Ranks in the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps
Ranks in the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps

Ranks in the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps

An in-depth guide to the different ranks in the NSCDC

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, commonly known as the NSCDC, plays a vital role in maintaining peace, and order and protecting lives and properties across Nigeria. As a paramilitary organization, the NSCDC has a well-defined ranking system that determines the responsibilities, privileges, and remuneration of its officers. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the various ranks in the NSCDC, from the lowest to the highest, to help readers gain insights into the ranking structure of this important security agency.


Ranks for Entry-Level Officers

The lowest ranks in the NSCDC are given to entry-level officers who join the organization with OND, NCE, or equivalent qualifications.

Assistant Cadre

Officers recruited with OND/NCE qualify for the assistant cadre ranks ranging from Level 3 to Level 6. They handle basic roles like providing security at checkpoints, carrying out patrol duties, and assisting senior officers. The monthly salary for assistant cadre officers is between ₦31,188 to ₦46,256.

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Assistant Inspectorate Cadre

Those with HND/BTech qualifications are usually placed at the assistant inspectorate cadre rank at Level 7. Officers at this rank lead and supervise the activities of the assistant cadre. The minimum monthly pay is ₦34,288.

Ranks for Graduate Officers

Graduate officers, mostly those with Bachelor’s degrees, are eligible for the following mid-level ranks in the NSCDC.

Inspectorate Cadre

Fresh graduates often start their NSCDC career at the inspectorate cadre rank corresponding to Level 8. Key responsibilities include managing checkpoints, carrying out surveillance tasks, and raising security alerts. The minimum monthly salary is ₦47,255.

Assistant Superintendent Cadre

With a few years of experience, inspectorate cadre officers can progress to the assistant superintendent cadre ranks at Level 9 or Level 10. In this role, they lead inspectorate cadre officers and coordinate security arrangements. The pay bracket is between ₦82,249 to ₦88,035 monthly.

Ranks for Senior Officers

Experienced NSCDC officials with several years of distinguished service are eligible for senior ranks with enhanced roles and remuneration.

Deputy Superintendent Cadre

Those who have spent 7-10 years in service typically reach the deputy superintendent cadre rank corresponding to Level 11. They supervise field missions and direct security responses in emergencies. The monthly pay is around ₦95,295.

Superintendent Cadre

For officers in Level 12 with 10-15 years of experience, the superintendent cadre rank comes into play. They head important departments, devise security strategies, and represent the NSCDC in key government meetings. The monthly salary is approximately ₦104,337.

Chief Superintendent Cadre

The chief superintendent cadre rank in Level 13 is assigned to 15-20-year NSCDC veterans leading entire zonal commands. They coordinate large-scale security arrangements and direct rescue missions. The minimum monthly pay is ₦104,377.

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Ranks for Top Leadership

Only the highest-performing NSCDC personnel make it to the top ranks with strategic leadership roles.

Assistant Commander

Those who distinguish themselves over 18-22 years head important divisions at the assistant commander rank in Level 14. Key duties involve formulating policies, organizing training programs, and directing operations. The monthly salary is around ₦117,121.

Deputy Commander

For exceptional 22-25-year veterans comes the prestigious deputy commander rank in Level 15. They serve as second-in-command in state commands, assisting the commander. The minimum pay is ₦152,132 per month.

Chief Commander

The chief commander rank in Level 16 is for 25-30-year NSCDC greats leading entire state commands. They devise security master plans and represent the organization at high-level events. The approximate monthly salary is ₦163,857.

Ranks for Top Brass

Only a select few can ascend to the highest echelons of leadership in the NSCDC.

Assistant Commandant General

The assistant commandant general rank in Level 17 recognizes 30-35-year legends directing key divisions at the national headquarters. Critical duties involve formulating security policies and overseeing zonal operations. Monthly pay is around ₦205,380.

Deputy Commandant General

In Level 18, the number two position of deputy commandant general is held by 35-40-year NSCDC titans assisting the commandant general. Key responsibilities include managing the organization’s budget and resources. The minimum monthly salary is ₦225,290.

Commandant General

As the highest-ranking officer in Level 18, the commandant general provides leadership to the entire NSCDC as the Chairman of its Board and Governing Council. This prestigious 40+ year role involves setting the organization’s strategic vision and priorities. The approximate monthly pay is a handsome ₦305,332.

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Frequently Asked Questions about NSCDC Ranks

What is the lowest rank in the NSCDC?

The lowest rank in the NSCDC is the Assistant Cadre ranging from Level 3 to Level 6, held by new entrants with OND/NCE qualifications.

Can graduates join the NSCDC at a higher rank?

Yes, fresh graduates with Bachelor’s degrees can join the NSCDC at the Inspectorate Cadre rank corresponding to Level 8, which is a mid-level rank. Their career progression then depends on performance and years of service.

What qualifications qualify one for the Assistant Inspectorate rank?

To qualify for the Assistant Inspectorate Cadre rank at Level 7, the minimum educational requirement is an HND or B.Tech degree from a recognized institution.

How long does it take to become a Superintendent?

It typically takes 10-15 years of diligent service for an NSCDC officer to get promoted to the superintendent cadre rank in Level 12, subject to an excellent performance record and necessary training/courses.

Can NSCDC officers progress beyond the Commandant General rank?

No, the Commandant General who heads the NSCDC as Chairman of its Governing Council is recognized as the highest-attainable rank in the organization. There is no promotion beyond this prestigious position.



The NSCDC rank structure establishes a clear career progression path for personnel based on qualifications, experience, and achievements. While entry-level ranks are meant for new and young officers, the higher ranks recognize decades of exemplary service at the most senior leadership levels. Understanding this ranking system provides useful insights into how roles, responsibilities, and payscales change dimensional across the NSCDC hierarchy. Overall, it functions as an effective framework for managing human resources and motivating performance in Nigeria’s paramount security agency.


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