Nazifi Asnanic Biography, Age, Songs, Real Name, Phone Number and Net Worth
Nazifi Asnanic Biography, Age, Songs, Real Name, Phone Number and Net Worth

Nazifi Asnanic is widely regarded as one of the most successful and influential artists in the Hausa movie industry known as Kannywood. With his dreamy voice and soulful songs, he has captivated audiences for decades and established himself as the iconic “Golden Voice” of Kannywood. This article provides a comprehensive look at Nazifi Asnanic biography, age, discography, film career, and personal details like his real name, phone number, and estimated net worth.

Nazifi Asnanic Biography, Age, Songs, Real Name, Phone Number and Net Worth

Quick Facts About Nazifi Asnanic

  • Real Name: Nazifi Abdulsalam Yusuf
  • Date of Birth: February 2, 1982
  • Place of Birth: Kano, Nigeria
  • Current Age: 41 years old
  • Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Director, Producer
  • Genres: Hausa/Afrobeats, African Pop
  • Notable Songs: “Dawo Dawo”, “Daga Ni Sai Ke”, “Rayuwa”
  • Net Worth: Estimated $1-5 million

Nazifi Asnanic Biography, Age, Songs, Real Name, Phone Number and Net Worth

Nazifi Asnanic Biography

Born on February 2, 1982, in Kano, northern Nigeria, Nazifi Abdulsalam Yusuf is better known by his stage name – Nazifi Asnanic. He was raised in the ancient city of Kano and developed a strong interest in music from a young age. Asnanic started singing professionally in 2000 and hasn’t looked back since. His debut album released in 2002 titled “Dawo Dawo” was a major hit that elevated his popularity across Kannywood.

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As a Director and Producer

Beyond his musical talents, Asnanic is also a gifted actor, director, and producer. He has featured in numerous Kannywood films since the early 2000s and directed/produced several box office successes as well. Asnanic’s soulful voice and versatility in different roles have earned him the moniker “Golden Voice of Kannywood”. He is widely considered one of the most iconic artists to have ever emerged from the thriving Hausa movie industry.

Nazifi Asnanic Discography

As a prolific singer, Asnanic has amassed an impressive discography of studio albums over the past two decades. Here are some of his most notable albums:

  • Dawo Dawo (2002 debut album)
  • Labarina (2009)
  • Daga Ni Sai Ke (2010)
  • Bunjuma (2011)
  • Dan Marayan Zaki (2012)
  • Dakin Amarya (2013)
  • Rayuwa (2014)
  • Kambu (2013)
  • Ruwan Zuma (2013)
  • Abu Uku

His songs like “Dawo Dawo”, “Daga Ni Sai Ke” and “Rayuwa” in particular have become anthemic hits in the Hausa music world beloved by millions of fans. Asnanic seamlessly blends pop, Afrobeats, and traditional Hausa lyrical styles to craft uniquely memorable songs.


Nazifi Asnanic Film Career

In addition to his musical success, Asnanic has also enjoyed a prolific film career acting in and directing several Kannywood movies. Some of his most notable acting credits include:

  • Bilkisu Mai Gadon Zinari
  • Dare Da Yawa
  • Ga Fili Ga Mai Doki
  • India Rai
  • Kallo Daya
  • Makauniyar Yarinya
  • Miyatti
  • Almajira (2008)
  • Jamila Da Jamilu (2009)
  • Mata Da Miji (2010)

He has also directed commercially successful movies like Rai Da Buri (2011), Shu’uma (2013) and Ba’asi. Asnanic’s screen presence, emotional acting chops, and outstanding voice have made him a true veteran of Kannywood with decades of immense contributions.

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Net Worth

Estimated between $1-5 million earned from a prolific music and film career spanning over 20 years.

Phone Number

Unfortunately, Nazifi Asnanic’s phone number is not publicly available.


Asnanic has attained immense fame and financial success through dedicating himself fully to his artistic craft. He remains one of the most iconic celebrities to have emerged from the Nigerian cultural movement in Kannywood over the past two decades.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Nazifi Asnanic’s real name?

A1. Nazifi Asnanic’s real name is Nazifi Abdulsalam Yusuf. “Asnanic” is his stage name which he uses professionally.

Q. How old is Nazifi Asnanic in 2023?

A2. Nazifi Asnanic was born on February 2, 1982. So in 2024, he is currently 42 years old.

Q. What are some of Nazifi Asnanic’s most famous songs?

A3. Some of Nazifi Asnanic’s most famous songs include “Dawo Dawo”, “Daga Ni Sai Ke”, “Rayuwa”, and “Labarina” among others.

Q. What is Nazifi Asnanic’s estimated net worth?

A4. Nazifi Asnanic’s estimated net worth from his successful music and film career spanning over two decades is between $1-5 million according to available records.

Q. Is there any information available about Nazifi Asnanic’s family like wife/children?

A5. Details about Nazifi Asnanic’s marital status or children are not publicly known as he has kept his personal life very private over the years.

Q: How many albums has Nazifi Asnanic released?

A: Nazifi Asnanic has released over 10 albums.

Q: What are some of Nazifi Asnanic’s most popular songs?

A: Some of Nazifi Asnanic’s most popular songs include “Dawo Dawo,” “Kambu,” and “Abu Uku.”

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Through his unmatched vocal talent and versatility in the entertainment industry, Nazifi Asnanic has undoubtedly cemented his status as the iconic “Golden Voice” of Kannywood. After over two decades in the business, he remains one of the most popular and influential artists to emerge from the Nigerian Hausa cultural movement. While famously private about his personal life, Asnanic continues enthralling audiences globally with his soulful renditions of songs, films, and overall contributions to the growth of Kannywood. He is truly a Nigerian legend in his own right.


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