Nysc Certificate Number and Verification Guidelines-Online and Offline

After completing the mandatory one-year National Youth Service, corps members are awarded the Nysc discharge certificate. However, there have been reported cases of fake Nysc certificates in circulation. It is therefore important to verify the authenticity of your Nysc certificate number. This article provides a comprehensive guide on Nysc certificate numbers and the verification guidelines and processes to help corps members verify their certificate numbers.

What is a Nysc Certificate Number?

The Nysc certificate number is a unique identification number written on the Nysc discharge certificate. It is located at the top right corner of the certificate, just below the year of service. The number starts with “A00” followed by 7 digits. It is different from your Nysc call-up number or discharge number. Every Nysc certificate is assigned a unique certificate number which can only be verified by Nysc officials. It is crucial to verify your certificate number to avoid being a victim of a fake certificate.

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How to Verify Your Nysc Certificate Number

There are two methods available to verify your Nysc certificate number – online verification and offline verification.

Online Verification

To verify your certificate number online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Nysc verification portal at https://verify.nysc.org.ng
  2. Click on “Proceed to Verification”
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Login or click “Forgot Password” if you’ve forgotten
  5. New users can click “Sign Up”
  6. Click “Login” to verify
  7. Pay N2,000 service charge

Offline Verification

To verify offline, follow these steps:

  1. Write a request letter addressed to the Nysc DG
  2. Attach a photocopy of the certificate
  3. Mark it “Attention: Director (Corps Certification)”
  4. Number certificates serially if verifying multiple
  5. Include your contact details
  6. Submit to Nysc headquarters registry
  7. Only discharge, exemption, and exclusion letters can be verified

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the difference between the Nysc certificate number and the call-up number?

    The Nysc certificate number is the unique identification written on the discharge certificate while the call-up number is what is used to mobilize corps members to orientation camp.

    1. Can I verify my certificate number myself?

    No, verification can only be done by the Nysc officials through the online portal or by submitting a request to the Nysc headquarters for offline verification.

    1. How long does online verification take?

    Online verification is instant and the results are provided immediately once the provided details are verified from the Nysc database.

    1. What documents are verified by Nysc?

    Nysc only verifies the Discharge Certificate, Exemption Letter, and Exclusion Letter. Certificates of national service, exemption, and exclusion are the only documents verified.

    1. Can I verify certificates for other people?

    No, verification can only be done for your certificate. You need to provide your details for verification.

    1. What should I do if I’m having issues verifying?

    If you face any difficulties verifying online or your request is not responded to, you should visit the Nysc headquarters or contact them through email or phone for support.

    1. Is the verification process free?

    The online verification process attracts a nominal fee of N2,000 only to cover operational costs. Offline verification is free of charge.

    1. Can I track the status of my verification request?

    No, there is currently no provision to track offline verification requests. You can only make inquiries on the status of your request.

    1. How many times can I verify my certificate number?

    You can verify your certificate number as many times as you want but there is no need to verify repeatedly unless required for a new purpose or in case of issues with previous verification.

    1. What happens if my certificate number is found to be fake?

    If your certificate number is discovered to be fake during verification, appropriate legal actions may be taken. You may also be unable to use the certificate for job placement or other requirements where a valid Nysc certificate is mandatory.


Authenticating the Nysc certificate number is important to avoid being a victim of fraud involving fake certificates. This guide has extensively explained what the certificate number is, and the verification guidelines and answered frequently asked questions to help corps members clearly understand the process. You can be sure of the legitimacy of your certificate after successful verification following these guidelines. Proper verification will save you future hassles during job applications or while procuring other documents that require presenting the Nysc certificate as proof of national service.


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