Top 10 Best Music Schools In Lagos In 2024

Lagos is known as the entertainment capital of Nigeria with a thriving music scene. It is home to some of the most successful musicians in Africa. For aspiring musicians, there is no better place to hone their musical skills than in Lagos. This article discusses the top 10 best Music Schools in Lagos that offer quality education to both amateur and professional musicians.

What is a Music School?

A music school is an educational institution dedicated to teaching students how to sing, play musical instruments, compose, conduct music, and more. Music schools provide private or group lessons covering different genres including classical, jazz, pop, rock, and more. Students learn music theory, gain practical skills, and work toward qualifications. The goal is to produce highly trained and skilled musicians.

Criteria for Choosing a Music School

When choosing the best Music School In Lagos, consider the following criteria:

  • Quality of training – Check student reviews and qualifications of teachers. Accreditations also signify a school’s credibility.
  • Areas of specialization – Choose a school that offers programs in your preferred music genre.
  • Facilities – Look for well-equipped classrooms, recording studios, performance halls, and more.
  • Program structure – Consider program durations, certifications available, and levels from basic to advanced.
  • Cost – Check school fees, available scholarships, or payment plans.
  • Location – Ease of access and proximity to your home are important.
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Top 10 Best Music Schools In Lagos

1. Muson School of Music

Top 10 Best Music Schools In Lagos In 2024

The Muson School of Music is the most prestigious music school in Nigeria, having trained some of the biggest musicians in the country. It provides foundational training in various instruments and offers a two-year diploma program. With well-qualified teachers and state-of-the-art facilities located at the prestigious Muson Centre, Muson is among the top recommendations for music education in Lagos.

2. Tenstrings Music Institute

Tenstrings Music Institute is one of the largest music schools in Nigeria with branches in different locations including Lekki, Surulere, Ikeja, and more. It offers a wide selection of courses in music performance, production, instruments, and more. They also offer the Rockschool examinations making them highly respectable. With many international students, Tenstrings is a great option for professional training.

3. Peter King College of Music

Founded by legendary musician Peter King, this college has produced successful acts like Asa and Lagbaja. Patterned after top UK and US schools, Peter King provides programs for music qualifications. It is reputed for classical and classical/jazz blended training making it a fine choice for aspiring jazz and classical musicians.

4. MountainTop Conservatory School of Music

Owned by the Mountain of Fire Ministry, this is a perfectly suitable choice for Christians. It offers pre-diploma to diploma-level programs for training church musicians through voice, instruments, and music theory lessons. To create excellent choir singers, it is a leading school for Christian sacred music education.

5. Lee Ellie Music School

Lee Ellie has trained numerous famous acts through professional music lessons for singing, piano, guitar, and more. They provide training suitable for children, amateurs, and professionals through individualized or group classes of short to long durations. With affordable fees and quality teachers, Lee Ellie is a great affordable option.

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6. Tonality Music International

Tonality specializes in vocal training, and instruments like guitar, saxophone, and piano among others. They also teach music production and other courses. With a mission to promote Gospel music globally, Tonality is an excellent choice for Christians seeking music education and career guidance aligned with their faith.

7. Edge Music Academy

Located in a serene environment suitable for focus, Edge Academy imparts skills in various genres through dedicated instructors. They groom talented musicians and help hone their craft through lessons, workshops, and other programs. Edge is suitable for all skill levels and aspiring professionals seeking immersive training.

8. Harry Field Music Academy

A specialist piano school, Harry Field teaches methods to master the beautiful instrument from scratch to perfection. Through leveled programs in a conducive environment, Harry Field helps produce highly skilled pianists suitable for shows or concerts.

9. Strauss School of Music

As a leading authority in classical and jazz genres, Strauss prepares serious musicians through in-depth programs. With expert tutors and a legacy spanning decades, Strauss is a premier choice for individuals passionate about classical or jazz piano and music theory.

10. Andel’s Art Academy

A multi-disciplinary school teaching visual arts, dance, and music, Andel’s offers courses in instruments, singing, and music foundations. It helps nurture well-rounded creatives alongside guiding their musical skills suitable for shows, recordings, or composing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of a music diploma program?

Diploma programs offered by reputable music schools in Lagos usually span two academic years of full-time on-campus training.

How much do music lessons cost?

Music lesson fees vary depending on the school, your preferred instrument, class size, and training intensity. On average, individual 30-minute classes range from ₦ 5,000 to ₦15,000 monthly while group classes are more affordable from ₦ 2,000 to ₦7,000.

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Can I learn music production in Lagos?

Yes, several excellent Music schools in Lagos like Tenstrings, Tonality, and Slur Sound Factory offer thorough courses in music production, sound engineering, composition, and related technical skills.

What instruments can I learn?

Most schools provide lessons for voice, piano, guitar, violin, saxophone, flute, trumpet, and percussion among many Western and African instruments. Some also teach indigenous talking drums.

Can I get financial assistance?

Top schools like Muson offer full scholarships supported by organizations while others have payment plans. You may also apply independently for scholarships from government, non-profits, and corporate organizations supporting arts education.


The Lagos music scene continues to produce global superstars with the right training platforms. The above recommendations for the top Music School In Lagos provide expert education in environments optimized for bringing out your best. Choosing the program that aligns with your musical passion, budget, and career goals will help you unlock your potential.


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