Top 10 Largest Stock Video Websites in The World 2024

Stock videos have become an essential asset for video creators worldwide. With demand for visual content only increasing, stock video libraries provide easy access to royalty-free footage and licensing options tailored to various needs. This article focuses on the top 10Largest Stock Video Websites in The World 2024 based on the size of their video libraries, popularity, pricing models, and licensing options. Read on to learn about the features these websites offer and how they can enhance your video projects.

Top 10 Largest Stock Video Websites in The World 2024

1. Artlist

Top 10 Largest Stock Video Websites in The World 2024

Artlist is one of the Top 10 Largest Stock Video Websites in The World known for its high-quality 4K and 8K stock video content. It offers various subscription plans including one that provides unlimited access to its entire library of stock videos. Users appreciate Artlist for the broad diversity of footage available, from nature scenes to events and portraits. The website maintains an easy-to-use interface and offers simple royalty-free licensing.

2. Shutterstock

Top 10 Largest Stock Video Websites in The World 2024

With over 300,000 new video clips added each month, Shutterstock hosts one of the largest collections of stock videos worldwide. In addition to footage, it also provides stock music, images, and editing tools. Users can buy individual clips or opt for a monthly subscription plan that offers extra downloads. Footage quality ranges from SD to 5K, though premium clips cost more. Shutterstock’s vast library caters to all budget and content needs.

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3. Adobe Stock

As one of the [Top 10 Largest Stock Video Websites in The World 2024], Adobe Stock makes professionally licensed stock content accessible to everyone. It focuses on hand-picked, high-quality footage for multiple uses, from marketing projects to filmmakers. Users enjoy the seamless integration of Adobe Stock assets with Creative Cloud apps. The site maintains reasonable pricing and bulk purchase discounts. Its growing library now holds over 150 million assets.

4. Envato Elements

Envato Elements delivers an all-in-one solution for creative assets with unlimited downloads of videos, photos, templates, and other files. While boasting a massive video inventory, it also provides useful extras like overlays, lower thirds, and stock characters. Users can preview clips hassle-free before bulk purchasing through affordable subscription plans. The collection caters to novices and professionals alike.

5. Storyblocks

Storyblocks gives content creators signing up access to an extensive library of stock footage. The website curates bundles of footage centered around various genres, moods, and subject matter. Users appreciate the ease of navigating bundles to find clips fitting their specific needs. Storyblocks subscriptions are budget-friendly while offering unlimited downloads and commercial use licenses.

6. Pond5

As one of the pioneers in the stock content industry, Pond5 maintains a reputation for high-quality videos along with competitive pricing models. Users can search through various categories, including nature, lifestyles, events, and cities. The site constantly uploads new clips in HD, 2K, 4K, and other formats. While individual purchases are available, subscriptions offer better value through monthly video allotments.

7. iStock

iStock originated as a stock photo site and later expanded into videos and other media types. It curates content shared by an international community of photographers and videographers. The site caters to commercial, editorial, and personal content needs through basic and extended license options. Users can search through billions of assets and buy on demand or through subscription plans tailored for individual or extended teams.

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8. Videezy

Videezy features a broad collection of stock video clips from aerial to urban footage captured by indie filmmakers. Users are attracted to its simple free-to-use licensing, where clips can be incorporated into video projects with attribution. The site also offers premium license upgrades and After Effects templates. Various filters aid focused browsing through the large library.

9. Videoblocks

Owned by Shutterstock, Videoblocks emerges as one of the go-to marketplaces for stock footage by offering high-quality clips at competitive rates. It caters to professional creators in advertising, media, and corporate domains with library assets created by world-class cinematographers and production companies. Users benefit from flexible pricing, bulk volume discounts, and no hidden fees.

10. Getty Images

As the last entry in the top 10 list, Getty Images holds a vast stock library that goes beyond videos into photography, illustrations, and 3D models. Users have simple access to safety-stock, raw, and production-ready clips categorized around key themes and talents. The site now delivers 8K footage and integrates with leading design tools. It maintains one of the most extensive content collections online.

pricing models of the top 10 largest stock video websites

  1. Artlist – Offers 3 subscription plans – $29.99/month for HD footage, $49.99/month for 4K, and $79.99/month for unlimited 4K downloads.
  2. Shutterstock – Pricing starts from $65 for SD clips. HD clips cost $79, while 4K clips are $179. Membership plans offer 10-30 clips per month from $69-119.
  3. Adobe Stock – Plans include $29.99/month for 3 clips or $149.99 for 16 edits. Individual clips start from $79 for HD and $199 for 4K.
  4. Envato Elements – Offers unlimited downloads for $16.50/month or $199 annually. The premium plan is $29/month.
  5. Storyblocks – Basic plan allows 5 HD clips/month for $19, unlimited downloads for $39, and access to all assets for $65/month.
  6. Pond5 – Starts at $25 per clip but memberships provide 10 clips/month from $199-999 annually. Credit packs offer bulk discounts.
  7. iStock – Individual clips cost $60-170. Plans start at $199/month for 10 clips with rollovers or $12/credit in bulk packs.
  8. Videezy – Free content comes with attribution. Paid upgrades remove watermarks from $19 to-49 depending on credits.
  9. Videoblocks – Subscription costs $69-169/month for 5-20 clips respectively or $249-649 annually.
  10. Getty Images – Individual clips range from $75-7000. Memberships offer 3 clips/month from $299 or packs of 5-25 clips.
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All sites offer discounted annual plans and student/team rates. Most provide flexible payment options through credits/packs or customized enterprise solutions.


Q1. What kinds of licenses are available for stock videos?

Most stock video sites offer either royalty-free or rights-managed licenses. Royalty-free provides one-time access for unlimited usage. Rights-managed limits use to pre-approved duration, placement, and geography.

Q2. How much do stock videos usually cost?

Pricing varies based on licensing, footage length, format, and site. Individual SD clips cost $30-100 on average, while HD clips range from $50-300. Monthly memberships offering set clip quotas are more affordable, starting from $10-50.

Q3. Can stock videos be used for commercial purposes?

In most cases, yes – as long as the proper license guidelines are followed. Sites clearly specify restrictions like if a clip is only for editorial, non-profit, or personal use. Professionals prefer royalty-free licenses allowing commercial redistribution.

Q4. Is attribution required when using stock videos?

Attribution requirements depend on the specific license terms. Royalty-free licenses usually don’t require crediting, while certain sites may ask for recognition in the final project credits or acknowledgements section. It’s best to cross-check before use.

Q5. What video formats and resolutions are commonly available?

Standard definition, high definition 1080p, 4K ultra HD, and sometimes up to 8K footage can be found on major stock sites. Popular file formats include MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, and MXF. Some sites offer RAW and ProRes codecs for professional workflows.


In this article, we explored the top 10 largest stock video websites based on the size and quality of their libraries, ease of use, pricing models and licensing options. While individual needs vary, these websites provide a comprehensive selection of royalty-free clips to enhance any video project. From simple explainer videos to full-fledged films and documentaries, stock videos play a big role in visual storytelling. With constant uploads of new content, these sites ensure videographers have fresh media choices for all future projects as well.


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