Top 10 Most Lucrative Business Opportunities in Ghana 2024

The Top 10 Most Lucrative Business Opportunities in Ghana

Ghana has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa in recent years. The country offers a business-friendly environment and strong economic growth potential. If you are looking for lucrative business opportunities in Ghana to start with limited capital, here are the top 10 most profitable options to consider. All these ventures require low startup costs but have high-profit margins. Let’s explore each opportunity in detail.

1. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming, which includes rearing chickens, ducks, and turkey, is one of the most lucrative agribusinesses in Ghana. Demand for meat and egg products is steadily rising. You can earn good profits by meeting this demand through a poultry farm. Starting a poultry business requires low investment in infrastructure like coops and feed but returns are promising if best practices are followed.

Benefits of poultry farming

  • Stable market demand for chicken, eggs, and other poultry products.
  • Regular cash flow from egg sales along with occasional meat income.
  • Low maintenance costs after initial infrastructure setup.
  • Favorable agro-climatic conditions in Ghana.

2. Real Estate

Ghana’s urban population is growing at a rapid pace, increasing demand for housing. This makes real estate one of the most highly profitable ventures with guaranteed returns. You can enter this industry as an agent and earn commissions from property sale/rental transactions. Alternatively, invest directly by purchasing apartments or land for development. Proper research and tie-ups with builders can lead to handsome profits in real estate.

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Some real estate options include:

  • Residential property development
  • Commercial real estate like malls or office spaces
  • Vacation rental properties in tourist regions

3. Photography

With the selfie craze and rising social media obsession, professional photographers are in high demand. Whether it’s for events, portraits, or product photography, people are willing to pay good prices. You need basic camera equipment and photo editing skills to start a photography business in Ghana. Investing in good lighting and backdrops can help you attract customers. Marketing your work on social platforms like Instagram is important to gain popularity. With experience, you can specialize in areas like weddings or product photography.

4. Driving School

Many Ghanaians learn to drive to obtain licenses or upgrade their skills. By starting a driving school, you can cater to this demand and also train professionals. The approval process may require documentation, but it’s a stable business otherwise. Maintaining a fleet of vehicles for training and hiring qualified instructors is essential. Regular marketing through local channels and word-of-mouth can help you attract students. Over time, you can expand offerings to include advanced driving courses.

5. Agricultural and Agro-Processed Businesses

Ghana has ideal climatic conditions for agriculture and a government supporting the sector. You can consider farming staples like maize, rice, vegetables, or fruits on leased land. Alternatively, take up agro-processing by establishing mills, packaging units, etc. Partnering with cooperatives can help procure raw materials in bulk. Selling value-added goods like packaged grains or fruit pulp gives better margins than selling primary produce. With time, you may experiment with organic produce cultivation too.

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Some agribusiness options:

  • Maize or rice milling plant
  • Fruit and vegetable processing center
  • Organic farming of high-demand crops

6. Unisex Hair Salon

Grooming and personal care services have growing demand across Ghana. A hair salon caters to both men and women seeking professional styling, treatments, and product sales. Investment in quality equipment, trained beauticians, and appealing interiors are important. Regular training workshops help staff learn new techniques to offer clients. Marketing through social media and networking events works well for client acquisition and retention. Consistent service quality and hygiene standards are necessary for success in this competitive industry.

7. Mobile Phone Accessories Sale

With rising smartphone ownership, related accessories become essential buys. Selling popular phone cases, chargers, selfie sticks, and Bluetooth devices can earn you profits. Set up an online or retail store stacking different brands. Alternately, pursue wholesale and supply accessories to local stores and mobile repair shops. Stay updated about the latest gadgets and track consumer preferences. Social media promotion helps create online visibility for your accessories business in Ghana.

8. Micro-lending

Micro-lending or microfinance refers to providing small loans, sometimes coupled with financial/business training to entrepreneurs. Demand exists due to limited access to bank credits for many Ghanaians, especially in rural regions. You need thorough paperwork and high capital to begin micro-lending legally as a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC). Another model is partnering with an established MFI as an agent. Careful assessment of loan-worthiness is important while reasonable interest ensures regular repayments.

9. Car Wash Services

Vehicle maintenance holds importance in Ghana as elsewhere. Proper car hygiene boosts resale value too. Provide dedicated car washing, polishing, interior cleaning, and other vehicle care services from a stationary outlet or via mobile vans. Standard equipment like pressure pumps, soap solutions, and drying tools are basic requirements here. Marketing car wash packages for different vehicle segments can help attract consistent clientele. Periodic promotional campaigns sweeten your service quality proposition in this space.

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10. Bakery

Bakeries selling freshly baked bread, pastries, and snacks see growing demand in Ghanaian cities and towns. Setting up your bakery production unit requires initial capital for machinery, but rewards include steady profits. Develop signature product lines catering to local tastes. Effective marketing of daily delivery services, wholesale deals, and occasion packages helps you scale the bakery business.


What permits or licenses do I need to start a business in Ghana?

You need to register your business withRegistrar General’s Department and obtain a Tax Identification Number from the Ghana Revenue Authority. Some industries may require additional permits.

What paperwork is involved in the real estate business?

You need documentation like title deeds, maps, and building permits as applicable. Knowing property and tenancy laws is important to avoid disputes.

How do I obtain funds to start a poultry farm?

Look up agriculture loans from banks and government schemes. Crowdfunding and partners who invest capital in return for future profits are other options.

What are the challenges of agribusiness in Ghana?

Unreliable rainfall, high input costs, lack of cold chain logistics, and price fluctuations in produce markets pose challenges needing mitigation.

How do I promote my photography business?

Digital content marketing through your website and active social media profiles showing your portfolio attracts clients. Networking with event organizers leads to important project opportunities too.


To conclude, these Top 10 businesses provide lucrative avenues for entrepreneurs in Ghana. With proper planning and continued improvements, you can earn sustained profits despite initial hiccups. Choosing an idea aligned with your skills and interests ensures long-term motivation too. Overall, Ghana’s pro-business policies make these ventures a safe bet for investment in 2024 and beyond. Careful market study remains important before launching any new business.


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