Top 10 Best Cargo Companies in Lagos State

Lagos State is the economic nerve center of Nigeria and amongst the largest and busiest commercial hubs in Africa. As such, cargo companies play a crucial role in facilitating the transportation and delivery of various goods to both local and international destinations. Over the years, several reputable cargo companies have emerged in Lagos to efficiently handle all logistics needs from clearing to freight forwarding. Top 10 Best Cargo Companies in Lagos State

This article highlights the top 10 best cargo companies operating in Lagos State based on factors such as reliability, experience, pricing, service quality, and popularity. These companies have proven their ability to provide hassle-free cargo services to both businesses and individuals.

The Top 10 Best Cargo Companies in Lagos State

1. Maersk Nigeria LTD

Maersk Nigeria LTD is the market leader in global container shipping and logistics in Lagos. With over 50 years of experience, Maersk offers a wide range of integrated logistics solutions including ocean transport, inland transport, freight services, and more. They have widespread global networks and the capability to efficiently deliver cargo to all ports in Nigeria and worldwide.

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2. Zenith Carex International Limited

Zenith Carex International is an accredited cargo company with over 40 branches across Nigeria. They provide comprehensive clearing, forwarding, and freight forwarding services by air, sea, and land. With a team of over 750 personnel, Zenith Carex has gained immense trust through years of reliable and efficient cargo handling experience.

3. Value Handlers International Limited

As one of the pioneering cargo companies in Lagos, Value Handlers International has over three decades of experience in freight forwarding, customs clearance, cargo handling, procurement, and warehousing. They have capabilities to handle a variety of shipments including machinery, vehicles, chemicals, and more to over 80 countries globally.


TOPSHIP AFRICA offers versatile logistics solutions for individuals and businesses. They facilitate international and local cargo deliveries through sea and air freight with real-time tracking. TOPSHIP has wide service coverage across Africa and delivers parcels between 5-14 days on average through its network of agents.

5. Deduce Global Resources Limited

Deduce Global is a licensed customs agent and freight forwarder handling imports and exports via air and sea routes. They ensure timely cargo clearance and efficient deliveries. With an integrated IT system and professionals, Deduce Global provides customized logistics solutions for domestic and international cargo transport needs in Lagos State.

6. Confidence Global Logistics Limited

As an accredited cargo company, Confidence Global specializes in bonded terminal operations, clearing and forwarding as well as haulage services to all locations within and outside Nigeria. They have a modern facility and expertise to handle general cargoes, special cargo types, chartering, and shipping agency services proficiently.

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7. Cargo Marketing International

Cargo Marketing International offers comprehensive freight forwarding and logistics services to various industries through its network of partners. They consolidate import and export cargo at competitive rates for delivery via air, ocean, road, and rail modes. CMI also provides customized warehousing and distribution solutions.

8. Swiftrail Services Limited

Swiftrail Services is an indigenous cargo company known for reliable, efficient, and affordable logistics. They undertake clearing and forwarding, haulage, ISO tank container leasing, and marine services to all parts of Nigeria and overseas. With a modern facility, Swiftrail consistently meets the cargo transportation needs of enterprises and individuals.

9. HES Courier Limited

HES Courier provides multi-modal options for cargo movement. They have vast experience in shipping documents, parcels, luggage as well as full and part container loads. As an international service carrier, HES Courier meets global quality standards and ensures seamless cargo delivery across Nigeria and worldwide.

10. Denca Services Limited

Denca Services has many years of experience in freight forwarding, warehousing, and customs clearance. They handle general import and export cargo through land, sea, and air routes with a focus on oil and gas logistics. Denca operates from modern facilities in Lagos and ports to facilitate timely cargo movement into and outside Nigeria.

Additional Top Cargo Companies in Lagos State

Some other reputable cargo handling companies in Lagos providing excellent services include Fleet Logistics, ACE Logistics, Safeway Shipping, Multi-modal Transport, Sunflag Logistics, Accex Global Logistics, Silverline Logistics, CMA CGM, Sifax Nigeria and Nimasa Approved Cargo Agents.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cargo Company

When selecting a reliable cargo company in Lagos, consider the following aspects:

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Experience and Market Reputation

Go for an established company with many years of proven track record in cargo transportation.

Licensing and Accreditation

Ensure the company holds all required licenses from relevant government bodies like NIMASA, SON, etc.

Specialized Services

Consider companies that can specifically handle your cargo type – general, hazardous chemicals, vehicles, etc.

Delivery Networks and Reach

Check infrastructure and networks to destinations within and outside Nigeria.

Pricing and Additional Charges

Compare inclusive rates without hidden costs for deliverables.

Customer Service and Communication

Reputable companies often have excellent customer support systems.

Insurance and Damage Protection

Ensure cargo is fully covered against possible risks and losses.


1. What documents are required for cargo clearance in Nigeria?

Key documents required include a commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading/airway bill, certificate of origin, import permit (where applicable), and inspection certificate.

2. How long does it take for cargo delivery within Nigeria?

Standard delivery time for domestic cargo movement is 3-5 days depending on destination location but express services take 1-3 days.

3. What items cannot be shipped via cargo to Nigeria?

Prohibited items as per Nigerian Customs include narcotics, pornographic materials, explosives, poisonous substances, lottery materials, and used bags of cement.

4. Can individuals hire cargo companies for personal imports?

Yes, reputable cargo companies also handle personal imports/exports for individuals alongside bulk commercial cargo movement.

5. What payment options do cargo companies accept?

Standard payment modes are bank transfers and deposit slips but some companies also accept payments via online platforms and point of delivery.


The cargo transportation industry plays a pivotal role in the import/export ecosystem of Lagos state. Individuals and businesses can leverage the expertise and infrastructure of the top cargo companies listed above to efficiently deliver a variety of products via road, sea, and air on both international and domestic routes. Proper research and due diligence help choose the most suitable company depending on logistics needs, budget, and specialized services required.


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