Top 10 Universities to Study Chemistry in Nigeria

Nigeria has a strong foundation in the field of chemistry, produced many renowned scientists over the decades. For students passionate about exploring the nature of substances and chemical transformations, pursuing a degree from a top university opens many doors. This article analyzes the qualities of the 10 best institutions in the country to study this captivating subject.

Top 10 Universities to Study Chemistry in Nigeria

1. University of Ibadan

Founded in 1948, UI is the oldest and most prestigious university in Nigeria. Its Department of Chemistry has built an outstanding legacy through excellent lecturers and progressive research. Students receive a robust education encompassing organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry. UI consistently ranks among the top in national assessments and its alumni have distinguished careers globally.

2. Ahmadu Bello University

Established in 1962, ABU hosts a vibrant scholarly community in its Faculty of Physical Sciences. Renowned professors passionate about advancing the field mentor chemistry students. State-of-the-art research centers provide hands-on learning opportunities. The university emphasizes a balanced theoretical and practical education to nurture well-rounded graduates.

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3. University of Lagos

UNILAG has made major contributions to Nigeria’s development through pioneering work in STEM. Its Department of Chemistry prioritizes a research-oriented pedagogy using advanced lab facilities. The curriculum includes specialized courses aligning with industry needs. Strong industry partnerships afford internships aiding students’ employability. UNILAG alumni secure prominent positions worldwide.

4. University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Established in 1960, UNN enjoys immense prestige as a center of academic excellence. Its Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and internationally renowned scholars driving novel research. Students participate in collaborative projects applying concepts practically. UNN graduates excel as leaders in diverse domains leveraging their versatile education.

5. Obafemi Awolowo University

Founded in 1962, OAU has gained acclaim for nurturing creative thinkers. Its Department of Chemistry provides specialized course options in areas like nanotechnology and environmental chemistry besides mainstream topics. Professors actively supervise research enriching theoretical knowledge with practical skills. OAU molds professionals tackling challenges facing the chemical industry and society.

Other Top Universities

Some other exceptional institutions include:

6. Federal University of Technology Akure

  • Known for extensive lab facilities like analytical chemistry and biochemistry research labs
  • The curriculum focuses on applications through project-based training and industry partnerships
  • Students receive entrepreneurship training along with core principles of chemistry

7. University of Benin

  • Theory and practice are given equal priority through demonstrations, practical sessions, and fieldwork
  • Expert faculty with research experience provide personalized mentoring
  • Well-planned timetable balances lectures and 12-18 hours of practical sessions weekly

8. Covenant University

  • Emphasis on developing strong moral character through weekly devotional sessions
  • Conducive learning environment with e-library, Wi-Fi, and accommodation on campus
  • Mandatory internships ensure the application of concepts learned in real industry settings
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9. Nnamdi Azikiwe University

  • State-of-the-art research labs for analytical instrumentation and computational studies
  • Opportunities for hands-on projects, seminars, workshops, and conferences
  • Actively participates in national and international research collaborations

10. Landmark University:

  • Holistic development of students’ physical, career, and spiritual skills
  • The curriculum incorporates entrepreneurship modules and cooperative projects
  • Conducts character molding programs alongside academic and career training

Factors to Consider

When choosing where to study chemistry, factors like accreditation, faculty quality, research infrastructure, curriculum, and career services matter. Top universities rank highly across these attributes providing a conducive learning environment. Their strong alumni networks also aid professional networking and job placements.

Admission Requirement For Studying Chemistry

Here are the typical admission processes for studying chemistry at the top universities in Nigeria:

  1. All prospective students are required to take the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This computer-based test examines students’ knowledge in relevant subjects like English, Mathematics, Chemistry, etc.
  2. Based on their UTME scores, students can then select the universities and study programs of their choice when applying to JAMB. The minimum UTME score required varies between universities but is typically 170-200 marks out of 400 for chemistry courses at top schools.
  3. After obtaining the JAMB UTME result slip, applicants need to separately sit for compulsory post-UTME admission screening conducted by each university between April and July. The exam assesses students’ appropriateness for the program through subject-based testing and interviews.
  4. Some universities also consider secondary school results, with a minimum of Credit level passes in English, Mathematics, and Chemistry required. Career-defining subjects like Biology and Physics are valued.
  5. Once shortlisted based on their post-UTME and O/Level scores, candidates may be invited for further tests or interviews by the university department.
  6. If provisionally admitted, final admission depends on acceptance of the ministry-approved admission quota by the federal or state government in some federal and state universities.
  7. Top schools like the University of Ibadan, ABU, and UNILAG which receive tens of thousands of applications are highly selective with under 15% admission rates. Overall admission is strictly merit-based and competitive.
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What types of chemistry can I specialize in?

Popular options include organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry, and industrial chemistry. Different universities may offer unique specializations.

What career opportunities exist?

A chemistry degree prepares graduates for careers as chemists, materials scientists, biochemical engineers, pharmacists, quality control analysts, chemical technicians, patent agents, and more across industries like healthcare, energy, and manufacturing.

Can I pursue higher studies abroad?

Yes, top Nigerian universities offer internationally recognized undergraduate education equipping students to enroll in Master’s or Ph.D. programs globally especially in the UK, Canada, and the USA where many lecturers trained abroad.

What admission requirements apply?

Acceptance criteria include requisite O’level credits including Maths and English, JAMB scores, participation in interviews, and aptitude tests conducted by institutions like POSTUTME. Maintaining a good CGPA is important as some top schools have cut-off points.

How much does it cost to study chemistry?

Tuition and fees differ by university but average annual tuition at federal universities ranges from ₦120,000-₦200,000 whereas private institutions charge between ₦500,000-₦1,200,000 excluding personal expenses. Several universities also offer scholarships and bursaries.



In conclusion, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from one of Nigeria’s top universities equips students with robust theoretical foundations, hands-on training, and soft skills necessary to thrive in their professional careers. The 10 institutions analyzed in this guide stand out for their world-class education backed by veteran faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and proven career outcomes. Students can make an informed selection matching their preferences and goals to get the most out of their program.


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