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Top 10 Richest Females in Kannywood for 2024

Kannywood, also known as the Hausa-language film industry of Northern Nigeria, is home to some incredibly talented female stars. These women work hard as actresses and have also diversified their careers with business ventures and brand partnerships. Here is a look at the top 10 richest females in Kannywood for the year 2024 based on their estimated net worth and sources of income.

What is the net worth of the top females in Kannywood?

The net worth of females in Kannywood can vary from year to year depending on their career successes and business ventures. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 richest females based on our research:

Rahama Sadau – Estimated net worth of $300,000 (₦138.1 million)

Hadiza Aliyu Gabon – Estimated net worth of $250,000 (₦115.1 million)

Nafisa Abdullahi – Estimated net worth of $217 million (₦100 million)

Fati Washa – Estimated net worth of $70,000 (₦31.9 million)

Maryam Booth – Estimated net worth of $100,000 (₦46 million)

Jamila Nagudu – Estimated net worth of $200,000 (₦92 million)

Hafsat Idris – Estimated net worth of $50,000 (₦23 million)

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Mansurah Isah – Estimated net worth of $200,000 (₦92 million)

Aisha Tsamiya – Estimated net worth of $60,000 (₦27.3 million)

Zainab Indomie – Estimated net worth varies but in the millions


How do these females earn their wealth?

The top sources of wealth for these females include acting careers in Kannywood movies, endorsement deals with brands, ventures into music, modeling, and entrepreneurship through businesses. Let’s explore some examples:

Rahama Sadau

As the richest female in Kannywood, Rahama earns the majority of her estimated $300,000 net worth through a prolific acting career starring in hits like “Gani Ga Wane” and diversifying with Nollywood roles. She also owns the beauty company Dee Dee Films and the production house Sadau Pictures. Additionally, Rahama earns from brand endorsements and her NGO work.

Hadiza Aliyu Gabon

As well as earning through her acclaimed acting roles, Hadiza owns the beauty and clothing brands Beaute Naturelle and Classic Sewing by Adizatou. She also works as a brand ambassador for MTN Nigeria and Indomie noodles.

Nafisa Abdullahi

Beyond her film career, Nafisa owns the cosmetics brand Naf Cosmetics, the fashion brand Naaf Closet, and the coffee shop Larous Cafe. She earns additionally from endorsements with brands like Pepsi Nigeria.

Fati Washa

Hailing from Bauchi State, Fati got her big break in 2011 and has since become a household name. She releases song covers on her social media pages that have attracted millions of views. Fati is a qualified fashion designer and uses her skills and influence to support local artisans.

Maryam Booth

The Kano-born rising star won acclaim for her role in 2020’s historic film “The Milkmaid”. Along with her MBooth Collections business, Maryam advocates for women through her foundation New Beginnings. She was named Youth Ambassador by an NGO in recognition of her humanitarian efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is currently the richest female in Kannywood?

Based on estimated earnings from multiple sources, Rahama Sadau is considered the richest female in Kannywood in 2023.

How do these actresses make money?

The top actresses in Kannywood earn income primarily from acting in films. However, many have diversified into ventures like music, modeling, and owning businesses related to beauty, fashion, food, and more. Endorsement deals with major brands are another key source of wealth.

Do any of these women have careers beyond Kannywood?

Yes, several of the top actresses like Rahama Sadau and Nafisa Abdullahi have ventured successfully into Nollywood films and television as well. This has helped expand their fan base and earnings potential significantly.



The success achieved by the top 10 richest females in Kannywood showcases the incredible talent and entrepreneurial spirit of women in the industry. While acting remains the primary source of income, venturing into other business areas has helped diversify and increase the wealth of these stars. As Kannywood continues to evolve and expand its reach, we can expect to see even greater success from these inspiring actresses.


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