The Rise And Growth Of the Top 10 Largest Forum Websites in The World

Internet forums have become a mainstream platform for online discussions and community building. Over the years, some forums have gained immense popularity and today occupy leadership positions among the world’s largest online forums. This article discusses the top 10 largest forum websites in the world based on their registered member count and popularity.

What are the top 10 largest forum websites in the world?

Here is the list of the top 10 largest forum websites in the world:

1. Reddit

With over 430 million monthly active users, Reddit is currently the largest forum website globally. Founded in 2005, it allows users to vote on content, resulting in the most popular content floating to the top. It has wide-ranging discussions on various topics.

2. Quora

Quora has over 300 million monthly active users making it the second largest forum globally. It is a question-answer website where users post questions and other users provide answers. Answers can be upvoted or downvoted.

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3. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a dedicated forum for programmers with over 10 million registered users. It allows programmers, coders, and developers to ask questions and provide answers on various coding languages and programming problems.

4. Twitter

Though primarily a micro-blogging site, Twitter with over 300 million monthly active users also functions as a discussion forum. Its hashtag feature allows the grouping of tweets on particular topics, serving as mini forums.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is a classified advertisement website with forums for local discussions and questions. It has over 55 million monthly visitors, making it one of the largest forums.

6. Nairaland

Founded in 2005, Nairaland is the largest forum in Africa with over 3 million registered members. It hosts discussions on various topics related to Nigeria and Africa.

7. Facebook Groups

Facebook allows the creation of topic-based groups that function as online forums. Very popular groups have memberships running into millions, making some Facebook Groups among the largest forums.

8. Tribal Wars Forums

Tribal Wars is a popular multiplayer strategy browser game. Its official forums have heavy traffic from the game’s millions of global players, making it one of the top gaming forums.

9. Forums

As the name suggests, these forums focus on bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition, and related topics. With over 100 million annual visits, it is a leading health and fitness discussion hub.

10. Hupu

A Chinese sports discussion forum, Hupu has millions of registered members, most of whom are soccer fans. It is one of the largest sports communities online.

Top 10 Largest Forum Websites in The World

Forums have been an integral part of online communities since the early days of the internet. They served as one of the earliest platforms for people from different geographical locations to come together, interact, and share ideas on various topics of interest. Over the decades, some forums grew tremendously in popularity and size, emerging as Top 10 Largest Forum Websites in The World. Let’s explore these leading forums in detail.

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Reddit – The front page of the internet

Founded in 2005, Reddit is today the single largest online forum with over 430 million monthly active users from around the world. It has communities dedicated to almost every topic, called subreddits. The voting system ensures the most popular submissions rise to the top. A wide genre of discussions makes it hugely popular.

Quora – A knowledge-sharing platform

Launched in 2009, Quora functions as a question-answer-based community with over 300 million monthly users. Users can ask questions on any topic, which are then answered by other Quora users or subject experts. Upvotes help determine the best answers. It strives to spread knowledge on various topics.

Stack Overflow – Developers’ best friend

Dedicated exclusively to programming questions, Stack Overflow has over 10 million registered users since its 2008 launch. It aims to make all code-related solutions easily searchable and helps fellow developers resolve their problems. Badges and reputation points keep users engaged.

Twitter – Where discussions trend

Though known more as a micro-blogging site, Twitter with over 300 million users also hosts vibrant discussions through hashtags. Topical hashtags group relevant tweets, running like mini discussion forums. Trending hashtags highlight the most engaged topics at that time.

Craigslist – Grassroots classifieds platform

Founded in 1995, Craigslist disrupted online classifieds with its simplicity. It has grown a large following through community pinboards and discussions, with over 55 million monthly visitors engaging in local discussions.

Nairaland – Nigeria’s largest forum

Launched in 2005, Nairaland today is the largest online forum in Nigeria and Africa with over 3 million members. It hosts discussions on diverse topics but predominantly around news and developments in Nigeria.

Key Features of the Top 10 Largest Forum Websites in The World

These leading forums share some common features that have enabled their massive growth over the years:

Simple and intuitive user interface

Minimalistic designs have made these forums easy to navigate for new users. Search options help find relevant discussions quickly.

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Engaging community features

Voting systems, badges, reputation points, and notifications keep users invested in the platform through rewards and feedback loops.

Content diversity and organization

Topics are grouped under descriptive categories/subreddits. Wide genres of discussions attract varying interests.

Mobile Optimization

Responsive designs and apps ensure accessibility across devices, following users in their online/offline movements.

Moderation and safety features

Guidelines and volunteer/employee moderators maintain civility while allowing open discussions.

Integrations and single sign-on

Options to log in through existing credentials expand communities and facilitate user experience.

Consistency in outages and server speeds

Reliable infrastructure keeps user engagement high by ensuring low downtimes and optimal performance.

Revenue Models of Top 10 Largest Forum Websites in The World

These highly successful forums generate substantial revenues through various monetization strategies:


Contextual ads are displayed across the site/app, with premium promotional placements available. Reddit e.g. had $100 million ad sales in 2017.

Sponsored/promoted content

Selected submitted content can be highlighted through paid promotions, as on Quora. Businesses also sponsor relevant forums.

Freemium subscriptions

Paid tiers offer ad-free experiences with additional privileges like prioritized support. Reddit has 1000+ paid subscribers.

Affiliate marketing

Commissions from referral sales of featured/discussed products. Amazon affiliate links are featured on relevant subreddits.

Data monetization

Aggregated anonymized info on user interests and behaviors helps improve product targeting for advertisers.

Value added services

Specialized extras like bot-building API (Discord), and resume-making assistance (Reddit) provide additional monetizing avenues.

Crowdfunding and donations

Some communities rely on user donations to cover server charges and reward top contributors.


What is the purpose of forums?

Forums serve as online platforms for people from different backgrounds to come together, seek information, engage in healthy discussions, share ideas, and help each other on matters of common interests.

How do forums make money?

Top forums generate revenues through diversified monetization strategies like advertisements, paid subscriptions, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, data monetization, value-added services, and charitable donations.

Which is the oldest forum currently?

Usenet, the precursor to modern forums launched in 1979, is considered the oldest surviving forum platform. Nevertheless, forums like WebHostingTalk and Anthropic active since the late 1990s are among the oldest existing forums.

How do new forums gain popularity?

New forums need great leadership, a large engaged user base, well-optimized UX, wide content coverage, reliable infrastructure, and positive word of mouth/references from authority sites to gain momentum and a big user base over time.

Are forums still relevant in today’s social media era?

Yes, forums provide focused niche-based long-form discussions compared to brief updates on social platforms. They remain very relevant for topics where explanations, advice, and troubleshooting hold more value than likes/shares.


Forums have evolved as one of the earliest mass collaboration platforms online. A few strategic forums have risen far above others through consistent innovation, community-centric strategies, and largesse in content coverage. The top forums also demonstrate monetization is viable for platforms primarily focused on bringing people together rather than the content itself. While social media is expanding, area-specific forums will continue serving the specialized information needs of many user groups.


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