How To Revalidate NYSC Mobilization Successfully

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Revalidate Nysc Mobilization Successfully

Life throws surprises at us sometimes which could prevent us from honoring our NYSC mobilization at the scheduled time. However, you don’t have to lose hope. NYSC understands situations beyond our control can arise, which is why they have implemented the revalidation process. Revalidation gives those who missed mobilization a chance to Revalidate Nysc Mobilization in the next batch.

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about the NYSC revalidation process from start to finish. We discuss who qualifies for revalidation and take you through the simple steps to Revalidate Nysc Mobilization on the NYSC portal.

Who Is Eligible For Revalidation?

To be eligible for NYSC revalidation, you must meet one of the following criteria:

Registered Online But Didn’t Report To Camp

If you registered for NYSC mobilization online but were unable to report to orientation camp, you can apply for revalidation.

Posted To Location But Didn’t Honour Mobilization

Prospective corps members who registered and were deployed to a state but couldn’t honor their mobilization due to unavoidable circumstances can also be revalidated.

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Failed To Complete Service Year

Corps members who reported to camp but did not complete their service period for whatever reasons are eligible for Revalidation.

The Revalidation Process

To successfully Revalidation, follow these simple steps:

Visit The NYSC Portal

Go to the official NYSC portal at during the revalidation period.

Click On the Revalidation Link

Locate and click the “Revalidation” link on the portal homepage.

Log In With Previous Credentials

Use your previous registration email and password to log in.

Submit Revalidation Application

Provide any additional details required and submit your revalidation application.

Make Payment & Choose State

You may need to pay applicable fees and select preferred deployment states.

Print Registration Slip

Upon approval, click “Submit” to print your new registration slip.


When Is The Revalidation Portal Open?

The revalidation portal is active whenever fresh NYSC registration commences.

Can I Change My Deployment State?

Yes, during revalidation you can select new preferred deployment states.

How Long Before Approval?

NYSC reviews applications promptly. Allow 2-4 weeks to receive your new call-up letter.

Can I Remobilize Instead?

Revalidation is for those yet to serve. Remobilization is for corps members who absconded from service.

What If I Made A Mistake In My Application?

Contact NYSC for corrections. Mistakes don’t disqualify you but may delay processing.


To conclude, the NYSC revalidation process provides a simple yet effective way for eligible corps members to Revalidate Nysc Mobilization despite missing their initial mobilization date. By following the steps outlined above, you can successfully navigate the portal and continue your national service journey. Be sure to apply during open registration periods. With proper planning and documentation, your revalidation is sure to be approved swiftly.


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