Top List of Borehole Drilling Companies In Abuja

As Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja has seen significant urban development and infrastructure growth in recent decades. Reliable access to water is crucial for the residents and industries located in the city. Borehole drilling has therefore become an important service industry catering to the water needs of both households and commercial establishments in Abuja. Borehole Drilling Companies In Abuja

This guide provides a comprehensive list of the top borehole drilling companies operating in Abuja. It explores their service offerings and credentials. The list is based on several factors including experience, reputation, certifications, and customer ratings. The companies listed here can be trusted to deliver professional borehole drilling services according to the highest industry standards.

Top 10 Borehole Drilling Companies in Abuja

Following are brief profiles of 10 of the best borehole drilling service providers currently serving the Abuja market:

1. Flowfrost Nigeria Limited

Flowfrost Nigeria Limited is a leading water utility company that uses cutting-edge technologies for water projects. Their core services include geo-physics surveys, borehole drilling, installation, and water treatment systems. Operating since 1988, they have the expertise to deliver sustainable water solutions for both domestic and commercial clients in Abuja.

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2. Aqua Drill Nigeria Limited

Specializing in water engineering, Aqua Drill Nigeria Limited provides an array of borehole services such as drilling, rehabilitation, and water system installations. The company also offers water treatment and analysis to ensure safe drinking water. Headquartered in Abuja, they have over two decades of experience delivering quality services to the local market.


As an association of professional borehole drillers, AWDROP advocates responsible practices in the water well industry. They aim to support practitioners and facilitate access to potable water resources. Although a non-profit organization, AWDROP works closely with competent drilling contractors to complete projects according to the highest technical and safety standards.

4. Borehole Drillers Association of Nigeria

As the national umbrella body, the Borehole Drillers Association of Nigeria (BODAN) aims to promote standards and protect the interests of drillers across the country. In Abuja, BODAN certifies drillers and provides consultation for borehole development and water treatment requirements specific to the local geology.

5. Legend Drill Tech Limited

Operating from their office in Gwarimpa, Legend Drill Tech offers a full spectrum of borehole services including geological surveys, drilling, pump installations, and construction of overhead tanks. Their experienced teams draw on over a decade of drilling expertise to complete projects professionally and on schedule.

6. Nile Drill Tech Limited

Specializing in water borehole drilling for domestic, commercial, and agricultural needs, Nile Drill Tech is among the most trusted drillers in Abuja. Whether for a new borehole or rehabilitation works, their qualified technicians use appropriate rigs and techniques to access reliable underground water sources.

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7. Shebah Drilling Limited

In addition to borehole drilling and installations, Shebah Drilling Limited also constructs overhead tanks and offers geotechnical consultancy. Operating in Abuja since 2005, they have extensive regional experience and meet the water demands of households, industries, institutions, and construction projects.

8. SubDrill Services Limited

With expertise in onshore and offshore drilling operations, SubDrill Services Limited is well-equipped to handle projects of varying scope and complexity. From directional drilling to borehole maintenance, their skilled workforce utilizes the latest rigs and technologies to complete jobs successfully.

9. Waterstone Geo-services Ltd

Providing cost-effective borehole and geoscience solutions, Waterstone Geo-services Ltd is committed to strict quality, health, and safety standards. In addition to drilling services, they also carry out water analysis and treatment to deliver safe, potable water according to regulatory guidelines.

10. Afosino Drilling Development Company

Afosino Drilling Development Company specializes in borehole construction, mining activities as well as associated engineering services. They have many years of specialized experience catering to the water needs of Abuja’s residential, industrial, and construction projects through responsible drilling practices.


What factors should I consider when choosing a borehole drilling company in Abuja?

Key factors to consider include the company’s experience, certifications, health and safety policies, drilling rigs and equipment, reputation, cost, warranty terms, and availability of after-sales support.

How long does it take to drill a borehole?

The borehole drilling duration varies depending on the depth and soil/rock conditions but on average takes 1-4 days to drill a borehole 150-300 meters deep in Abuja. Hard rock formations may require longer drilling times.

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What services should be expected from professional borehole drillers?

Reputable drillers offer a comprehensive package including geophysical surveys, borehole drilling, installation of casing and screens, test pumping, water treatment, and provision of hand pumps or submersible systems along with storage tanks.

How can I ensure the water from my new borehole is safe for drinking?

Professional borehole drillers will conduct tests and recommend appropriate treatment if required. It is also advisable to get the water tested periodically by accredited laboratories and maintain treatment equipment as recommended.

What warranty do top borehole drilling companies provide?

Leading companies offer a 1-2 year warranty for workmanship and guarantee the borehole will meet expected water yields for at least 6 months to 1 year. Extended warranty options may be available for an extra cost.


With a rapidly growing population and infrastructure, the demand for reliable water sources continues to rise in Abuja. The top borehole drilling companies featured here have proven track records of delivering efficient and sustainable solutions to the community through responsible practices. Their comprehensive expertise and standards-driven approach ensure access to safe drinking water according to regulatory guidelines.

This comprehensive guide offers a starting point for individuals and organizations in Abuja seeking to identify capable borehole drilling contractors. Consult the company profiles carefully based on project requirements before finalizing selection. Relying on certified professionals is key to developing quality, long-lasting water boreholes for current and future water needs.


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