Top 10 Biggest Snail Farms In Nigeria 2024

Snail farming has proven to be one of the most profitable agribusinesses in Nigeria due to the high demand for snail meat and extract. With a well-structured operation, commercial snail farmers have been able to earn up to millions of nairas annually from the sale of live snails, processed meat, and byproducts like snail slime. In this article, we will be exploring the top 10 biggest snail farms in Nigeria for the year 2024 based on their land size, production capacity, and commercial activities.

Top 10 Biggest Snail Farms In Nigeria

1. Mikky Snail Farm

Mikky Snail Farm has maintained its spot as the number one largest snail farm in Nigeria for several years running. Sitting on 1.5 acres of land allocated for snail rearing, the farm produces over 500,000 processed snails monthly for local sales and export. In addition to snail farming, Mikky Snail Farm also engages in poultry production, crop farming, feed formulation, and farm consultancy services.

2. Dika Farms and Consults

Located in Abuja, Dika Farms has various sections dedicated to different farm activities including a large space for snail farming. In addition to rearing over 250,000 snails, the farm also processes and supplies live and packaged snails to hotels, restaurants, and individuals. Recently, Dika Farms began exporting processed snail meat to other countries as well.

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3. Thy Snail & Grasscutter Farm

Thy Snail and Grasscutter Farm in Ogun State has maintained its spot as the people’s favorite local snail farm. Situated on 2 hectares of land, the farm produces over 125,000 processed snails monthly making it one of the highest outputs. Other farm activities include fish farming, poultry production, grasscutter rearing, and animal husbandry.

4. Farm-Fresh Poultry & Snails

Based in Kwara State, Farm-Fresh specializes in snail processing, drying, and packaging services to meet NAFDAC standards. With a strong focus on snail and poultry farming, the farm produces thousands of processed snails weekly for sale within and outside the country. Farm-Fresh also offers training programs to educate new entrants.

5. SnailCare Farm

Located in Okokomaiko, Lagos, SnailCare Farm is devoted solely to snail rearing and processing. Offering services such as farm setup consultation, training, virtual mentoring, and customized snail feed formulation, the commercial farm supplies bulk orders of processed snails, meat, and other products.

6. Jiff Snail Farm

Situated in Nasarawa State, Jiff Snail Farm keeps giant snails and other exotic animals like monkeys, birds, and rodents. In addition to rearing over 150,000 snails, the farm produces and distributes live snails, processed meat, eggs, and customized feeds. Jiff Snail Farm also offers waste collection in exchange for feed ingredients.

7. Sunny Snail Farm

Specializing in snail farming and all aspects of the value chain, Sunny Snail Farm in Ogun State produces live and packaged snails, eggs, hatchlings, and ornamental shells for local sales. With an output of about 70,000 snails monthly, the farm has expanded to include processing and international distribution.

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8. Arapel Farm

Situated in Warri, Delta State, Arapel Farm engages in large-scale commercial snail farming across 43,400 square feet of land space. In addition to rearing over 300,000 snails annually, the farm exports processed meat and byproducts and also offers training, consultancy, and farm input sales services.

9. Tugate Snail Farm

Located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Tugate Farm keeps more than 200,000 snails in pens and houses. While producing thousands of live snails, eggs, and hatchlings weekly, the commercial farm also facilitates sales of farm materials and provides mentoring programs for upcoming farmers.

10 Roovision Snail Farm

Situated in Ughelli, Delta State, Roovision Farm offers a wide range of snail products and services. In addition to rearing over 150,000 giant snails, the commercial operation processes, packages, and distributes live snails, meat, and hatchlings. The farm also offers on-farm and online training programs.


How profitable is snail farming?

Snail farming can be highly profitable with proper management. With an initial investment of ₦500,000, a commercial farmer producing over 150,000 snails annually stands to make profits of over ₦5 million.

What are the common snail breeds reared?

The most popular breeds in Nigeria include the giant African land snail (Achatina achatina), brown globe snail (Achatina fulica), and white snail (Limicolaria flammea).

What are the basic requirements for snail farming?

Ideal housing, balanced feeding, proper record keeping, and disease control measures are some of the basic requirements besides capital and land space.

How can one start a commercial snail farm?

Obtain quality breeds, secure a sizable plot of land, construct pens and houses, acquire essential equipment, recruit labor, and market the farm’s products and services.

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What are the major challenges?

Predators, theft, diseases, and inadequate capital or skills can pose challenges. However, commercial snail farmers mitigate these through proper security, vaccination, and capacity building.


As the demand for high-protein meat increases in Nigeria, the top 10 biggest snail farms highlighted in this article will continue leveraging their commercial capacities and experience to meet local consumption and export needs. With adequate investment, management, and utilization of available opportunities, upcoming farmers can also position their operations to feature on this list in the coming years. Overall, snail farming remains a highly sustainable and profitable agribusiness venture.


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