Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, Filmography, Personal Life, and Net-Worth
Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, Filmography, Personal Life, and Net-Worth

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, Filmography, Personal Life, and Net Worth. There are also other details about this promising star. Whether you are a long-time fan or just learning about Momee Gombe, you will find insightful information about her journey so far.

Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, Filmography, Personal Life, and Net-Worth

Momee Gombe is a fast-rising actress taking the Kannywood film industry by storm. Though relatively new in the industry, she has proven herself as a talented actress ready to take on lead roles. Her natural acting talent, striking beauty, and work ethic have endeared her to fans and critics alike.

Quick Facts About Momee Gombe

Full Name: Maimuna Gombe Abubakar

Stage Name: Momee Gombe

Date of Birth: 28th June 1997

Age: 25 years (as of 2022)

State of Origin: Gombe State, Nigeria

Career: Actress

Years Active: 2010 – present

Net Worth: Estimated $150,000

Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, Filmography, Personal Life, and Net-Worth

Early Life and Background

Momee Gombe was born on 28th June 1997 in Gombe state, Northeastern Nigeria. She was born into a Muslim family and is of Hausa-Fulani ethnic origin. Her birth name is Maimuna Gombe Abubakar but she is better known by her stage name Momee Gombe.

She had her primary and secondary school education in Gombe state. Even from a young age, she had a great interest in acting and entertainment. She would act out roles and imagine herself as a superstar actress while playing with friends.

After completing her basic education, Momee got married briefly at a young age. However, the marriage ended after just a month. This marital setback did not deter her ambition to become an actress.

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Early Career Beginnings

After her failed marriage, Momee Gombe fully focused on starting her acting career. She got her first break when producer Auwal Muazu gave her a role in the movie ‘Kishin Mata’. Her role though small marked her entrance into Kannywood.

Her second movie ‘Asalin Kauna’ followed shortly after. This time she played a more prominent role showcasing her acting talent. The movie ‘Ango’ alongside veteran actor Adam A Zango gave her career the big break she needed. Her sizzling on-screen chemistry with Zango endeared her to fans.

Since then, Momee has featured in over 30 Kannywood movies within a short span. Some of her major movies include:

  • Kishin Mata
  • Asalin Kauna
  • Ango
  • Mai Maya
  • Samanja
  • Ba Amo
  • Manyan Gobe
  • Dan Birni Makewayi
  • Haifan

Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, Filmography, Personal Life, and Net-Worth

Rise to Stardom

Momee Gombe came into the industry with raw talent and sheer determination to succeed. Though new, she has managed to score lead roles usually reserved for established stars. Her versatility allows her to blend into any role perfectly.

Apart from Adam Zango, she credits other senior colleagues for her growth. The likes of Hamisu Breaker, Kabiru KB, and Musbahu Anfara offered guidance in the early stages. She is also thankful to producers like Auwal Muazu for giving her initial roles.

Her magnetic screen presence and acting range have endeared her to fans. She has grown from a promising newcomer to a bonafide star within a short time. Industry observers have tipped her to reach the heights of legends like Hadiza Gabon and Rahama Sadau.

Momee’s stunning beauty sets her apart from her contemporaries. She has been described as one of the most gorgeous Kannywood actresses. Unlike her colleagues, she uses minimal makeup allowing her natural beauty to shine through.

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As earlier highlighted, Momee Gombe has built an impressive filmography unusual for a newcomer. Some of her major movies include:

Kishin Mata

This was her debut movie where she played a supporting role. The movie marked her introduction to Kannywood.

Asalin Kauna

Her first lead role was where she proved her acting talent to critics. The movie was a hit increasing her visibility.


Her big break playing alongside Adam Zango. Their on-screen chemistry was electric endearing her to fans.

Mai Maya

Momee played the lead role of a charming village girl. Her role interpretation was highly praised.


She featured as the lead actress in this family drama. Her emotional performance got positive reviews.

Ba Amo

A romantic comedy where she featured alongside Ali Nuhu. Her comic timing and rapport with Nuhu impressed viewers.

Manyan Gobe

This epic drama stretched her acting range playing a more complex role. She held her own against heavyweight casts like Fati Washa.

Dan Birni Makewayi

Momee played the role of a devoted wife in this morality tale. Her earnest performance earned viewers empathy.


She is featured as the female protagonist in this musical romance. Her singing and dancing skills were evident.

Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, Filmography, Personal Life, and Net-Worth

Why Momee Gombe is a Star to Watch

Momee Gombe possesses all the qualities of a star actress set for the big leagues. Here are some reasons she is rated so highly:

Raw Natural Talent

She brings an effortless grace to every role she plays. Her innate acting talent allows her to seamlessly transform into any character. This raw talent combined with acting classes will make her a force to reckon with.

Striking Beauty

With minimal makeup, Momee’s beauty shines through. She has been described as the most gorgeous actress in Kannywood renowned for her infectious smile. Her fashion sense compliments her beauty making her a style icon.

Work Ethic

Right from her first role, Momee Gombe has shown dedication to her craft. Directors praise her professionalism and willingness to learn. She also complements acting with classes to hone her talent.

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From comic roles to emotionally intense ones, Momee has shown incredible range. Her ability to blend into diverse roles makes her a director’s favorite. This versatility will see her get multifaceted roles as she grows.


At 25 years old, Momee Gombe appeals to both younger and older audiences. Younger fans relate to her while older ones see her as the perfect combination of talent and beauty. Her youthfulness also means she has time to reach for greater heights.


Personal Life

Away from the cameras, Momee Gombe maintains a private personal life. However, a few details are known about her life offscreen:

  • She is originally from Gombe state and takes pride in her Fulani culture.
  • She was briefly married to one Adam Fasaha though the marriage ended after just a month.
  • There were rumors linking her to musician Hamisu Breaker but she denied they were in a relationship.
  • She is currently believed to be single as she focuses on her career.
  • On set, she has been described as warm, friendly, and a true professional.
  • She is Muslim and often shares her faith online.
  • She loves giving back and hopes to help empower women and orphans through her platform.

Net Worth

Momee Gombe has quickly grown into one of the most bankable actresses in a short time. Though an exact net worth figure is unknown, she is estimated to be worth around $150,000.

She earns income from:

  • Appearance fees for movies
  • Brand endorsement deals
  • Personal business ventures
  • Social media monetization

As one of the most promising Kannywood actresses, her net worth will likely rise exponentially as she bags bigger roles. She has the potential to become one of the richest actresses in Nigeria.



Momee Gombe represents the future of Kannywood with her incredible talent, work ethic, and star power. She has managed to capture the attention of both fans and critics despite her youth.

As she continues honing her craft, the sky is the limit for this rising star. We expect great things from Momee Gombe as she grows to her full potential. The best is certainly yet to come from this talented star.


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