Top 10 Car Tracking Companies in Abuja for 2024

As vehicle theft and fleet management needs continue to grow in Abuja, the demand for reliable car tracking services has also increased. Top car tracking companies in Abuja for 2024 offer cutting-edge technology to help vehicle owners and businesses keep track of their assets and enhance safety and security. This article provides a comprehensive list of the 10 best car tracking companies in Abuja, discussing their services, features, contact details, and more.

The Top 10 Car Tracking Companies in Abuja for 2024

1. Car Tracker Nigeria

Car Tracker Nigeria is one of the leading Car Tracking Companies in Abuja. They provide a range of affordable services for individual vehicle owners as well as fleet managers. Their services include live map tracking, speed limiters, glass protection, GPS tracking, and fleet management for up to 10 vehicles. With locations in major cities, Car Tracker Nigeria ensures nationwide coverage.

2. Otrac Telematics

Operating since 2009, Otrac Telematics is a trusted provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions in Abuja. They offer features such as printable reports and fleet management services at competitive prices. With its head office in Lagos and multiple offices across Nigeria, Otrac Telematics delivers quality services nationwide.

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3. GPS Car Tracking Service

GPS Car Tracking Service is renowned for its exceptional vehicle tracking and fleet management services. They provide reliable services to numerous companies and corporations. Features include live GPS tracking, tracking alerts, and fleet management. GPS Car Tracking Service also offers fuel monitoring and vehicle recovery solutions.

4. Track Plus Nigeria

Track Plus Nigeria is a reputable Car Tracking Company with offices in major cities across Nigeria. They provide durable tracking products to efficiently monitor vehicles. Track Plus Nigeria ensures customer satisfaction with reliable tracking solutions.

5. Auto Tracker Nigeria

With over a decade of experience, Auto Tracker Nigeria has earned a top-rated reputation in the car tracking industry. They focus on affordable services and excellent customer service. Features include online vehicle tracking, engine immobilization, and GPS location tracking via smartphones.

6. Lusec Technologies

Located in Wuse, Abuja, Lusec Technologies provides a range of security and electronic solutions including car tracking services. In addition to vehicle tracking, they offer CCTV installation, inverter systems, access control, and more. Lusec Technologies ensures satisfying services for clients in Abuja.

7. Delion Group

Based in Garki, Abuja, Delion Group is a leading provider of home and vehicle security services. Their car tracking solutions help fleet managers and vehicle owners monitor assets efficiently and enhance safety. Delion Group has experienced staff and cutting-edge technology.

8. Prime Track

Prime Track offers reliable car tracking and fleet management from their office in Wuse 2 Extension, Abuja. Their services are targeted towards efficient fleet monitoring and enhanced asset security. Prime Track has experience satisfying major corporate clients with quality tracking solutions.

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9. CoTrac Nigeria

Located in Garki, Abuja, CoTrac Nigeria provides robust vehicle tracking and recovery services. They incorporate the latest technology and techniques to efficiently track and recover client assets when needed. CoTrac Nigeria ensures optimal fleet management and safety.

10. PureWeb Securities

PureWeb Securities located in Garki offers a range of security solutions including advanced video surveillance, access control, and biometric systems. For asset and personnel tracking, they provide reliable car tracking services leveraging cutting-edge technologies.


Here are some frequently asked questions about car tracking companies in Abuja:

What features should I look for in a car tracking system?

Key features include live tracking, geofencing, route tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and fleet management tools.

How much do car tracking systems usually cost?

Prices vary depending on features but basic systems start from ₦30,000 while fleet management systems range from ₦100,000-₦500,000.

Is vehicle tracking legal in Nigeria?

Yes, vehicle tracking is legal as long as the appropriate consent is received from owners and drivers. It helps enforce safety and prevent vehicle theft.

What are the benefits of professional car tracking services?

Benefits include live tracking, fleet optimization, fuel monitoring, timely vehicle recovery, preventive maintenance alerts and more.

Can a car tracking device be removed illegally?

Removing a tracking device without consent is considered theft. Devices are installed discreetly to deter theft and ensure optimal monitoring.


The car tracking industry in Abuja is robust with reliable providers applying advanced technologies. This article reviewed the top 10 car tracking companies in Abuja – their features, locations, and specialized services. Professional tracking solutions provide optimal fleet management, enhance safety and security, recover lost assets efficiently, and offer additional benefits. Vehicle owners and companies can select providers based on their unique requirements and budget.


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