Top Five Wedding Blogs in Nigeria that every Bride should Follow in 2024

The Top Five Wedding Blogs in Nigeria 2024

Planning a wedding in Nigeria can be overwhelming, but following the right blogs makes it much more enjoyable and less stressful. This article explores the top five wedding blogs in Nigeria that every bride planning their wedding in 2024 should follow. These blogs are invaluable resources that provide ideas, vendor recommendations, budget tips, and overall wedding inspiration.

1. Bellanaija Weddings

The number one wedding blog that should be on every bride’s list is Bellanaija Weddings. As Africa’s leading wedding website, Bellanaija Weddings has been the premier source for wedding ideas, photos, stories, and more for over a decade. With a huge social media following and daily blog updates, there is always fresh and relevant content being posted. Brides will find real weddings from across Nigeria to gain inspiration from as well as discover new vendors. Bellanaija Weddings is truly a one-stop shop for all things wedding planning.

2. LoveWeddingsNG

Another top blog that should be on every bride’s list for 2024 is  LoveWeddingsNG. As a wedding blog based in Lagos, LoveWeddingsNG aims to simplify the wedding process and make it fun. Brides will find budget tips, advice on managing family expectations, etiquette guides, and profiles on the top wedding vendors across Nigeria. They also have a directory where brides can search and book vendors. LoveWeddingsNG is particularly great for brides wanting practical real-world planning advice.

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3. Sugar Weddings & Parties Blog

The Sugar Weddings & Parties Blog should be on every bride’s 2024 list for fashion and styling inspiration. As the premier African online resource for weddings, parties, and everything in between, Sugar Weddings provides brides with endless options for things like gowns, decor ideas, menus, and more. They feature real weddings and interviews with talented vendors. Brides who want their weddings to be cutting-edge and on-trend need to look no further than Sugar Weddings for the latest ideas.

4. Wedding Feferity

Offering a mix of practical tips and eye-catching photos, Wedding Feferity should be on all 2024 brides’ radar. As a Nigerian wedding planning and inspiration site, brides will discover unique twists on traditions, venue recommendations across the country, and stunning bridal portraits. Wedding Feferity shows that Nigerian weddings can be modern while still honoring cultural roots. They are excellent for brides wanting to incorporate fresh trends into their celebrations.

5. My Nigeria Wedding

Rounding out the top five is My Nigeria Wedding, a blog focused on simple, affordable wedding ideas. For the eco-conscious or budget bride, My Nigeria Wedding inspires how to plan special weddings without spending excessively. Brides will find ideas for reducing costs through things like hand-making decorations, negotiating prices and hosting unique at-home receptions. My Nigeria Wedding proves weddings don’t have to break the bank to still be brilliant celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which blog has the most engagement?

Bellanaija Weddings has the largest following across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, showing it has the most engaged readership.

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Do the blogs charge for vendor listings?

Most blogs like Bellanaija Weddings, LoveWeddingsNG, and Sugar Weddings allow free basic listings for vendors. However, promoted or featured listings may incur a cost.

How often should blogs be checked?

It is recommended to check top blogs once a week regularly and once a day in the three months leading up to the wedding to stay on top of new ideas and tips.

Which blog is best for real wedding inspiration?

Bellanaija Weddings features the most diverse portfolio of real weddings from across Nigeria, making it the top resource for real wedding inspiration and ideas.

 Do the blogs offer offline support?

While most blogs focus on online content, some like LoveWeddingsNG also offer in-person wedding planning consultations and workshops to their readers.


In conclusion, the top five wedding blogs in Nigeria for 2024 are surely take the stress out of wedding planning and provide endless inspiration and guidance. By regularly reading blogs like Bellanaija Weddings, LoveWeddingsNG, Sugar Weddings, Wedding Feferity, and My Nigeria Wedding, brides are guaranteed to discover fresh ideas, plan smarter budgets, and ultimately have the wedding day of their dreams. Following industry-leading blogs makes being a bride in Nigeria an enjoyable experience.


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