How to Reset MTN Transfer Pin
How to Reset MTN Transfer Pin

How to Reset MTN Transfer Pin

“A step-by-step guide on how to reset your MTN transfer pin easily. Learn different methods to reset MTN transfer pin via SMS, USSD codes and more for free.”

MTN transfer pin allows users to transfer airtime from one MTN line to another. However, sometimes the transfer pin might get forgotten or locked. Resetting the MTN transfer pin helps retrieve the lost pin easily. This article provides a detailed guide on how to reset MTN transfer pin using different methods like SMS, USSD codes for free.


Why You Should Reset Your Transfer Pin

  • To avoid unauthorized access to your account
  • To improve account security
  • To retrieve a forgotten or locked pin
  • To change an old pin to a new memorable one


Methods to Reset MTN Transfer Pin


  • Open message app on your phone
  • Type ‘default pin space new pin space new pin’
  • For example, to reset 0000 to 1111, type ‘0000 1111 1111’
  • Send this as SMS to 777
  • You will get a confirmation message with your new transfer pin
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Using USSD Codes

  • Dial *600* on your phone
  • Enter the default pin when prompted
  • For new pin, enter and re-enter the new 4 digit pin
  • For example, to reset 0000 to 2222, dial *600*0000*2222*2222#
  • You will get a confirmation for new transfer pin change


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I retrieve a forgotten MTN transfer pin?

Yes, if you forget your MTN transfer pin, you can retrieve it by sending ‘YES’ as SMS to 310. You will get a message with default pin 0000 which can be reset to a new pin.

Is resetting MTN transfer pin free of cost ?

Yes, resetting or retrieving MTN transfer pin via the mentioned methods is completely free of cost. You do not need to pay any charges for this process.

How often can I reset my transfer pin?

There is no limit or restriction on number of times you can reset your MTN transfer pin. However, resetting it frequently is not recommended as it can raise security flags in the system.

What if I enter the wrong pin multiple times?

If you enter the wrong default or new pin multiple times (usually 3 attempts) while trying to reset, your transfer pin may get locked for security. In such a case, you will need to contact MTN customer care to unlock it.

Is there a limit on transfer amount using the pin?

Yes, MTN usually sets a limit on the maximum amount that can be transferred using the pin in a single transaction. This is typically around 5000-10000 Naira depending on your account balance and location.

Can I transfer to any MTN number?

You can transfer airtime to any valid MTN mobile number registered in Nigeria using the transfer pin facility. However, make sure the recipient’s number is 11 digits long starting with 0.

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How long does a transfer take?

An airtime transfer using the MTN pin is instantaneous. You will usually get a confirmation SMS within a minute of initiating the transfer.

What if I forget my new pin after reset?

If you forget the new pin set after resetting, you can repeat the reset process by sending ‘YES’ to 310. Make sure to choose a memorable pin that you won’t forget going forward.



Resetting MTN transfer pin is an easy way to change or retrieve a forgotten PIN securely. This article covered various methods like using SMS or USSD codes to reset pin with step-by-step instructions. You can now reset your MTN transfer pin anytime freely without any charges. Let me know if you need any clarification in the process.


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