The Complete Guide to Airtel Data Plans 2023: Bundles, Prices, and Subscription Codes
The Complete Guide to Airtel Data Plans 2023: Bundles, Prices, and Subscription Codes

The Complete Guide to Airtel Data Plans 2023: Bundles, Prices, and Subscription Codes

Airtel is one of the largest mobile network operators in Nigeria, providing quality data and communication services to millions of subscribers. To meet the diverse data needs of its customers, Airtel offers a wide range of affordable airtel data plans 2023 bundles and subscription codes across different categories. This article lists all the current Airtel data plans for 2023, along with prices, bundles, and subscription codes to help you find the most suitable plan.


Airtel Data-Plans-2023 Bundles And Subscription Codes By Category

Airtel organizes its data plans into various categories to suit different user needs and budgets:

Daily/Weekly Plans

These short-term plans are ideal if you need data valid for just 1 day or a few days. Prices start from N50 for 40MB valid 1 day.

Monthly Plans

The monthly plans provide good value for regular data users. Options range from 1.5GB for N1,000 to 500GB for N100,000 with 30 days validity.

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Mega Plans

For heavy data users, the Mega plans bundle large volumes like 20GB for N5,000 or 1TB for N100,000 with validity between 30-365 days.

Everyday-ON Plans

A unique feature of this category is daily fixed data quotas in addition to the monthly bundle, starting at 15GB+500MB daily for N3,000.

Streaming Plans

specially tailored plans that offer good value data bundles focusing on video streaming activities.

Social Plans

Inexpensive plans for basic social networking on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Specialty Plans

Includes bundles for platforms like Instagram, Facebook+WhatsApp, Opera etc. tailored for specific apps.

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Prices and Codes

Now let’s look at the prices of some major Airtel data plan categories along with their subscription codes:

Daily/Weekly Plans


Price Data Validity Subscription Code
N50 40MB 1 Day *312#
N100 100MB 1 Day *312#
N200 200MB 3 Days *312#
N500 750MB + Benefits 14 Days *312#

Monthly Plans

Price Data Validity Subscription Code
N1,000 1.5GB + Benefits 30 Days *312#
N1,200 2GB + Benefits 30 Days *312#
N2,000 4.5GB + Benefits 30 Days *312#
N3,000 10GB + Benefits 30 Days *312#


Mega Plans

Price Data Validity Subscription Code
N5,000 20GB + Benefits 30 Days *312#
N10,000 40GB 30 Days *312#
N50,000 400GB 90 Days *312#


Other Airtel Data Plan Categories

Some other major Airtel data plan categories include:

Streaming Plans

Tailored data bundles for streaming apps like YouTube, and Spotify with prices starting from N100 for 500MB valid 3 days.

Social Plans

Inexpensive plans for social networking on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Prices range from N25 to N300.

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Speciality Plans

Bundles for specific apps/purposes like Instagram (N100 for 250MB), Facebook+WhatsApp combo plans, Opera browser bundles, etc.

Family Plans

A family bundle covering 5 connections with up to 500GB bundle for N100,000 valid 120 days.

Unlimited Plans

Truly unlimited hourly, daily, or weekly plans priced between N5,000-N20,000 without any Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limits.

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How do I subscribe to an Airtel data plan?

Dial the USSD code for your plan selection from the Airtel phone number you wish to subscribe. You will receive an confirmation SMS upon successful purchase.

What if I want to extend my data plan validity?

You can recharge or upgrade to a higher plan before the expiry of your current plan to extend the validity. Otherwise balances cannot be rolled over to the next cycle.

How do I check my data balance?

Dial *141# from your Airtel number to check your active data bundle details including availabe balance and validity period.

Is there a way to pause or cancel a data plan?

No, unfortunately Airtel data plans bought through the codes cannot be paused, cancelled or refunded once subscribed. Please select carefully based on your usage needs.



In this comprehensive guide, we have covered over 15 Airtel Data Plans 2023 Bundles And Subscription Codes categories offered by Airtel in Nigeria for 2023. With bundles starting from as low as N50, there is a plan for every budget. I hope this information helps you choose the most suitable Airtel data bundle. Feel free to reach out for any other queries.


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