Top 10 States With Best Nysc Orientation Camp to serve In Nigeria 2024
Top 10 States With Best Nysc Orientation Camp to serve In Nigeria 2024

One of the important decisions graduating students need to make before their NYSC year is choosing the best states for deployment based on their NYSC orientation camp. The camp is where corpers spend the first 3 weeks for paramilitary training and orientation. It is therefore important to be posted to a state with camps with good facilities, security, and allowance. This article discusses the top 10 states with the best NYSC orientation camps to serve in Nigeria in 2024 based on research and ratings.

States With Best Nysc Orientation Camp to Serve in Nigeria 2024

1. Ogun State

Ogun state has consistently been ranked as the number one state with the best NYSC camp due to its well-maintained facilities and conducive environment. The camp provides electricity, clean water, security, and standard accommodation for corpers. Ogun state is also known to pay corpers an allowance of N5,000.


2. Lagos State

Lagos State orientation camp is another top choice for corpers due to its urban lifestyle and networking opportunities. The camp has well-structured buildings and hosts many events. Although accommodation is shared, corpers enjoy a monthly allowance of N15,000 when posted to ministries and N5,000 for local government areas.

3. FCT Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory offers one of the most secure and equipped NYSC camps in the country. Amenities like power supply, hostel rooms, and medical center are effectively managed. Corpers are assured of safety and access to faculties during their service year.

4. Osun State

Situated in Ede, Osun state camp provides conveniences like a swimming pool, accommodation for 20-30 corpers per room, and regular feeding. The environs are also suitable for relaxation and cultural exposure during free periods.

5. Plateau State

Mangu camp in Plateau offers a conducive climate, functional facilities, and meals at subsidized costs. The state is historically rich and its proximity to Jos city expands opportunities for corpers.

6. Anambra State

The newly constructed structures and facilities in Umueri, Anambra camp make it one of the best. Rooms are spacious, security is enforced and officials ensure proper welfare for corpers.

7. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom camp provides befitting accommodation, a sports center, classrooms, and a serene atmosphere ideal for the orientation program. The state location is also strategic being near major cities and transportation links.

8. Rivers State

With facilities for learning and gathering, Rivers camp complements the accommodation of corpers. The strategic location in Port-Harcourt gives access to business hubs and networks.

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9. Kano State

Situated in the Karaye local area, Kano camp is large with amenities for paramilitary drills and indoor sports. Corpers are exposed to the cultural heritage of Northern Nigeria.

10. Enugu State

Boasting sizeable fields and buildings, Enugu camp provides standard living conditions in its Awgu area outpost. Corpers enjoy the peaceful ambiance and proximity to the coal city.



Here are some frequently asked questions about the best states for NYSC in Nigeria:

1. What state has the cleanest NYSC orientation camp?

Ogun State Orientation Camp is considered the cleanest with its well-maintained facilities and standards of hygiene.

2. Which state pays corpers the highest monthly allowance?

Akwa Ibom state pays corpers the highest monthly allowance of N20,000, followed by Lagos at N15,000.

3. What facilities should an ideal NYSC camp provide?

An ideal camp should provide accommodation, classroom blocks, a medical center, a recreational center, wireless internet, potable water, and a constant power supply.

4. How safe are NYSC camps in northern states?

NYSC camps in Northern states like Kaduna, and Abuja are relatively secure with adequate security presence. However, corpers should be vigilant of their surroundings.

5. Can female corpers get posted to riverine NYSC camps?

Yes, female corpers can be deployed to riverine camps but are usually exemption if requested due to terrain and cultural challenges that may pose risks.

6. Can corpers apply for relocation after 3 weeks in camp?

Corpers can apply for relocation or redeployment to another state after the 3-week orientation due to medical, security, or personal reasons by providing justifiable documents to the NYSC authority for approval.

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7. What are the best cities to be posted for opportunity and network?

The cities of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Kano tend to provide the biggest opportunities for networking, job prospects, and learning experiences due to their large population and commercial activities.

8. Do corpers get deployed near their home states?

Not necessarily. Deployment is done at random by the NYSC authority based on available vacancies. However, corpers can indicate preferred states including their home state during registration.

9. Is allowance still being paid in all states?

No, while some states have maintained subventions over the years, others have either reduced or stopped corpers’ monthly stipends due to economic challenges in recent times.

10. What are the least preferred NYSC camps in terms of facilities?

Camps in remote rural communities tend to lack basic infrastructure compared to urban ones. However, corpers are still guaranteed learning opportunities through Primary Assignments and community development projects.



In summary, Ogun, Lagos, Abuja, Osun, Plateau, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Kano, and Enugu states have been consistently ranked as having the best NYSC orientation camps in Nigeria based on factors considered. However, the NYSC experience is what corpers make of regardless of the state of deployment through community integration and contribution to national development.


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