Top 10 Side Hustles: Make Money From Your Phone in Nigeria (No Investment Needed!)

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Top 10 Side Hustles to Make Money From Your Phone in Nigeria

Have you ever dreamed of making extra income from your phone but didn’t know where to start? Well, look no further! There are many rewarding side hustles you can do right from your smartphone that require no upfront investment.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or stay-at-home parent, turning your phone into a money-making machine is possible. In this article, you’ll discover ten top ways Nigerians are already using their phones to boost their income without paying a dime.

From writing freelance blogs to providing social media management services, there are profitable opportunities perfect for all skill levels. Some ideas like survey taking only require a few minutes of spare time each day.

By applying your talents and being open to learning new skills, you’re sure to find hassle-free phone-based gigs to supplement your budget or savings goals. Read on to begin your journey of maximizing your mobile device’s earning potential!


1. Freelance Writing

Have you always been told you’re a great writer? Well, guess what, all those essays and stories you churned out in secondary school can now pay off – literally! Freelance writing is one of the easiest and most rewarding side hustles you can do from your phone.

How Does it Work?

Freelance writing is simple – you provide writing services to clients and companies who are in need of quality content. This could include product descriptions, blog articles, newsletters, web copy, and more. As a freelance writer, you’ll submit proposals and bids on writing platforms, then complete projects and collect payment. Sounds easy, right?

Top Sites to Try

There are several great platforms that are perfect for new freelance writers like you. Two that are great for beginners include Fiverr and Upwork. On Fiverr, you can offer small writing “gigs” to get your profile started. Upwork has more long-form projects if you’re ready to take on bigger contracts. Both sites are easy to use from your phone too. No need for a fancy computer!

Find Your Niche

Of course, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. So think about what topics or industries you enjoy writing about most. Maybe it’s technology, lifestyle and fashion, or health and wellness articles. The more specific your niche, the easier it will be to attract clients who value your expertise. You can even mention your specialty right in your profiles on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

Build a Solid Profile

When crafting your profile, include writing samples that are well-edited and formatted nicely. Highlight any relevant qualifications or credentials too. Also, mention your turnaround time for projects so clients know what to expect. Stay friendly and professional in all communication. This will give potential clients the confidence to hire you.

Set Competitive Rates

Now for the fun part – deciding how much to charge! Do your research on standard industry rates first so you don’t go too low and value your efforts. Be willing to negotiate some too. As your profile grows, you can raise prices for your in-demand niche. Being flexible will help you get started while building a strong portfolio.

Market Your Skills

Once live, spread the word about your new freelance writing business! Social platforms are great for networking. Join relevant LinkedIn Groups and discuss topics in your specialty. You could also start a simple blog or social page dedicated to your work. Get creative with how you showcase your talents!

Start small, then grow

Take on a few small projects at first to gain reviews and experience. Stick with it and improve your process over time. Before long, all those hours scrolling social media can become hours growing your freelance empire! Does writing for cash sound like a perfect phone-based side hustle to you? Then get out there and put those skills to work!


2. Social Media Management

We all know someone who can’t seem to escape their phone – constantly scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Well now, you can get paid for all that mindless scrolling! Social media management is a fun and flexible side hustle you can do online. Think you’ve got what it takes to be the socially savvy virtuoso brands are after? Let’s break it down.

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Help Brands Thrive in the Digital Space

As a social media manager, you’ll be responsible for helping businesses grow their online presence. This means creating strategic content plans, crafting eye-catching posts, engaging with followers, running promotions, and more. You’ll be the digital cheerleader keeping customers happy and coming back for more.

Platforms to Master

First, decide which platforms you’re most comfortable on. For Nigerian businesses, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are huge. But you could also specialize in platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, or LinkedIn based on your client’s industry. Become an expert in analytics too so you can prove your worth with results.

Find Clients Looking for Help

Now it’s time to showcase your skills! Build a professional portfolio highlighting your past successes. Then post on relevant Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and other job sites. You can also reach out to local small businesses who could use your help. Be confident – there are always brands searching for a superstar to boost their ratings.

Craft Proposals They Can’t Refuse

Clearly outline your services, rates, and availability. Connect with your target client by addressing their specific needs and objectives. Share examples of what your strategic plans have achieved for similar companies in the past. Leave them excited to bring you aboard!

Deliver Top-Notch Customer Service

Once hired, bust your butt keeping followers engaged with your client’s content. Monitor all their social profiles daily and reply to any queries quickly. Send weekly progress reports highlighting impressions, likes, and new subscribers. Go above and beyond to earn stellar reviews for future clients.

Grow Your Client Roster

As your experience and positive reviews grow, you can charge more competitive rates. Take on additional brands to keep yourself busy while still delivering quality service. Before long, social media could become your full-time career – or at least pay for your shopping habit! Think you’ve got what it takes to become the social star of the virtual world? Then get out there and wow some brands!


3. Online Tutoring

Remember back in secondary school, being that one smart student all your classmates went to for help on difficult topics? Well now, you can get paid for being the favorite tutor – just online! Online tutoring lets you flex those teaching muscles from anywhere, on a schedule that works for you. Think you’ve got what it takes to help learners worldwide? Let’s break it down.

Choose Your Subject Expertise

First, reflect on the subjects you truly excel in, like math, English, coding or a foreign language. Leverage areas where you consistently received top marks or have years of experience. Build your profile around becoming known as the go-to tutor for that specific field of study.

Pick a Tutoring Platform

Websites like Superprof and connect learners globally with online tutors. Sign up, build an engaging profile and start promoting your services. You’ll need to pass background checks but that’s about it for the annoying admin stuff.

Craft Your Teaching Style

Decide if one-on-one live video calls suit you best, or if pre-recorded video lessons are more your speed. Figure out a tutoring approach and lesson plan structure that works for your teaching personality too. Are you more laidback or strict? Find your flow.

Set Affordable Rates

Research the average pay for tutors in your subject and location. Aim to offer good value without competing on price alone. Students everywhere are always searching for dependable tutors – so high-quality lessons at fair rates will keep you busy!

Market, Market, Market!

Once active, promote your shiny new online tutor profile near and wide. Share on relevant Facebook groups and subreddits. Also mention your services to local schools, community colleges and study centers looking for extra help sources. Word-of-mouth is key for success too.

Deliver 5-Star Results

Follow thorough with any scheduled student bookings. Be well prepared with customized lesson materials to keep sessions engaging and productive. Collect feedback to further improve your methods over time. Before long, online tutoring could turn into your side hustle superstar!


4. Digital Art and Design

Have you always been the artsy friend doling out cool logo ideas or whipping up stunning social media graphics for fun? Well, tell your friends, that your hobby is about to pay off thanks to online design gigs. As a digital artist, you can easily take commissions from all over the world without ever leaving your phone. Intrigued? Let’s get designing!

Showcase Your Unique Style

First thing first – build an online portfolio flaunting your wildest illustrations, vibrant logos, neat infographics, and more. Sites like Behance and Dribble are great places to host high-quality images proving your skills. Make sure to include software you’re trained in too.

Choose Your Specialty

It’s easiest to start out if you pick one or two areas, like logo creation or social media design, to promote as your niche. Clients search globally for exactly what they need, so be upfront about your strengths. Over time you can of course expand your repertoire.

Market and Get Noticed

Promote your killer design portfolio on relevant forums and sites like Reddit’s r/forhire. Also, join dedicated Facebook groups for freelance artists and designers. Share your works regularly and engage genuinely with fellow creatives – you never know who might bring in your next big gig!

Handle Inquiries Smart

When approached, quickly respond and clarify expectations to avoid confusion later. Discuss rates upfront as well to align with the client’s budget. Prepare a draft contract outlining deliverables and timeframe. Being transparent leads to smooth collaborations.

Deliver Top-Notch Final Products

Use project management apps to ensure smooth delivery of final graphics on deadline. Solicit feedback to strengthen your brand too. Always be receptive to revisions for an even happier client. Leaving a stellar first impression leads to repeat business and referrals down the line.

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Get Paid for Your Talent!

As you complete more successful projects, feel empowered to gradually increase your rates. Celebrate small wins too – like hiring your first assistant to take on more prospects or making design your full-time focus. With the right hustle and skills, digital art could pay all your bills in no time!


5. Blogging

Have you always dreamed of being an author but lacked the resources or confidence? Well consider this your sign to start a profitable blog – and you can do it all from your phone! Blogging lets you share your unique experiences and knowledge while monetizing through ads, affiliates, and more. Sound intriguing? Let’s discuss how to turn your passion into phone-based profits.

Pick a Killer Niche

What topics are you super knowledgeable or curious about? Focusing your blog around an interesting specialty, like travel tips or skincare routines, makes you an expert your audience can rely on. Niching down leads to loyal readership over time.

Choose a Simple Blogging Platform

Sites like WordPress and Weebly offer free blog creation software that works smoothly on phones. Play around with different templates until you find a sleek, customizable design you vibe with visually and functionally.

Craft Compelling Content

Entice readers with catchy titles, well-written blogs and high-quality images peppered throughout. Vary your post types too – try recipes, quote pages, YouTube embeds and more to keep things lively. Always focus on tackling questions your target readers truly have.

Leverage Social Channels

Synergize your blog by posting snippets on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to lure in new email subscribers. Promoting your fresh blogs via all relevant communities expands your discovery potential massively. Engage genuinely here too.

Monetize Through Multiple Means

Once traffic builds, you can begin monetizing via Google AdSense, affiliate marketing relevant products within posts or selling your own eBooks and presets. Keep experimenting until you find a style that aligns perfectly with your specific audience.

Continuously Evolve and Improve

Blogging is an evolving journey, so constant self-analysis and upgrading your strategy over time leads to sustainable success. Have fun testing what sticks while gaining priceless skills along the road to future projects too!


6. Video Creation

Imagine getting paid to do what you’re already losing hours to on TikTok – watching entertaining videos! Well, now you can flip the script and earn cash by creating viral clips of your own. As online video booms, opportunities to monetize as a content creator are endless. Think your comedic chops or amazing dance moves could lead to profits? Let’s explore how to get started.

Choose Your Video Platform

First pick whether YouTube, Instagram Reels or TikTok best matches your style and audience. Pick just one to focus on while building a loyal following in your niche. Pro-tip: use hashtags wisely on TikTok for major discovery potential.

Define Your Brand

Who exactly do you want to become known as online – the makeup guru, dance master or comedic king? Carve out your unique specialty and personality to command attention. Incorporate trending sounds/challenges too!

Gear Up On a Budget

All you really need is your trusty phone, natural lighting and a simple video editing app. Invest in an external microphone later if things blow up. Focus on creativity over production value until monetizing.

Post Consistently

like clockwork to keep fans engaged. One videos every other day is usually enough in the beginning to catch attention. Quality over quantity always wins long-term, so be selective with your content barrage too.

Leverage Hashtags and Challenges

Use relevant hashtags within reason on all posts. Participate in trending online challenges for chance discovery by massive audiences too. Consistency and staying active in communities grows your following rapidly.

Monetize While Having Fun

As you attract thousands of subscribers, opportunities to leverage brand sponsorships and paid promotions through your targeted niche arise. Use monetizing platforms to cash in on hits as well.


7. Transcription

Sit back with some earphones and get paid for simply replaying what you hear – sounds like an awesome deal, right? As an online transcriber, all you need is keen listening skills and the ability to type fast. Transcription allows you to work flexible hours from anywhere while earning extra side income. Does turning audio into text for clients around the world intrigue you? Let’s break it down!

Sign Up on Trusted Platforms

Major sites like, GoTranscript, and TranscribeMe connect freelancers with all types of audio files needing transcription. Complete a short profile/test then you’re ready to accept assignments.

Choose your Specialty

There’s dictation from doctors, podcasts, focus groups, and more. See what niche suits your interests best since familiarity makes the task easier over time. Proper formatting is key too, so have grammar down pat.

Download Files and Get Transcribing

Use high-quality earphones to play back clearly. The platform will have detailed transcription guidelines to follow precisely. Take your time for quality while being efficient too. Submit drafts for review then deliver final files.

Track your Progress

See how many minutes/files you’ve conquered so far. Maintain accuracy stats to qualify for advanced projects paying higher rates down the line. Competitions also encourage hitting transcription milestones for bonus incentives!

Market Your Reliability

As your five-star ratings grow, more jobs will come your way through the app. Don’t be afraid to negotiate worthier wages too since you’ll be a client favorite by then. Flexibility is key here since you decide your availability.


8. Survey Taking

Ever felt like your two cents could change the world? Well now brands actually want to hear what you think – and they’ll reward you for it too! As an online survey taker, all you need is a phone, some spare minutes, and your candid viewpoints. Survey platforms let you cash in on that input for quick side income. Does becoming a professional opiner intrigue you? Let’s explore the fun ways to get started!

Sign Up on Legit Sites

Trusted giants like Toluna, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie are perfect for beginners looking to dabble. Just set up a profile with basic info then you’re ready to dive in.

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Scan Surveys Daily

Dedicate even 10-15 minutes daily to scan newly available questionnaires. Surveys vary from 5 to 15 minutes, testing everything from toothpaste flavors to entertainment streaming habits. Take ones applicable to your life for approval.

Answer Honestly

Provide truthful feedback since that’s what companies truly want. There are no “right” answers here – they simply seek your perspective to refine offerings. Speak your mind respectfully for the best chance to qualify each time around!

Track Your Progress

Sites reward participation over time in fun ways. Reach certain survey milestones to unlock new perks like more chances daily or boosted earning rates. Competitions between members build that competitive spirit too for bonus payouts.

Redeem Your Earnings

Most platforms offer a choice between cashouts by check or via gift cards from places like Amazon. With minimal effort, those minutes add up fast for impulse buys or savings. You decide the rewards!

Get Paid for Shopping Too

If you shop often online already, also consider Ibotta which pays you just for purchasing specific items and brands between meals and toiletries. Stack as many revenue streams into your routine as fits your schedule!


9. Selling on Social Media

Have you seen all those booming small businesses popping up on WhatsApp and Instagram lately? With social commerce booming, starting your own is now possible straight from your phone too. Selling on social media allows you to easily connect buyers directly to products at their fingertips. Think your flair for finding unique gems or promoting deals could lead to profits? Let’s break it down.

Showcase Your Wares Visually

Curate creative flat lays and lifestyle photos that evoke emotion in potential customers. Give them a feel for what you represent with quality branding across posts. Use trendy hashtags optimized for discovery too!

Host Video Guideshops

Live sales through Instagram and YouTube help you model items, show different styles, and answer questions live for extra persuasion. Personalize it up close to grow your dedicated client base faster.

Source Sample Supplies Wisely

Explore reliable local suppliers with affordable wholesale minimums if possible. Else pick up trendy unique finds through US-based dropshipping suppliers eliminating local shipping costs for your customers. Price competitively too!

Promote Every Chance Possible

Boost relevant Facebook community posts during prime shopping hours. Jump on Instagram story ad units to reach wider demographics too. Sprinkle in giveaways for major traction on Twitter! Creativity wins the sales race here.

Facilitate Secure Purchases

Set up a tailored website or use platforms like PocketApp to host your virtual boutique. Allow safe, user-friendly mobile checkouts via major cards or local wallets like Paystack. Nothing loses clients like glitchy transaction headaches!

Provide Grand Customer Service

Delight supporters by promptly solving any issues with smiles and incentives. Seek regular feedback too. Positive reviews attract steady client referrals, which means increased profits over time with less effort on your part!


10. Leverage Your Unique Talents

There’s more than one way to make money online, you know! While we covered some top strategies already, have you considered promoting skills more off the beaten track too? The beauty of entrepreneurship is turning anything you uniquely love into a side hustle. So if selling your writing or design skills doesn’t spark joy, put those special gifts to profitable use instead!

What Makes You, You?

Take some time reflecting on hobbies and skills you picked up along life’s journey that others find interesting. Maybe it’s acrylic pouring art or cooking cultural recipes to perfection. Get creative and imagine how others could benefit from your talents!

Build Your Brand

Craft an engaging online identity flaunting your specialty. Display your flair through polished photos and videos on niche platforms. Link a catchy website or blog too for discovery potential. Make your offerings easy to comprehend.

Provide Valuable Products

Tap into what specific problems your ability solves or pleasures people seek. Tailor lessons, services, and merchandise around satisfying those needs consistently. Genuinely engage to understand your ideal supporters.

Embrace All Marketing Avenues

Promote your mastery through intuitive ads and shoutouts across suitable communities. Partnering with complementary creators expands reach exponentially. Jump on referral rewards to encourage positive word-of-mouth sharing too!

Monetize Multiple Means

Blend income streams thoughtfully like one-on-one coaching, pre-recorded video workshops, downloadable songbooks, and sponsored product placements. Learn what payment and fulfillment methods appeal most to your clientele.

Continuously Level Up

The horizon for new skills extends far beyond what we imagine. Strive to elevate your offerings over time versus burning out. Mastering lifelong growth and adapting to trends serves your business and customers best in the long run.


Frequently Asked Questions about Earning from Your Phone

We covered a bunch of hot phone-based side hustles, but chances are you still have queries. Well worry not, here are some frequent questions addressed to clear the path to your success:

Can I really earn good money doing this?

Heck yes! It takes focus and hustle at first like anything worthwhile. But many go from side cash to full incomes pursuing passions outlined here. Proper planning and consistently upgrading skills unlock greater rewards. Don’t doubt your dollars – let patience and hard work speak for themselves.

Where do I start if overwhelmed?

Deep breaths, you’ve got this! Begin by identifying 1-2 ideas sparking the most interest based on your unique skills. Research thoroughly then test the waters part-time alongside another source of funds. With applied learning, your capabilities and comfort level rise rapidly. Small steps lead to big places; just keep swimming!

How long until seeing real profits?

Patience, grasshopper! Building an audience, client base or track record demands time. But consistent action yields results surprisingly fast too – sometimes within months with diligent execution of a sound plan. Plus side incomes allow flexible hours, so integrate the platform and experiment with your lifestyle seamlessly at your own pace. Progress happens!

Will my day job cause conflicts?

Only if you let it! These side hustles empower work-life balance. Prioritize restoring your energy daily and setting boundaries preventing burnout. Communicate schedules transparently if juggling multiple roles. Ultimately it’s about finding what energizes you versus feeling stressed; tweak strategies as needed for well-being first.

What if I fail or get discouraged?

Failure is the opportunity to learn what doesn’t work, not a mark of worthiness. Identify small adjustments moving you closer incrementally instead of pressuring perfection. Above all don’t give up – tweak, learn from peers, and keep hustling! You’ve got this; changing paths if needed takes zero courage versus lifelong stagnancy. Focus on progress, not perfection.



Well, we’ve covered a ton of awesome ways to boost your income completely from your mobile device. From writing and designing to influencing, tutoring, and more, I hope one of these perfect fits sparks your interest! The opportunities available these days never cease to amaze me.

Remember, consistency and dedication are key to seeing real results over time from any side hustle. Don’t stress perfection either – focus on steady progress and learning from your adventures. And most of all, pursue ideas fueling your passion versus stressful burnouts. Happiness is the best business model, after all.

Whichever methods call to you, I encourage trying them part-time first alongside your day job or studies. Test the waters risk-free that way before diving deep. But don’t be afraid to scale up efforts around proven earners over time either!

You’ve so got this, my ambitious friend. Now get out there and start putting those talented fingers and inspiring perspectives to profitable use. Your skills are worth sharing with eager customers worldwide, and profits will follow. Keep hustling – your exciting journey awaits!


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