Rahama Sadau, Biography, Husband Age, Movies, and Net Worth
Rahama Sadau, Biography, Husband Age, Movies, and Net Worth

Rahama Sadau is an influential Nigerian actress, filmmaker, and singer who has made remarkable contributions to the growth of the Kannywood and Nollywood industries. She is renowned for her outstanding acting skills and versatility in portraying diverse roles. This is Rahama Sadau, Biography, Husband Age, Movies, and Net Worth

Rahama Sadau Biography, Husband Age, Movies, and Net Worth

In this article, we explore Rahama Sadau’s biography focusing on her age, family, education, and the different phases of her professional career. We also shed some light on her personal life including her relationship status, net worth, and some interesting facts about her.

Quick Facts About Rahama Sadau

Full Name: Rahama Ibrahim Sadau

Date of Birth: December 7, 1993

Age: 29 years (as of 2022)

Place of Birth: Kaduna, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Alma Mater: Eastern Mediterranean University

Occupation: Actress, Filmmaker, Singer

Years Active: 2013 – Present

Net Worth: Estimated $350,000

Rahama Sadau, Biography, Husband Age, Movies, and Net Worth

Early Life and Family Background

Rahama Sadau was born on December 7, 1993 in Kaduna, Nigeria to her father Alhaji Ibrahim Sadau. She hails from a respectable Muslim family based in Kaduna. Rahama grew up with her three sisters namely Fatima Sadau, Zainab Sadau and Aisha Sadau. She also has a brother named Haruna Sadau. From a very young age, Rahama exhibited a passion for dancing and competed in several dance contests during her school days.

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Rahama completed her primary education at Labiyi International School in Kaduna. She then attended Kaduna Capital School for her junior secondary education. For her senior secondary school, Rahama was enrolled at Misbahul Islam School located in the same city.

She then pursued a Higher National Diploma in Business Administration from Kaduna State Polytechnic. Rahama later travelled abroad to Northern Cyprus where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in human resource management from Eastern Mediterranean University.

Rahama Sadau, Biography, Husband Age, Movies, and Net Worth

Professional Career in Film and Music

Entry into Kannywood (2013)

In 2013, veteran Nigerian actor Ali Nuhu discovered Rahama’s talents and helped launch her career by casting her in the film “Gani ga Wane”. This marked her entry into the thriving Kannywood movie industry.

The role won Rahama accolades and recognition as an emerging star. Over the next few years, she starred in many popular Kannywood films like “Jinin Jikina”, “Garbati”, “Alkalin Kauye” among others.

Breakthrough and Success (2014-2015)

Rahama’s impressive performances in films saw her winning the “Best Actress in Kannywood” awards at the 2014 and 2015 City People Entertainment Awards. She was also named “Best African Actress” by African Voice at the 19th African Film Awards in 2015. These achievements established Rahama as one of the leading actresses in Kannywood and the first Hausa celebrity to feature among Nigeria’s top 10 most attractive women.

Expansion into Nollywood and Beyond (2016-Present)

Rahama successfully ventured into English language films with roles in movies such as “Up North”, “If I am the President”, “Sons of the Caliphate” TV series and many more. She gained acclaim for playing the career instructor in MTV Base Africa TV series “Shuga”. Rahama has also starred in Bollywood films showcasing her fluency in Hindi. In 2017, she launched her production company Sadau Pictures and produced the movie “Rariya”.

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Singing Career and Music Videos

In addition to acting, Rahama is a talented singer. Some of her hit songs include “Zubar Hawaye”, “Tuna Baya” and “Dan Sarki Gadax”. She has featured in several music videos over the years. Rahama’s multidimensional talents have established her as a force to reckon with in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Rahama Sadau, Biography, Husband Age, Movies, and Net Worth

Controversies and Ban from Kannywood

Rahama’s career faced a hurdle in 2016 when she was expelled from the Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) for appearing in a romantic music video alongside singer ClassiQ.

This three year long ban from Kannywood films was lifted in 2018 after she apologized. She was also engulfed in a public feud with actress Maryam Booth in 2023 over unclear circumstances.

Philanthropy and Humanitarian Work

Besides her professional contributions, Rahama is committed to humanitarian causes. In 2016, she launched her charity initiative “Ray of Hope” to empower young girls and women. She regularly participates in cancer awareness campaigns and has visited IDP camps in Nigeria to offer support.

Personal Life and Relationship Status

Rahama prefers to keep her private life away from the media spotlight. Even though she was rumored to be married to actor Sadiq Sani Sadiq in the past, she clarified they are just colleagues. Till date, Rahama has neither confirmed being in a relationship nor getting married. She remains dedicated to her flourishing career in the entertainment sphere.

Net Worth and Endorsement Deals

Through her successful endeavors in the film and music industries over a decade, Rahama Sadau has amassed an estimated net worth of $350,000. She has endorsement deals with top brands like Maltina where she serves as their ambassador. Rahama’s net worth and lifestyle reflect her status as one of the most sought after actresses in Nigeria.

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What is Rahama Sadau’s age?

Rahama Sadau is currently 29 years old. She was born on December 7, 1993.

What is Rahama Sadau’s profession?

Rahama Sadau is a renowned Nigerian actress, filmmaker and singer. She is best known for her performances in Kannywood, Nollywood and Bollywood films.

Where did Rahama Sadau study?

Rahama Sadau completed her schooling till higher secondary level from schools in Kaduna, Nigeria. She then earned a bachelor’s degree in human resource management from Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus.

Is Rahama Sadau married?

No, Rahama Sadau is not married as of now. She has neither confirmed being in a relationship nor getting married publicly.

What is Rahama Sadau’s net worth in 2022?

Rahama Sadau has an estimated net worth of $350,000 according to various reports. Her wealth has been amassed through a successful career in the entertainment industry spanning over a decade.



Through sheer hard work and talent, Rahama Sadau has achieved immense name and fame in the film circuits of Nigeria, Africa and beyond. She continues to entertain audiences and win accolades for her versatile acting and musical abilities.

Besides excelling professionally, Rahama is also praised for her charitable initiatives. With numerous milestones still ahead, the future looks bright for this remarkable celeb whose life journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists.


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