Top 10 Best Insecticide Companies in Nigeria 2024

Agriculture plays a vital role in Nigeria’s economy. However, crop production faces challenges from pests and diseases. Insecticides help control these and boost yields. The insecticide market has grown tremendously over the years. Several companies have established themselves as leaders in the local production and importation of agrochemicals. Best Insecticide Companies in Nigeria

What are Insecticides?

Insecticides are chemical products used to kill insect pests. They are applied to crops, lawns, trees, and household areas. Common insecticide types include organophosphates, pyrethroids, and neonicotinoids. When used judiciously, they help control devastating insects safely and effectively. However, some can harm humans and the environment if misapplied. It’s important to follow application instructions carefully.

Top 10 Best Insecticide Companies in Nigeria

Here are the 10 leading insecticide companies based on market share, product range, reliability, and years of operation:

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1. Bayer Nigeria

Bayer is a global giant and Nigeria’s largest agrochemical supplier. They provide a wide array of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Some top products include Bestcyper, Confidor, and Anthropic. The company invests heavily in farmer training and product development.

2. Harvestfield Industries Limited

Established in 1989, Harvestfield supplies a diverse range of agro-inputs including herbicides, insecticides, and sprayers. They have several distribution centers nationwide and a good reputation for quality products and service. Some brands include Okola and Veto.

3. African Agro Commodities Limited

African Agro deals in crop protection chemicals, spraying equipment, and technical support. Their products such as Pyrifos and Alpha are very effective against many pests. The company has over 20 years of experience in the agrochemicals sector.

4. Notore Chemical Industries Plc

Notore manufactures NPK compound fertilizers and distributes agro-solutions through an extensive network. They have several local and international awards for agricultural development. The company’s products boost yields for many Nigerian farmers.

5. Primegold Chemical Industries Limited

Primegold makes premium fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and other agro-inputs in Rivers State. Their insecticides such as Confidor and Actellic help farmers control major crop threats. The company actively supports agricultural training programs.

6. Saro Agro Sciences Limited

Saro Agro imports and sells a wide range of crop protection products. They have many reputable international brands in their portfolio including Dursban, Karate, and Cymbush. The company collaborates with research institutions on new technologies.

7. Alphayel Ventures Limited

This Lagos-based firm supplies fertilizers, soil activators, and insecticides. Their chemicals are well-suited for field and orchard crops. Alphayel actively promotes sustainable agricultural practices.

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8. Chris Ejik Group of Companies

The group imports equipment, implements, and crop protection items. Key products include Ripcord for insect control and various herbicides. Chris Ejik supports farmers through extension services.

9. Biostadt Company

Biostadt manufactures foliar fertilizers, inoculants, and crop defense chemicals at their Lagos plant. Best-selling insecticides include Attack, Broadband, and Fastkill. The company exports to many African countries.

10. Agrochemicals and Plastics Industry Limited

This agro-input dealer imports and supplies agrochemicals nationwide. Their insecticide range includes Actara, Lannate, and Folidol which protect various crops from pests.

Role of Insecticide Companies in Nigeria’s Agriculture

The insecticide company plays a critical role in the country’s agricultural transformation and food security agenda. By providing effective, affordable crop protection products backed by expert advice, they help farmers increase yields sustainably. The companies also invest in research, training, and rural infrastructure development.

This boosts farmer incomes and the overall agribusiness value chain. Despite challenges, Nigeria’s agrochemical sector has immense potential for further growth and job creation if supported properly.

Factors Considered in Ranking Nigeria’s Top Insecticide Companies

In compiling the above ranking, key factors taken into account include:

  • Market share and sales volumes over time
  • Product range – diversity and suitability for Nigerian farming
  • Production and import capacity
  • Years of operation and track record
  • Distribution and retailing networks
  • Support for agriculture – provision of extension, research, tools, etc.
  • Certification and quality assurance systems
  • Sustainability practices and community development initiatives
  • Recognition and awards from industry bodies

The listed demonstrate strong capabilities in most of these criteria acquired over decades of serving Nigerian agriculture. However, the ranking may change as new players emerge and the market remains dynamic.

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Common FAQs About Leading Insecticide Companies in Nigeria

1. Which company has the widest range of agrochemical products in Nigeria?

Bayer Nigeria offers the most extensive portfolio of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other crop protection solutions in the country.

2. What are some highly effective insecticides from top local manufacturers?

Notore, Primegold, and Biostadt produce insecticides like Actellic and Broadband which control a broad spectrum of pests very well.

3. How can one access advice and support from these companies?

Most leaders operate distribution centers, where farmers can get guidance from agronomists as well as purchase inputs. They also organize outgrower schemes and training programs.

4. Do any of the companies export products from Nigeria?

Yes, Biostadt exports foliar fertilizers and crop protection chemicals produced at their Lagos plant to other African markets.

5. What type of research and development do these firms conduct?

Leaders partner with public universities and international institutions on adaptive trials, formulation development, and integrated pest management approaches tailored to local conditions.


The insecticide companies discussed here have become essential partners in the nation’s drive for agricultural self-sufficiency and food security. By delivering high-quality, effective agrochemicals along with training and advisory services, they support millions of Nigerian farmers annually. With continuity in capacity expansions, innovation, and community investment, this vital sector is well-positioned to further catalyze rural economic growth and development.


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