List of Most Beautiful Tiv Names and Their Meaning 2024
List of Most Beautiful Tiv Names and Their Meaning 2024

The Tiv people are one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria known for their rich culture and traditions. Located primarily in Benue State and some parts of Taraba and Nasarawa States, the Tiv have their own unique language and naming system. Like names from other tribes, Tiv names typically reflect the child’s attributes, history, or beliefs and values held within the community.

This comprehensive guide provides an A-Z list of the most beautiful Tiv names for babies along with their meanings. The names were carefully selected based on popularity and cultural significance. Reading through this list will give you a glimpse into the treasures of Tiv naming conventions and help you pick the perfect name for your little one.


List of Most Beautiful Tiv Names and Their Meaning 2024

Below is an extensive alphabetical list of popular Tiv names for boys and girls with their meanings:

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  • Afa (F): God knows
  • Ahemen (F): Let God lead
  • Aondoakura (M): Let God protect
  • Awase (F): Let him (God) help


  • Bem (M): Peace
  • Bemdoo (M): Peace is good
  • Bemgba (M): Peace has reigned
  • Bemshima (M): Peace of mind


  • Ciater (M): Fear the lord
  • Cieryol (M): Amazing, wonderful
  • Civir (M): Worship, give respect or honor


  • Doondo (M): Follow
  • Dooember (F): It is good to rejoice
  • Doofan (F): It is good to know the Lord
  • Dookenger (F): Beautiful to behold


  • Ember (F): Rejoice


  • Fanan (M/F): Well given
  • Fanen (M/F): Be aware
  • Fater (M): Know the Lord



  • Iywanger (F): Light
  • Iyua (F): Gift
  • Ishughun (M): Thankfulness


  • Kator (M): God is king



  • Member (F): I am glad, I rejoice
  • Mmemna (M): Her rest
  • Mimidoo (F): Truth is pays


  • Nguamo (F): He (God) is with me
  • Nguember (F): He is rejoicing
  • Nguyilan (F): He is calling


  • Oryiman (M): Saviour


  • Pasem (M): Reveal to me


  • Saanmoyol (F): I am rejoicing
  • Sekav (M): We understand (God’s works)
  • Sengohol (F): We have received


  • Terdoo (M): The Lord is good
  • Terese (M): The Lord has wiped my tears
  • Tersoo (M): The Lord loves
  • Teryise (M): The Lord has brought up


  • Uma (M): Life
  • Umbur (F): Remember


  • Vershima (M): Be focused


  • Wueseter (F): Praise the lord


  • Yila (M): Call
  • Yima (M): Save


  • Zamber (F): A plea
  • Zuamo (M): Find me


List of Factors that Influence Tiv Name

Some interesting factors influence Tiv naming traditions:

  • Tiv names often reflect spiritual and religious beliefs, focusing on God and faith.
  • Many names pay tribute to positive attributes like strength, wisdom, joy, peace, and benevolence.
  • Circumstances surrounding the child’s birth like a day of the week influence name selection.
  • Names can capture the feelings, thoughts, and prayers of parents for their little ones.
  • Lineage, clan, or ancestral heritage is sometimes depicted in names.
  • The physical traits of the newborn may inspire the name chosen.
  • Names with the child success, protection, blessings, and fulfillment in life.
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Where are Tiv People Found?

The Tiv ethnic group is predominantly found in Benue State of central Nigeria. Some are also located in neighboring regions like:

  • Taraba State in eastern Nigeria
  • Nasarawa State in central Nigeria
  • Parts of northern Cameroon

Their settlements are heavily concentrated along the bank of River Benue within these states.


Famous Tiv People

Some notable Tiv individuals who have made notable contributions include:

  • Joseph Tarka – A prominent Nigerian politician and human rights activist
  • Barnabas Gemade – Former chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
  • Iyorchia Ayu – Former president of the Nigerian Senate



1. What is the meaning of the name Terdoo?

Terdoo is a popular Tiv name that means “The Lord is good”.

2. Are there Tiv names for twins?

Yes, Tiv naming customs have special names reserved for twins which depict their dual nature, like Taiye and Taye.

3. How do Tiv people write their names?

Tiv names follow the typical West African naming pattern of putting the family name before the given name, like Emmy Aper.

4. Which Tiv name is most popular for girls?

Dooshima, meaning love, is considered the most widely used and beloved Tiv name for baby girls.

5. What does the name Bemshima mean?

Bemshima is a Tiv boy’s name that translates to “peace of mind”.

6. Are there any biblical Tiv names?

Yes, some Tiv names bear resemblance to biblical names and have similar meanings, like Tirza, Machir, and Asher.

7. How do I pronounce the name Cieryol?

Cieryol is pronounced as “Chee-air-yohl” and means wonderful.

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8. What is the meaning of the name Ahemen?

Ahemen is a female Tiv name that means “let God lead”.

9. Are Tiv names unisex?

Many Tiv names like Fanan, and Vanen are unisex and can be used for both boys and girls.

10. Is Tiv a language?

Yes, Tiv is a Tivoid language predominantly spoken by the Tiv ethnic group in central Nigeria and parts of Cameroon.



The Tiv community has a rich tradition of meaningful names that honor their ancestry, culture, and spiritual principles. This comprehensive list provides a glimpse into the treasure of Tiv baby names and their significance. Selecting a name from this list is a great way to pay homage to the heritage while blessing your little one with positivity and good fortune.



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