Top 10 Richest Governors in Nigeria 2024 with Their Net Worth

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The Top 10 Richest Governors in Nigeria 2024

Being a governor in Nigeria is a very lucrative position as many governors have amassed enormous wealth both before and during their time in office. While corruption and embezzlement of public funds continue to be problems, some governors have legitimately earned their fortunes through successful businesses and investments over the years.

According to recent reports from websites like UpdateBriefly and Nigerian Queries that profile the financial status of politicians, the top 10 richest governors in Nigeria for 2024 include Mohammed Umar Bago of Niger State with an estimated net worth of $700 million, Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State at $550 million, and Nurudeen Adeleke of Osun State valued at $450 million.

Other wealthy governors on the list are Uba Sani of Kaduna, Dapo Abiodun of Ogun, Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra, and Godwin Obaseki of Edo State. Sources of wealth for these governors range from flourishing private sector careers to established oil, real estate, and banking ventures over many years.


1. Mohammed Umar Bago of Niger State – $700 Million Net Worth

The man with the golden Midas touch, none other than Governor Mohammed Umar Bago of Niger State! With an eye-popping net worth of $700 million, this banker-turned-governor comfortably sits atop the money throne as Nigeria’s richest governor. But how did he get there?

Rumour has it Bago was born into wealth. As the privileged scion of a prominent family in Niger State, money was no object from a young age. Though this afforded young Mo many luxuries, it didn’t make him lazy – far from it! Even as a child, he showed great business acumen. Do you remember the lemonade stand craze of the 80s? Well, Bago took it to a whole new level with his empire of tuck shops across the neighborhood. The profits came flooding in!

A Banking Baron is Born

It was during his university years that Bago’s true calling emerged. Mesmerized by the financial wizards of Wall Street, he decided banking was the game. Fast track to today and Bago is a heavyweight in the industry, rising to become a director at premier banks like UBA and First City Monument Bank. His canny investments and deal-making savvy have seen his personal wealth balloon over the years.

From Banking to Big Politics

By the time Bago turned 40, he was ready for a new challenge. Friends say politics was in his blood – maybe it runs in the family? In 2015, he set his sights on the Niger State governorship and waged a star-studded campaign. Four years later, the people renewed their trust in this leader with a golden touch. Under his watch, Niger State has seen unprecedented investments and development.

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2. Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State – $550 Million Net Worth

Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State, with an impressive net worth of $550 million! But I bet when young Simi was growing up, he never imagined he’d make it this big, eh?

From Humble Beginnings

Sources say Simi came from a humble background. As a boy in Port Harcourt, he had to work hard in school to support his family. Lucky for him, numbers were his superpower. He zoomed through university with flying colors in Accounting. So I guess we can thank those math genes for his money savvy today!

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

With degrees in hand, Simi was ready to take on the world. He landed a gig at an oil firm in Rivers State. Through grit and smarts, he rose to become a Finance Director. Along the way, Simi also earned an MBA and kept growing his skills. Joining the big leagues must have taught him invaluable lessons on wealth creation, no?

A Leap into Politics

By 2015, Simi’s private sector success had been noticed. When former gov. Wike came calling, he accepted the role of Accountant General for Rivers State. There, Simi’s prudent financial guidance helped transform the state. Four years later, the people decided they wanted him in the top job!


3. Nurudeen Adeleke of Osun State – $450 Million Net Worth

Alright friends, gather around as we discuss Governor Nurudeen Adeleke of Osun State, with an impressive net worth of $450 million! Now this man surely knows a thing or two about making that money, but how did he get his start?

A Musical Beginning

Believe it or not, Nurudeen’s first claim to fame wasn’t in politics – it was in music! Born in 1960, he comes from a prominent family in the entertainment industry. His brother is the legendary musician Davido. So you could say the seeds of success were planted early.

Moving to America

After school in Nigeria, Nurudeen flew to America for university. There, he studied Business Administration at an Alabama college. Living abroad exposed him to new opportunities and ways of thinking. Did the American dream lifestyle also spark his business ambitions?

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

After college, Nurudeen stayed in the US and never looked back. He launched a string of wildly successful ventures, from agriculture to real estate. Word has it that some of his American investments alone are worth over $100 million! Through the decades, his portfolio just kept growing.

Returning as a Titan

By the 2010s, Nurudeen had truly made his fortune overseas. He returned to Nigeria an international businessman looking for a new challenge. In 2018, he entered the political arena and won election as Osun State’s governor.

Today in his second term at 62, Nurudeen has brought his entrepreneurial flair to governance. Despite controversies, Osun is thriving under his leadership. And with smarts cultivated across decades, his $450 million net worth proves this is one governor who’s truly mastered the game!


4. Uba Sani of Kaduna State – $400 Million Net Worth

Born in 1970, Uba studied Mechanical Engineering and also earned degrees in Finance. Even as a young man, he had a brilliant mechanical mind. Does working with engines and tools spark anyone else’s interest?

Early Career Success

With qualifications in hand, Uba quickly found success. He worked with major corporations in key engineering roles. Projects under his belt improved infrastructure across Nigeria. Through the decades, his expertise and business savvy also grew exponentially.

A Venture into Politics

By the late 2000s, Uba’s private sector success had opened new doors. He served as a Special Adviser and Senator between 2015-2019. There, his collaborative skills and deep policy knowledge were assets. But was political fame just the beginning for our ambitious engineer?

A Governor is Born

In 2019, the people of Kaduna tapped Uba to be their new governor. Since assuming office, he has focused on attracting investments using public-private partnerships. Has balancing state affairs with his business empire been tough?

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5. Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State – $314 Million Net Worth

Alright folks, let’s talk about the money master Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State, with a cool $314 million net worth! But how did an accountant turn his numbers into fortunes?

A Noble Birth and Bookish Beginnings

Born in 1960 to an aristocratic family, young Dapo was destined for great things. As a kid, he loved arithmetic class – must have known counting cash would pay off someday, right?

Academic Adventures

Dapo excelled at university studying accounting, as we expected! The number cruncher also earned an MBA abroad, expanding his horizons. Did international exposure fuel even bigger dreams?

Building Business Empire

Zoning in on oil and gas, Dapo climbed the corporate ladder. Soon he founded several successful firms, like Hyden Petroleum. Decades of prudent investments really paid off – all while raising a family too!

Taking on a New Challenge

By the late 2010s, Dapo had truly made his fortune. But being an eternal optimist, he felt ready to give back. In 2019, he entered the governor’s race focused on progress.

Leading the Way in Ogun

4 years on, infrastructure and industry are booming under Dapo. His public-private partnerships attract investors. Has balancing books and state affairs been tough?


6. Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State – $300 Million Net Worth

Born in 1960, “Master Solu” excelled at school. He bagged not one, not two, but THREE impressive degrees from UNEC – the best student each time, no less! Talk about going above and beyond, yeah?

A Banking Baron is Born

Impressively, Soludo went on to become a Professor while still in his 20s. But the brilliant boffin‚Äôs skills were needed elsewhere. He rose to govern Nigeria’s Central Bank between 2004-2009.

High Profile Private Sector Career

Post-CBN, Soludo worked with international bodies like the IMF and World Bank. His expertise guided investment decisions worth billions. No wonder personal wealth also blossomed!

Taking the Political Plunge

By 2022, Soludo decided to channel his talents closer to home. He campaigned to be Anambra’s governor with skill and elan. Since assuming office, progress has followed!


7. Godwin Obaseki of Edo State – $225 Million Net Worth

Let us get to know the formidable Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, with an amazing $225 million net worth. But how did he build such fortune over the decades?

Born for Greatness

Born in 1957, Godwin excelled at school from a young age. After graduating top of his class from UI with a degree in Classics, his fate seemed written in the stars!

Strengthening His Foundation

Eager to expand his horizons, Godwin then pursued further studies in finance abroad. Top unis like Columbia and Pace cultivated his skills. Was the world his oyster by then?

A Banking Baron is Born

Godwin forged a stellar 30+ year career in investment banking and business, rising through the ranks. His financial expertise guided many ventures to prosperity.

The Unlikeliest of Leaps

Yet by 2016, the season had changed. Godwin entered politics and was elected Edo’s governor. Talk about going against the odds in his late 50s!

Developing Edo State

Six years on, infrastructure and investments are blooming under Godwin’s leadership. Did public service find his truest calling after all?


8. Alex Otti of Abia State – $27 Million Net Worth

Let’s learn more about the multi-talented Governor Alex Otti of Abia State, with a $27 million fortune. But how did he craft such success?

A Banking Brainiac

Born in 1965, “Master Otti” studied Economics and showed an early genius for numbers. He climbed the ranks to helm Diamond Bank for years, truly making his mark in high finance.

Gaining Global Experience

Ever ambitious, Alex proceeded to earn an MBA abroad. International exposure at top schools globally surely enriched his perspective far beyond naira and kobo, no?

Investing in New Ventures

Post-banking, Alex invested his talents in other thriving industries. His business savvy saw portfolios blossom, steadily increasing his personal worth. What an inspiration for entrepreneurs, eh?

Taking the Political Plunge

By 2023, with wealth and experience in hand, Alex threw his hat into the governor’s race. His vision and talents convinced the people of Abia to give him a chance.

Leading Abia Forward

Just one year in, infrastructure and investments are booming all across Abia under Alex’s leadership. Only the future knows where his legacy will take the state!

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9. Yahaya Bello of Kogi State – $5.6 Million Net Worth

The youngest Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, with a net worth of $5.6 million. But how did he build his fortune at such a young age?

Early Academic Excellence

Born in 1975, Bello was clearly a bright child. After graduating top of his class from Kogi Polytechnic, he then bagged an accounting degree from ABU Zaria – all before turning 25!

Starting His Career With a Bang

Zoning in on his skills, Bello landed a job as an accountant with a top firm in Abuja. Through smart work and people skills, he steadily rose to management level within a few short years.

Venturing Into Business

By the late 2000s, Bello was ready to take risks. He founded several successful ventures, like a construction company and real estate projects. Through smart partnerships, the profits rolled in steadily.

His Big Break Into Politics

In 2015, as an ambitious young achiever, Bello entered the Kogi governorship race. Using strong networking and charisma, he pulled off an upset victory at just 39 years old!

Leading Kogi Forward

Seven years on, many infrastructure and youth initiatives have sprung up under Bello’s leadership. But balancing state affairs with his growing business empire can’t have been easy, no?


10. Seyi Makinde of Oyo State – $4.8 Million Net Worth

Let’s chat about Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, with a net worth of $4.8 million. But how has he worked to earn such success?

Early Education in Lagos

Born in 1967, Seyi excelled academically since childhood. After studying Electrical Engineering at UNILAG, he emerged with skills primed to spark big things!

Building His Businesses

Immersing himself in the private sector, Seyi founded Makon Group – an engineering firm that boosted Nigeria’s infrastructure for decades. Through dedication and diversity, profits steadily grew.

Gaining Global Experience

Ambitious Seyi pursued postgraduate studies abroad to broaden his perspectives. International exposure to top programs surely enriched his talents far beyond classroom walls.

Dipping His Toes in Politics

By 2019, with decades of experience empowering communities, Seyi ran for Oyo governorship. Using charisma and vision, he convincingly won the people’s mandate.

Developing Oyo State

Nearly 5 years on, Seyi’s leadership has birthed industries and opportunities across Oyo. Through networks of local and foreign investors, progress is palpable.


FAQs on Richest Nigerian Governors

Are all Nigerian governors wealthy?

Well friends, while politics can lead to prosperity, not all our governors arrive as wealthy individuals. Some enter governance to uplift communities. However, it’s no secret many leverage their powerful positions to amass huge riches – through embezzlement of public funds or getting lucrative contracts for their cronies. But not all are guilty as charged! A few like Umar Bago were already billionaires even before venturing into the governor’s mansion. So in summary – no, not all are wealthy, but politics sure opens avenues for those seeking to build fortunes overnight!

What are the sources of wealth for the richest governors?

Top sources include private businesses, investments, and political patronage. Many had thriving careers before joining the ballot. For example, Dapo Abiodun built an oil empire. Others obtained contracts for associates as ‚Äúreturns‚ÄĚ for political favors, whilst a few sadly dipped their hands in the state cookie jar. So in a nutshell – some earned it legitimately through dedication, others less nobly by abusing power. But not every rich governor is a thief – context matters!

How do the richest governors spend their wealth?

From what we’ve seen, spending habits vary – some flaunt palatial homes, luxury fleets, and flamboyant vacations abroad. Others take a low-key approach, plowing funds into philanthropic causes close to heart. A few splash cash to fulfill vanity projects glorifying self-achievements. However, ideally, wealth is a social responsibility – governors could invest heavily in free education, healthcare, and job creation benefiting all. But alas, Nigeria has a long way to go on transparency and accountability. Small small, brightest hope is wealth empowering communities, not just political egos!

Which governor has contributed most to society?

It’s difficult to rank governors‚Äô societal impacts objectively. All have overseen infrastructure boosts bringing economic prosperity. However, from open-source reports, Alex Otti of Abia seems most devoted to citizens‚Äô well-being through many poverty alleviation and women empowerment programs. Under his term, budgets are scrutinized publicly with zero tolerance for funds diversion. Such progressive governance builds faith in democratic processes. While other states also thrive, Otti personifies what selfless, transparent leadership can achieve. May more emulate his people-centered vision going forward!

What can improve governance and financial disclosures?

Nigeria surely needs reforms incentivizing good governance over personal gains. Stricter laws compelling wealthy public officials to openly disclose assets – including periodic lifestyle audits – can minimize sleaze. Independent oversight bodies allotting contracts impartially also help. Easing whistleblowing lets citizens report financial crimes anonymously. Mass civic education diffusing these rights nurtures active participation holding leaders accountable. Small changes with widespread buy-in will foster integrity where leaders ultimately serve communities, not self-interest. A transparent system trusts the people, and prosperity follows!



Whether born into privilege or rising from humble roots, each leader we discussed clearly has some Midas touch skills. Through diverse paths over decades – education, careers, business ventures, and more – they’ve maximized potential and opportunities to earn impressive fortunes.

However, with great wealth comes greater responsibility. While infrastructure and jobs have blossomed in their states, transparency and accountability will determine their lasting legacies. After all, the people are who ultimately empower governors through ballots.

So as progress continues, may they overhaul opaque processes benefiting special interests for open systems all citizens trust. With solidarity bridging socioeconomic lines, imagine Nigeria’s unlimited potential!

Mostly, let their journeys inspire us to work smart, take risks, and empower communities through our talents – whatever fields we chart. Because who knows, maybe one day one of your friends will fill their designer shoes…or even surpass all wealth records altogether!


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