Top Social Media Management Tools For Small Businesses In 2024

Finding the Best Social Media Management Tools For Small Businesses In 2024

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. You’re responsible for developing your company’s vision, managing operations, serving customers, and much more. While social media marketing can help you connect with potential customers and build your brand, it’s another task demanding your limited time and resources.

That’s where social media management tools come in. These platforms automate many routine social media tasks so you can spend more time focusing on other aspects of running your business. With the right tools, you can schedule posts in advance, analyze engagement, respond to messages, and get actionable insights – all from a single dashboard.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore why social media management tools are essential for small businesses and evaluate some of the top options available in 2024. By the end, you’ll understand the key factors to consider when choosing tools and feel confident selecting platforms tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Why You Need Social Media Management Tools For Your Small Business

As a small business owner, your time is extremely valuable. You likely wear many hats as it is without adding ongoing social media tasks to your already full plate. That’s where social media management tools make the process more streamlined and efficient. Here are some of the top benefits these platforms provide:

Save Time on Manual Tasks

Whether it’s scrolling through notifications, responding to comments one by one, or manually copying/pasting updates to multiple networks, social media platforms were not designed with efficiency in mind. Tools let you perform repetitive actions with a click instead of hours of your day.

Consistent Engagement Through Scheduling

How valuable would it be to line up posts in advance and know your followers will see relevant, targeted content each day? Scheduling tools allow you to map out weeks or months of updates ahead of time while still coming across as active and engaged.

Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

Social listening, engagement analytics, and custom reporting features provide valuable insights. You can see what content and strategies are resonating most with your audience to continuously improve your approach.

Automation Saves Even More Time

More advanced tools include automatic cross-posting, recurring reshares of top-performing content, and intelligent suggestions. The right platforms become virtual assistants handling mundane tasks so you’re freed up for creative, strategic work.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Social Media Management Tools

With so many options available, selecting the right social media management tools for your small business can feel overwhelming. Keep these crucial factors top of mind as you evaluate alternatives:

Supported Networks

Make sure any tool supports all relevant social profiles for your business. Evaluate coverage of major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as any niche networks you utilize.

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Features That Align to Your Goals

Consider what objectives are most important – follower growth, sales conversions, brand awareness, and customer service. Look for tools optimized for your key performance indicators.

Pricing and Subscription Options

Determine budgets while also considering value. Note included features, limits on free trials versus paid plans, and whether discounts are available for nonprofits.

Mobile App Availability

Assess access from any device wherever you are if mobility is a necessity. Check app reviews and note any limitations versus desktop versions.

Scheduling and Calendar View

Robust planning and drag-and-drop rescheduling capabilities help you stay ahead of tasks. Visual calendars are easier to navigate than list views.

Analytics and Reporting Depth

Deeper insights deliver actionable takeaways but simpler metrics still provide value. Consider analysis needs now and room to scale up.

Support Channels and Online Resources

Explore help centers, manuals, live assistance options, and communities for troubleshooting and learning. Reliable support matters for any issue.

With an understanding of your unique situation and what criteria are most critical, you’ll be better equipped to select the right suite of tools powering your social media management strategy.

The Top Social Media Management Tools For Small Businesses In 2024

Now that you understand why having social media management tools is paramount for small businesses and what factors determine the best fit, let’s evaluate some of the top options available in 2024. Keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list – simply a highlight of platforms excelling in user-friendliness and valuable features for solopreneurs and SMBs:


As one of the most popular social media management platforms, Hootsuite offers a high degree of customization and scalability. Its premium plans provide analytics, employee advocacy features, and third-party app integrations ideal for growing companies. Advanced reporting is very robust but can also be complex for new users to navigate. Overall it’s best suited for businesses with multiple team members collaborating on social ads, monitoring, and engagement.


With an intuitive dashboard and focus on basic yet vital tasks like scheduling, publishing, and engagement, Buffer remains one of the top choices for ease of use. Its free version allows you to try out core functions before upgrading. Real engagement analytics are only included in paid tiers but simpler metrics still offer value. Overall it’s ideal for solopreneurs, bloggers, and others running lean operations.


An excellent choice for visual creators Later excels at planning and formatting beautiful, high-performing Instagram content. Though now supporting additional major networks, its focus remains Instagram. Slick drag-and-drop calendar view, in-app design tools, and link-in-bio options deliver standout value. Best suited for service-based businesses, lifestyle brands, influencers, and others video/photography-driven.

Sprout Social

Robust platform favored by enterprises also has offerings scaling down to solopreneurs. Features like advanced reporting, listening, and WooCommerce/Shopify integration set it apart but can also drive up cost and complexity. Best for serious SMBs ready to invest in a full-service solution or larger creative/media teams running complex operations. Learning resources are thorough.


A versatile yet beginner-friendly tool, Crowdfire excels at follower growth through optimized hashtag research, cross-promotion, and commenting on relevant conversations. Automatic reshares of top content keep your presence active when manual posting isn’t possible. Analytics are straightforward. Best matched to new users, small creative studios, and others valuing engagement most.


Its power lies in visual content planning, team collaboration through comments/approvals, and built-in calendar sharing – making CoSchedule highly conducive to agencies. Though capable of more, simpler metrics suit solopreneurs and small teams just as well. Integrations with major CMSs expand functionality. Overall it delivers cohesive strategy and execution.


Instagram specialists will love Planoly’s flawless grid creation, professional-grade layout tools, and link-in-bio spotlights. Also boasts Pinterest and web publishing. However, interface prioritizes design over management features, aligning it more to visual creatives than other businesses. The affordable “Pro” tier delivers the most need-to-know perks.

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Instagram Management Tools

Instagram has become the go-to social network for visual storytelling and connecting with customers on a personal level. Here are some top Instagram management tools worth considering:


With drag-and-drop calendar planning, automatic scheduling, cross-posting by channels or collections, and analytics by insights, Later is unparalleled for streamlining Instagram workflows. Link-in-bio builder presents professional mini-sites. Image cropping optimizes visuals.


Its ace up the sleeve is design – through layout templates, reshare of previous posts, and mastery of the grid/grid variations. Standout options aim to maximize discoverability and follower joy with polished aesthetics. Post-scheduling remains flexible. Watermarking protects work.


A swiss-army knife approach accommodates multiple team roles through powerful social monitoring, competitor research, and visual reporting. However, its analysis strength comes at a learning curve. The free version covers core sharing functions for evaluators. Enhanced with third-party add-ons.


Cross-posting via hashtags optimizes discoverability. Hashtag tracking finds conversations to engage thoughtfully and stay top-of-mind. Unlimited posting via mobile makes it very conducive to active creator accounts as well as brands. Easy to learn and use.


Keyword and trend analysis aids the discovery of engaging visual stories aligned with customer interests. Audience engagement tracking quantifies which photos resonate most for continuous refinement. Link posting extends reach beyond Instagram alone via bio links. A learning curve exists but demos are thorough.

Pinterest Management Tools

Pinterest gains traction every year as a potent discovery and inspiration platform, making it a valuable social network to master. Consider these top Pinterest management options:


AI assists in pin optimization, auto-scheduling, and recommended repins/labels to spark conversations. Visual calendar simplifies massive planning of upcoming content. Robust content library for on-brand pinning. Mobile app posting extends possibilities to anywhere. Highly optimized creation and management workflow.


Competitor analysis, keyword monitoring, and demographic breakdowns add depth to understanding what gains traction on Pinterest as well as Instagram. Post-approval workflows coordinate multi-person collaboration. Auto-captioning aids accessibility. Requires dedication to leverage the breadth of reports and metrics fully.


Research trends and interests through deep keyword analysis. Identify new categories and opportunities. Pin reshares then automatically reshare top content at set intervals to consistently engage followers old and new with both fresh and evergreen selections appealing to current interests. Detailed but free basics cover startup evaluation.


Though visual first, calendar view integrates Pinterest publishing perfectly into aesthetic planning. Post templates and scheduling automate repins without advanced tools. Link bio generates visibility as well. Budget-friendly, beginner-friendly, function-focused. More visual creation than deep analytics if that’s the priority.

Facebook Management Tools

Whether creating event pages for local businesses or brand pages for virtual enterprises, optimizing your Facebook presence delivers reach around the globe. Consider tools supporting streamlined Facebook management:


An intuitive Facebook dashboard makes easy work of planning all types of content – posts, images with captions, links, videos, events, and more – via straightforward calendar and workflow planning. Also, support groups and pages. Affordable pricing caters to SMB needs and offers advanced features essential for scaling.

Sprout Social

Its integrated inbox surfaces all Facebook posts and messages in one streamlined hub. Advanced reporting illuminates audience demographics, top regions/cities engaging, and more. Analytics equip entrepreneurs or larger companies alike with actionable takeaways. Best paired with readiness to invest serious effort into social strategy mastery.


Design collaboration, ad management, and automated posting are strengths. Analytics exceed basic but a learning curve exists. Third-party tools expand functionality or customize streams for unique business processes. The large feature set makes it highly flexible for complex campaigns by agencies and enterprise clients. Free tier suitable for starters.

LinkedIn Management Tools

Build credibility and connect with other professionals through LinkedIn. Leverage these tools optimized for managing your LinkedIn presence:


Optimize growth by cross-promoting your LinkedIn content on other networks or vice versa. Grow a network by following influencers. Repurpose top posts across channels. Auto-posting distributes new articles when published. Simplified but powerful for any user level. Mobile access completes productivity.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Take networking to the next level with prospecting tools from direct messages to filtered search options uncovering opportunities within LinkedIn’s 500M+ members. Advanced API integrations aid Sales/Marketing alignment too but multi-user subscriptions may not suit small teams. Great for ambitious companies.


Keyword research aids the discovery of discussion topics resonating in your industry. Audience engagement monitoring quantifies which updates engage readers most for continual refinement. Posts to Groups foster thought leadership within relevant professional communities. Fully-featured yet affordable package.

Twitter Management Tools

Master Twitter with optimized tools amplifying outreach and visibility on this engaging conversational network. Consider these best options:


Cross-posting via hashtags optimizes discoverability through retweets. Hashtag tracking surfaces conversations to engage thoughtfully and stay top-of-mind. Offline drafting via mobile makes it very conducive to lifestyle or location-based brands maintaining active accounts. Easy to learn and use.


Research trends and interests through deep keyword analysis. Identify new categories and opportunities. Amplify tweets then automatically reshare top content at set intervals to consistently engage followers old and new with both fresh and evergreen selections appealing to current interests. Detailed but free basics cover startup evaluation.

Sprout Social

Its unified inbox surfaces all Tweets in one streamlined hub. Advanced reporting illuminates follower demographics alongside the most engaged locations or specific Twitter lists interacting most. Though its strengths lie elsewhere, Sprout’s analytics help Twitter-savvy teams and those new to the platform. Best paired with readiness to invest serious effort into social strategy mastery.

Other Notable Social Media Management Tools

While the above platforms dominate their respective categories, here are a few additional honorable mentions suitable across a range of SMB needs:


Intuitive calendar integrates all major networks for holistic, visual planning. A robust yet simple dashboard scales elegantly from entry-level to growing businesses. Powerful posting tools optimize formats across channels. AI improves workflows. Value-priced for the feature set. Excellent all-arounder and top free trial experience.


Standout as a marketing calendar, not just a publisher. Brainstorm and preview campaigns. Coordinate team efforts through activity streams, comments, and tagging. Shared calendars scale externally – ideal for agencies. Re Queue auto fills calendar gaps. Integrations streamline publishing. Learning curve worthwhile.


Robust analytics, and workflow management. Exceptional for analyzing performance data from Facebook, Twitter, and Google ads and then optimizing strategies based on results. Automation capabilities accelerate daily tasks. Advanced but commitment needed to apply full potential. Valuable for scaling campaigns.

Sprout Social

A complete social media suite for agencies or larger enterprises managing the complex needs of many clients/stakeholders. Integrated CRM and commerce functions raise ROI. Listening capabilities are invaluable for reputation management. Comprehensive resources aid continuous mastery of all functions. Committed teams reap strong returns.

FAQs About Social Media Management Tools

Hopefully by now, selecting top options tailored to your unique business has become clearer. However, a few questions likely remain. Let’s answer some frequently asked queries about choosing social media management tools:

What features should I prioritize for my business needs?

Consider top goals like lead generation, sales, and customer service first. Look for tools supporting relevant profiles and integrations optimizing tactics that drive your core KPIs most. Also assess team size, budget, posting frequency, and ongoing learning willingness before committing to any platform.

How much do social media management tools typically cost?

Prices vary widely depending on included features, several users or profiles supported, posting/scheduling limits, and more. However, most effective solutions range from $10-200 monthly for solopreneurs up to $250-500 or more for complex enterprise or agency implementations. Consider value versus budget.

Will my business outgrow a basic tool over time?

Potentially. As posting frequency, team size or complexity of campaigns increase, free or basic paid versions may start lacking features eventually needed. Evaluate growth plans when selecting so you’re not upgrading every 6-12 months. Scalable platforms deliver value longer.

What integrations should I look for?

Consider your CMS, chat support software, eCommerce or CRM tools, design/photo editors, and whether the social media manager plays nice. Tighter workflows and handoffs streamline processes when major services talk to each other through robust APIs.

How do I know which tools pass security/privacy standards?

Seek certifications for ISO27001/FedRAMP, SOC 2 Type II audits demonstrating security measures safeguarding data. Read privacy policies thoroughly as well as terms of use before signing up. Contact vendors directly if questions remain about their practices protecting SMB clients online.


In conclusion, social media has become a necessity rather than an optional activity for many small businesses. By utilizing the right management tools, you can develop meaningful relationships with current and prospective customers to heighten brand awareness and increase sales. This overview highlighted top platforms suitable for various needs, allowing you to make the ideal selection and seamlessly automate everyday tasks. Remember that social capabilities evolve rapidly. Revisit requirements periodically and consider changing to incorporate new processes or opportunities as your venture grows.


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