay at your convenience through bank visits too. Let me know if you need any clarification in the process, ‘kay?


Benefits of Early Repayment

Avoid Late Fees and Interest

Have you ever paid your bills late? I know those extra charges can pinch you. By repaying before the due date, you avoid penalties from Okash. No more panic over delayed payments!

Build Your Credit Score

Your timely repayments are reported to credit bureaus. This shows lenders that you’re responsible. A good score opens doors to lower-interest future loans – home, car, personal etc.

Get Discounts and Rewards

Some lenders reward early/on-time payments. You may get waived processing fees or a chance to avail of bigger loan amounts next time. Sign me up for those sweet perks! Trust me, it’s totally worth a little advance planning.

Borrow Again Faster

With a solid repayment history, you can re-apply for another Okash loan sooner. No long approval waits as lenders see you as low risk. Want an upcoming expense covered quickly? This works to your advantage.

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Stress-Free Borrowing

Not worrying about due dates allows you to focus on life’s important things. Work, family, hobbies – you’ll have peace of mind without late payment stress. Ain’t relaxation just bliss?



What is the repayment deadline for my loan?

No worries mate, check your loan agreement or login to your Okash account. Under the ‘My Loans’ section you’ll find the due date mentioned in bold. Make a mental note of it to avoid any confusion later!

Can I repay earlier than the deadline?

But of course! Early repayment is always better as we discussed. Simply process the payment as usual, any time before your mentioned due date. You might even get discounts for being so prompt!

What if I miss the deadline by a day or two?

Ah, we’ve all been there. Late payments don’t look great but Okash understands life happens. You may face a small penalty charge so try your best to contact support ASAP with proof of settlement. I’m sure they can waive it off just this once…fingers crossed!

How do I send payment proof to Okash?

After paying at your bank, take a clear photo or scan of the receipt. Make sure all details are visible. Then open your Okash app and check the ‘Repayment’ or ‘Contact Us’ section for their email ID. Attach the file and hit send to complete the process.

My payment is stuck. Who do I contact for help?

Breathe mate, no panic. Simply call or mail their support team with details of the issue. You can find their customer care number under ‘Support’ on the app or their website. The pleasant agents are always there to assist you out of sticky situations.



Well folks, we’ve come to the end of our repayment journey. But hope you had fun learning useful tips through our lively discussion! To quickly recap, Okash provides easy options to clear your debt either via their app or bank visits. The benefits of settling on time through time are immense too. Just plan properly and you’re golden. But should any issues arise, fret not. Their customer support team is always there to assist out of sticky situations.

Remember, with discipline and a little effort from your end, managing finances can be a breeze. Don’t be a scaredy-cat and go repay that loan ASAP. And as a bonus, do share this handy guide with friends who may need it too! On that cheery note, I say good luck and happy repaying. Feel free to holler if any other money matters need sorting. Ta-ta for now!


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