Philosophy Jobs in Nigeria: Find Your Ideal Career Path

Philosophy Jobs in Nigeria

Philosophy provides unique skills like analytical thinking, problem-solving, critical reasoning, research skills, and communication skills that can be applied across many sectors. While teaching is a popular career choice for philosophers in Nigeria, there are various other fields where philosophers can find meaningful work by leveraging their skill set. This article discusses some of the top sectors where a trained philosopher has opportunities to thrive in Nigeria.


As in many parts of the world, academia remains a key place for philosophers to work in Nigeria. There are opportunities to teach philosophy courses at the university level. Philosophers can explore roles like faculty member, lecturer, professor, etc. at Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges. Some philosophers may also choose to pursue research careers by taking up roles in academic institutions, think tanks, or research centers. Writing books, articles and papers is another way philosophers contribute to academia.

Civil Service

The Nigerian civil service provides scope for philosophers to be involved in policymaking, policy analysis, and administrative roles. Some relevant roles include working as research officers, project managers, and consultants for ministries/government departments and agencies. Philosophers’ expertise in domains like ethics, political philosophy, and public administration can help improve governance and promote civil/social welfare programs. Civil service jobs require qualification tests like UTME, SSCE, first degree, and master’s degree.

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Mainstream media and digital media platforms are spaces where philosophers can utilize their communication skills and knowledge of various topics. Some potential roles include serving as talk show hosts, writers, editorial staff, journalists, social media managers, and content creators. Philosophers’ competence in analyzing ideas and debates makes them well-suited for interpretive roles in print, electronic, and online media. Freelancing is a flexible option for aspiring media personalities.

NGOs and International Organizations

Philosophers often find opportunities in the development sector with roles in international charitable organizations, non-profits, civil society groups, and multilateral agencies. Their skills in conceptualizing, research, program design/monitoring, policy advocacy, teaching, counseling, and community engagement make them an asset. Some possible roles are project officers, field coordinators, educators, researchers, consultants, and more. A background in social/political philosophy enhances one’s prospects with NGOs focused on issues like human rights, sustainability, etc.


What qualifications do philosophers need for jobs in Nigeria?

Relevant educational qualifications could range from a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy to MA, MPhil, and PhD degrees from recognized institutions. Work experience and soft skills are valued as well.

Can a philosophy graduate pursue law?

Yes, many philosophy graduates pursue law careers after gaining admission into law schools. Studying philosophy nurtures logical reasoning abilities required for legal studies and practice.

Are there any entrepreneurial opportunities for philosophers?

Yes, philosophers can become entrepreneurs by starting their knowledge-based ventures. Some ideas include philosophy tutoring centers, online course portals, writing/editing platforms, book publishing, and more relating to their areas of interest.

What questions should I research to learn more about philosopher career prospects?

You can research questions like “What sectors hire philosophers in Nigeria?“, “what common jobs do philosophy majors get?“, “Which companies employ philosophers?“, “how can I enhance my employability as a Nigerian philosopher?” etc. to gain more career insights.

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Does work experience abroad help philosophers to get better opportunities in Nigeria?

Yes, gaining international exposure through internships, volunteer work, or jobs abroad can enhance philosophers’ competencies and expand their professional network. Such experience makes one’s CV stand out for roles back home in Nigeria.


In conclusion, while academia remains a prominent field, there exists a variety of industries and sectors beyond university where philosophers’ versatile skills can be productively applied in Nigeria. With relevant qualifications and perseverance, philosophy graduates have viable options to explore attractive careers in media, civil service, NGOs, and the development sector among others within the country. As long as one leverages critical thinking, research orientation, and communication strengths of their education, possibilities for rewarding roles are ample.


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